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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
 mckaylas the one in the left au the one bending down
mckaylas the one in the left or the one bending down
ok tdifangirl made the awesome and amazing legend : crizzy, and im telling what they might be like wen there older.
chris proposed 2 izzy wen they were 21 and had 3 kids.2 boys and a girl.Christopher dallas McClain the 2nd, Marcus roy McClain,and McKayla danielle McClain.
chistopher was the oldest , mckayla was the youngist.izzy iz now a pro dancer and a soccer mom , while chris directs a new onyesha called "do wewe gots it"[yes i got that of of a show]
they went to the tdi reuniun,chris came up to izzy and said" izzy can i talk 2 u"
"im just going to come out and say this.."
"izabella danielle gray,i want to spend the rest of my life with wewe and i really upendo you! will wewe marry me?"
"oh my gosh chris! YES!!!"
now they live happily together in a huge manchon with millions of dollers. i just wanted to share my opinion'bout chrizzy. the # 1 shabiki of chrizzy,
izzyroxmysocks ps the pics r predicsions
"Last time here on tri we found out about lightning and Lindsay's secret relationship.also Scott andcourtney started dating. The person who got the boot.. Zoey for distracting Scott during the challenge" alisema Chris.(theme song plays) "hey Scott" Courtney said. "Hi babe" alisema Scott. (Lindsay and lightning confessional) kissing then Duncan comes in. "No way" alisema Duncan stunned. "Sha-uh-oh" alisema lightning. Both Lindsay and lightning ran out of the confessional.(Duncan confessional) I don't think I'm going to chitter chatter about what I saw yet.(Gwen confessional) Lindsay and lightning how?!...
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"Lat time on total bila mpangilio island Geoff got the boot and Scott was offered a tarehe kwa Serenity but wants to ask Courtney first." alisema Chris. (Theme song plays) "sha-bam" alisema lightning as he lifted a log. "So Serenity about that asking out?" alisema Courtney.
"He alisema he would consider it" replied Serenity in a half angry voice. (Courtney confessional) Scott better say no!(back to game)"umm Courtney" Scott alisema in a shakey voice. "Yes" she replied. "Wanna maybe go out?" Scott asked. "Sure I'd upendo to" she alisema looking at Serenity. Serenity gave her a dirty look back.
(Scott confessional) YEAH!(Serenity...
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added by sturmelle15
Source: Made it on paint,so i techinally didn't get this image from DeviantArt.I made it myself.
"Welcome back to an all new season of Total Drama! This season, there are three new contestants with 11 returning contestants! Let's introduce the new contestants! Stefani!" Chris started.

Stefani screamed as she got thrown down from a plane and into the sand. She got up and brushed off the sand.

"SERENITY!" Chris screamed.

Serenity came falling out of the plane and landed in the sand, head first.

"Ooh! wewe okay?" Stefani asked her.

Serenity got up and rubbed the sand out of her hair, then ignored Stefani.

"Rude." Stefani muttered.
"JASON!" Chris yelled. "Oh no, I can't do this. I can't!"...
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added by silver266
I need auditions for my new onyesha that every episode will be ilitumwa as an makala on total drama island. Every siku au maybe zaidi I will put out an episode. I need 14 players. Post in comments.Here are the requirements.
inayopendelewa color
Hero au villan
So yeah post in comments. There's not much else to it.I thought it would be fun. Now I'm accepting 14 so that means first come first serve.I have to make this longer. It's already long enough. Soooooooooooooooooo....yeah
A/N: This is about Mike looking in the mirror and seeing some of his alters' reflections. Yes, that really happens to people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA Multiple Personality Disorder). If I got something about the disorder wrong, au if I offend someone with DID/MPD, then I sincerely apologize. This fanfic is meant only for entertainment. :)


Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama, Mike, Vito, Svetlana, Chester, au Manitoba.


I hate looking in the mirror. I usually cover up all the mirrors in the bathroom,...
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posted by codyfan77
OK, I have this shabiki character, some of wewe may know her as Anna-Lee. Now, I have grown particularly fond of her, and I think she deserves a fanart of her own with Noah. I don't have the equipment to do it, and I am crappy with paint, so I will reward with props, Anna-Lees and my respect (by Anna-Lees respect, I mean she'll be BFFs with your OC, if wewe have one)
Here is a strong verbal description, as I can't send my image of her here (stupid computer)
Fluffy light brown 80s curly hair
Blue eyes
189 cm tall approx.
An machungwa, chungwa tee shati with the Hetalia katakana written on it
Simple blue jeans
Red console sneakers
Slightly pudgy and curvy
She and Noah are in a relationship, and I want to see that. Please do this for me....
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posted by I-Am-A-Penguin-
It had been one hell of a season for the two teenagers. Courtney Montgomery and Gwen Richards never knew what hit them. Of course, they didn't win. Surprisingly, it had been Zoey who took the place as the winner.

Although Gwen had come very far, even made the final four, she had been eliminated kwa both Alejandro and Mike, au should I say, Mal. Courtney had been taken off the dakika the merge had been announced, which was a big shocker considering everybody wanted Alejandro home.

Now they were back right where they had started. On the small island where the losers usually went after getting...
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added by carlie445
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Chris: Welcome! To TDVN! Here comes the first group!


Ezekiel: Like Hey!


Noah: Whatever.


Justin: hujambo Chris.


Katie: It's awesome to be back!


Tyler: One million dollars here I come!


Cody: hujambo Chris!


Beth: Hey!


Sadie: OMG Wawanakwa!


Courtney: Did wewe really have to introduce us in elimantion order from season 1.


Harold: I'm going to win this time.


Eva: Stay out of my way!


Trent: hujambo man.


Bridgette: hujambo it's great to be back!


Lindsay: Hi Chris!


DJ: hujambo mas.


Izzy: It's so great to be back!


Geoff: Gonna win some...
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