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So um i guess i will do this like this....first i wanna say that i noticed a lot of argueing over thing's like and just other stuff that won't be named....but stuff i think everything is calming down now but i wanted to say that i don't want anyone to leave ether.... :) uh well yeah

Uh fact's

Kayla used to be a girly girl before her father died and she was bullyed

Kelsey is related to eddie :3

brenden's fear of clown's is from him being locked inside a closet kwa one when he was in the orphanage

Jen's inayopendelewa gppony, pony is derpy but her sekunde is applejack

Anika and Eleric are sibling's and are also both french

One of my old old old old old old oc's Might come back..

Uh Update's

Death before dawn

I will be starting since i know all the character's that are not in pretty well

Prom story

new episode will be up sometime xD


Prepareing episode 3
posted by ninjacupcake88
Twitdrama's maswali

Which of my OCs wewe think is the cutest?
Francis: "They're all hot, seriously, wewe created some sexy bitches."
Yasmin: "You're disgusting. -.-"

Would wewe do the Harlem shake :3?
Yasmin: "I kinda have done it before. Twice actually. One was a bunch of my fellow drama castmates and I at our drama windup and we decided to make a Harlem Shake video. Then another was actually of us in our production, and someone randomly put the clip to the Harlem Shake song. Yeah. That's floating on Youtube somewhere."
Pierce: "Maybe if wewe paid me."
Dayton: "No."
Chloe: ...
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It's up! YAAAY! :D
Sorry if your character doesn't say much, they'll say zaidi in the inayofuata few chapters.

Adriana: *goes into confessional* is this on? good. well, hi. now, I know wewe mashabiki have been watching the onyesha and saying my mom's a "bitch". but I just want to say, that that's not a nice thing to say, and wewe have no idea how her life's like. so, PLEASE back off.
Minka: (standing in confessional) ...............*sits down* so um it kinda strange i mean who would thought the children of the cast would be competeing.............O_O were all gonna die...
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posted by jadeISmaNAME
Eventually school ended and i walked nyumbani on my own, the other's asked why so i told them i just needed to think, And i did. I needed to figure out how i was going to tell ryder i didnt like him, i liked someone else. But how?

I got nyumbani and jumped onto the sofa, well i tried too. I ended up missing completely and landed on the table. It frigging hurt! Now, time to call eddie. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. He answered on the third ring.
" Eddie! Hey! how are you? anyway wana go on a da-.. hang out?"

" uhm.. sorry lana.. i cant.. im hanging out with crinipy..."

"Oh... okay.. have fun"...
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So apparently its news..
NEEWWS /quickly rolls away/

So um..
I felt like I should do this in an makala
*dramatically puts sunglasses on*

Okokoiufjdk for those of wewe who didn't onyesha up to my from... *insert the tarehe here* and how link

Yeah heres the orodha of characters we've decided on :DD
(oh, for the mymusic crossover thing)

IDOL- Nylee
RANYA- Pastel
PUNK- Jake
the one played kwa shane- FRANCIS
Satan- AXEL

I'm too...
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Well i wanted to tell wewe what is gonna happen how i shall do this and all that jazz

Prologue,Character Introduction,Chapter 1 episode 1 and so on


This will be up soon :P

Character Introduction: Now first when i post this please note i will change there bio a bit to fix the story okay *nothing extreme* only thing's like

Eliza: Class rep of class B-6 of hasiro high

You know stuff like that nothing that is extreme okay c:

