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Trent's P.O.V.

It was night, Damien, was going to get his sister tomorrow and we were going to settle this, but for right now, Adrea and Damien were asleep, and Gwen and I were watching T.V.

Gwen soon fell asleep an I was close to falling asleep too, I began to close my eyes, and when I opened them again, I was back a Gwen's house! Still sitting on the couch, I look to my

left and Gwen was gone! I heard something at the door, then I heard the door crack in half, "Trent..." a menacing yet seductive voice called, and Gwen appeared inayofuata to me, but it wasn't

Gwen, her skin was even paler than before,...
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Summer Vacation was almost over, and that would mean giving up Werewolf slaying until krisimasi break. But Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Tremt, and Duncan were alright with that. They were just concearned about the other werewolf girl. They thought she can be a danger. She's fast, very fast. Which will make it hard for them to catch her. And, she could kill people. "Duncan? Are wewe ready to go?" Asked Bridgette. "Yeah man, wewe gotta pack." Added Geoff. "I'm packed, let's go." alisema Duncan, trying not to think about the lovely werewolf he had met.
_________At their school____________
"Okay class, you...
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 The Blood & The Living
The Blood & The Living
Bridgette-"Did wewe hear about what happened to
Gwen-"What happened?"
Bridgette-"Nobody told you?"
Bridgette-*starts crying*
Gwen-"Bridgette? Why are wewe crying?"
Bridgette-"He's gone....."
Bridgette-"TRENT!!!! There was a problem.After wewe yelled at him yesterday he got stressed.When he went nyumbani he passed out.....He wasn't breathing....His moyo just stopped.Courtney,Duncan Geoff and I called you....You wouldn't pick up!!!!!!"
Gwen-"I'm sorry.."
Bridgette-THAT'S WHY I alisema TO LET HIM DOWN EASY!!!!!!!!!!!"*runs off*
Gwen-"*runs home*

IF wewe WANT zaidi PLEASE COMENT!!!![the funural is in episode 3]
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THE inayofuata siku
trent gwen i still luv u an iw ould never hrut u
gwen but u did hrut me
trent yes but i did not know what came over me i'm really sry ok
duncan trent u bite her
gwen duncan he alisema he wouldn't mean 2 and something came over him i 4give him
trent *kisses gwen*
duncan courtney can i talk 2 u about something
courtney what is it duncan
duncan courtney i told the goverment on trent
courtney U DID WHAT
duncan yeah iit's trun
courtney duncan lenardo black how could u do this
duncan i did it when gwen was still mad
courtney when well they get here
duncan right...
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Duncan was a skilled werewolf hunter, every vampire he would see, he would kill.. Do wewe wanna know why? He's a vampire, and that is what mtu-bweha do. Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen, and Trent are also Wanyonya damu and mbwa mwitu slayers. They were heading for a rainforest... With amazing veiw, a waterfall, plants, a perfect place for a mbwa mwitu to hide, so they went to check there.
___They're already at the rainforest___________
"Okay, me and Trent will check the forest, Geoff and Bridgette, check the animal area, and Duncan, take the waterfall, its also like a hot spring, so watch yourself from getting burnt..."...
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Hey! Here's chapter ten, And remember we need wewe to Review!

I walked back in and sighed, those two to need to grow up! I found the camera still on the floor, and smashed it, hopefully Gwen wouldn't see it now, but knowing Adrea, she probably

has the tape with her... Gwen was fixing herself breakfast...speaking of breakfast "Gwen," I asked "Do wewe mind if I...bite you?" she was quiet for a minute, then said

".....Knock yourself out." With thoughts of last night still lingering, I sunk my fangs into Gwen, Subconsciously, I bit deeper, Gwen moaned a little, for the first time I began to actually...
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