Chapter 1:.....I'm going to get a lot of hate on this but...........Vincent and minka will be the main character's of this chapter You're character will get line's but in...
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 roxy begens to grow
roxy begens to grow
Have wewe ever see elf walking vro your lond and noms playing but if wewe dare take a wink in the magic world of mordaynieya the world were the faries and elf go becuse it strated a long time a go if wewe believe in farie tales then watch me tell the serect of mordaynieya i wil tel the serects of un known faries that u may see but first let me tel. One siku a elf and a farie that live in a smal town tipy the elf met the farie at the smal pool they upendo ech one siku the farie had a beatyful baby they called her roxy becuse she had perple eyes that glow years past on she grow but she need did to get her fate but she need did to prove jembe, hoe she is. From the siku she heard of her desteney she roxy begen to get braver and brever kwa the days so roxy got her fate and she faset lot of danger and she roxy was the bravest farie of the town and she lived happy ever after.
 roxy the farie of brave
roxy the farie of brave
posted by ninjacupcake88
A new chapter! Things are getting intense.
Once again, do not read if wewe don't like swears, ESPECIALLY don't read if wewe have a problem with sex. au if wewe have a problem with two guys being together.
Enjoy my friends! :D

Noah’s POV
The inayofuata few days were seriously like hell. I couldn’t even look at Francis without feeling bad for hurting him and without drowning in the unbelievable desire I felt towards him, and I couldn’t talk to Nicole without feeling bad that I cheated on her. The only people I found comfort in were Riley and Miranda.
I sat at a lunch table, reading. I was so zoned...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
A new chapter! Finally! God, Jasey's such a complicated OC. xD
Sorry no ones OCs really got featured here (although Mariam's in like, the last few sentences) but a BUNCH will be in the inayofuata few chapters!
I also should probably put warnings as there is swearing, substance abuse, physical abuse and drug use mentions in this chapter. I suggest not kusoma it if wewe have problems with any of these things.
Enjoyyy :D

Jasey's POV
5 years zamani I’d never thought I’d be in the position I am now. 18 years old, living without my dad, fighting for my own life each and every day... having to kill...
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posted by sorandom15
~this will be a rather long prologue sorry :/ please excuse any spelling mishaps and such...also character like background character and extra`s will be placed in the story so i can make the story line make sense.~

~Mariam`s POV~

i sat there as the sun rose up and peeked into the alleyway. i opened my eyes and rose up and let out a sigh as i saw Steve come out of the hotel. "Good morning Mariem." he alisema as he walked towards me. "Hello Steve..." i liked Steve i mean he gave me chakula and bedding... "So me and the wife have been talking..." he alisema in a strange voice. i rose one eyebrow up and...
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Dana: Alright, Team Milkyway--here's how it works. In the confessional booth, there are paper stars that each have your name on it. What wewe do is wewe select the nyota of the person wewe want to vote off. Simple, right? Now get voting.

Lily: *Votes*

Stefania: *Votes*

Echo: Oh vote....hmmm well i mean...i don't know who to vote....pffft *Votes*

Elektra: uhhh...ummm...*votes* sorry?

Rochelle: *thinking purseed lips votes* Sorry

Dana: Well, it looks like a couple of wewe didn't vote, but that's okay. Now, in my hands are the paper stars, but underneath each name would be...
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Dana *Voiceover*: Last time on Total Drama Space Adventure, fifteen contestants arrived at the Delta Snowdust Space Station to compete for a special mystery prize, which will not be revealed until the winner is announced! Following the introductions of these contestants were teams. During their first challenge, one team didn't work together, while the other team bonded and ended up winning the challenge! But, in the end, the calm-yet-clueless girl, Wisp, was the first person to be kicked off of Total Drama Space Adventure! Who will be next? Find out right here on: Total. Drama. Space Adventure!...
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???: *sleeping*


Luke: wha huh *falls down*

Jen: >.> guy's this is luke he's my co-host

Luke: sup

Jen:...Anyway's please all of wewe go into the confession room and vote
*C room*
Crindoela : Invincability, muthafuckas! *puts on some dubstep muziki as starts fist pumping* *stops and turns the muziki off* Oh. I have to vote someone off? I choose the dirt. XD *vote's random*

Nylee : Well everyone pushed me out so I wonder who's eligible... *stamps randomly*

Lila: gosh, that Jayjay is IRKSOME. *votes her*

Destiny: well, Lila's voting Jayjay out, so, *votes Jayjay*

Logan:*stamps Lila multiple...
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Dana: Alright, Team Andromeda--here's how it works. In the confessional booth, there are paper stars that each have your name on it. What wewe do is wewe select the nyota of the person wewe want to vote off. Simple, right?
Kiara: No.
Dana: ...Anyway, get voting.

Yuki: Oh man I need to vote someone off!? I don't even know them. But what I know is if I vote of Kiara shell hunt me down. Everybody else is so nice *randomly votes*

Kiara: ugh, they're ALL losers! *votes*

Valencia: Dios mio! I have to vote someone off? b-but >.< aaaww *closes eyes and randomly votes* ohmigosh i am sooo...
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*In space, 210 miles west of Earth, a station called the DSSS (Delta Snowdust Space Station)...*
Dana: Hello there, everyone, and welcome to: Total Drama Space Adventure! I am your host, Dana. We are here at the Delta Snowdust Space Station, which is, I know, strangely shaped like a triangle, to invite fifteen contestants in space to compete for a mysterious prize, that will not be revealed until the winner is announced! They're all being brought on a spaceship known as the Mission Nebula Model Omega! Oh, here it comes now!
*The Mission Nebula Model Omega lands gently and safely, the door sliding...
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Well I feel like people don't like it, because people aren't voting with their OCs anymore.

And when people don't vote I have to vote people off, and i try to make the eliminations fair, but I don't think wewe guys like the people who I choose. ;-;

So I'm just gonna end it once and for all. And I'm not even gonna start TD Crazyness because I have no idea how I'm gonna start that soo yeah....

Baii guise.... :'c


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Did I get you? I bet I did! xD
Chris McClean stood on the Dock of Shame with his usual smug grin on his face. Behind him, was an island like Wawanakwa but not the same.

“Hello world!” He exclaimed. “Are wewe all ready for an exciting new season of Total Drama? Well I hope wewe are cause I’m bringing back a few vipendwa from last season!” On cue, a mashua came.

“And here they come!” Jinx, Riley, EC, Zoey, Sayu, Natalie, Wisp and Ace walked out of the mashua one after another.

“Why are we here again?” EC scoffed.

“That will be explained! But right now I’m gonna ask the three of you, Riley, Jinx and EC about what...
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“Welcome back!” Chris McClean exclaimed. “To the final episode of Total Drama Stranded! Last time our three competitors came to this island, ready for a race. They had bumpy starts but they’re coming to an end now and soon we will find the winner of Total...Drama...Stranded!

(Theme Song)


Jinx had almost reached the end of the lava. She took baby steps every time and very carefully jumped over the lava. When she reached the last part of the land leading towards the lava, she accidently slipped and fell. She became dangerously close to the lava.

“Yikes!” She exclaimed. As she got...
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**On a talk onyesha set....kinda like Oprah...xD**

Angel: Heyo my peeps! Now I know you're wondering what's going on? Well--

Sasha/Megan(hope it's okay that I use her): This is the Total Drama The sinema Aftermath!

Angel: And we're hosting it!

**The Crowd Cheers**

Sasha: And we're here to give wewe the juicy scoop on couples, alliances, and all that other stuff!

Nicko: And what about us?

Angel: Ohyes. And we have our contestants who got voted off!

Hinta: Glad to be back! 8D

Sasha: You're not back, this is an Aftermath.

Minka: ^^'

Adriana: I still think the way I was eliminated was unfair!

Sasha: Yeah, no one...
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“Welcome”, Chris greeted. “To the finale of Total Drama Stranded! 24 teens came to this island hoping to win some money. There was love, alliances, betrayals, hatred and friendship in the road. But now from those 24 teens only 3 remain. Jinx, EC and Riley. These 3 have faced all challenges and are now ready than ever to win. But only the first one won’t get money. 2nd and 3rd will also get the prize. So stay tuned to find out who wins on Total...Drama...Stranded!

(Theme Song)

“And the winner of Total Drama Stranded is...EC!” EC grinned in his sleep. But his ‘victory’ didn’t...
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