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I was sitting at the docks, listening to Say Goodnight kwa Bullet For My Valentine on my ipod:

"So here I am
You're inside of me
So here I am
Our worlds may suffHONK."

Honk isn't in that song! The damn ship was here, after 15 peacefull dakika of sitting near the docks. I grabbed my bags, and went to the ship.
The ship was a big white cruiseship with big windows, porches, and big golden letters that alisema Marygold. I walked in, and a thin bald man took my ticket and gave me room keys. I went into the elevator, and pressed the 6 button. I could se the big lobby with gold-colored walls, red carpets, a chandelear, and sofas stay bellow me. It was quiet on the big glass elevator. I got up to the sixth floor, and went into my room. It was a small room with a small blue sofa, a big screen TV, a kitanda with dark blue and white covers, a white tile bathroom, white walls, and a cream colored carpet. I put my bags down and rested on the big blue bed. I took out my macbook and checked my email. I had two new mesages. The first one was from Vee:
"Hey, Dawn. Guess what??? I just got the newest Two Doves album, Fire, My New Light!!! And Dave Trumban came to preform! EEEE!!!!!!!!!"
Dave Trubman was the lead singer of Two Doves, Vee's inayopendelewa rock band.
"Well, anyways, r u on the ship??? Is it nice???

I replied to her: "Hey,Vee. The ship is pretty casual. Not the fanciest, but not the crappiest. My room is pretty comfy. Could wewe believe that there are 10 jaccuzis, 4 pools, a trampoliene, and a mall???? I can get the new Two Doves album! I'll call wewe after the show. ~Dawn"
I smiled as I sent the email. Te sekunde barua pepe was an barua pepe from Bridgette: "Hey, Dawn! I'm gonna go to the pool, and I wanted to know if u wanted to go to the pool with me? Other ppl are there, tho. If you're coming, text me and we can meet at the front deck!"
Of course I'll come! I put on my black and blood red bikini and upinde wa mvua and black sunglasses. I a graphic tee, khaki shorts, a brown belt, my cell phone, my wallet, and a water bottle in my rainbow-with-a-black-backround tote bag. I texted Bridgette that I'll come, and headed out. As I headed out, Noah was heading out too. He was staring at me like I was some kind of godess.
"H-h-h-h-hi, Dawn."
"Are wewe going to the pool?"
"What does it look like?"
"Heh heh."
"So... wewe like my belly button piercing? I got it a week ago."
He stared at the silver mduara, duara on my belly button.
"C'mon, Noah. Let's go to the pool."
Noah and I went into the glass elevator, out the big room, and onto the pool dock. It was loaded with white beach, pwani chairs. There were millions of pools and jaccuzis. There was a chakula bar near the end of the beach, pwani chairs.
"You're damn right, Dawn. Now, don't wewe need to see Bridgette?"
"Yeah, thanks Noah. Text wewe later!"
"See ya!"
I headed to the wirlpool, where Bridgette and Geoff were resting happily with no one around. Lucky them.
"Oh, hey, Dawn!"
"Hi Geoff! Hi Bridgette!"
"Hi! wewe can set your tote over there."
I headed near the beach, pwani chair with a blue umbrella, put my tote there, and went in the wirlpool. It was calming. In rested in it as if it were my bed. I felt like no one was there. I closed my eyes. I thought about my ex, Adam. He was a redhead (hot red), who dressed goth. He was very nice. He dumped me for a cheerleader named Tarah, and I wasn't happy about that. Maybe I could find a boyfriend here...
The voice which called my name was beautiful and sounded like it was singing. It slowly faded as I opened my eyes, only to figure out that Noah was calling me.
"It's time to film. Get into a change of clothes, and quick. I brought wewe your makeup set and black leggings."
"That was sweet of you! Thanks!"
"My pleasure."
I stared into Noah's eyes as he lead me to the changing rooms.
"I think I should go now. Bye!"
Noah is so sweet! I walked into the changing room, thinking about him. I quickly took a kuoga and changed into my outfit. I found my red arm warmers I've been looking for in my tote bag, and decided to wear them. When I was ready, I walked out. I went to sit on a chair. Heather saw me, and decided to talk to me: "Hey there, Dawn."
"Don't wewe just upendo this ship? It has a mall!"
"I know. I'm going there tommorow."
"I saw a CD store there, and I know that you're a shabiki of Two Doves."

"How do wewe know about their new album?"
"I'm a shabiki of them too, but not the metal songs. Only the indie and the rock songs."
"Oh. My friend, Victoria, is holding a coming-out party today. Their gonna watch Total Drama Cruiseline, and send me pics of the party."
I noticed Chef coming and saying: "FILMING STARTS NOW SO GET READY!!!!!"
Before I even had time to think, the camera started rolling.
"Hello, viewers. I'm Chris McLein, your host for Total Drama Cruiseline! Our passengers are over here, and we got two newbies."
The camera turned to me and Gerald.
"Everyone is here, and on some episodes, two people will get eliminated on some nights, bu the way. They got a chance to meet each other already, so don't be surprised. Come on, passengers."
Chris motioned us to follow him. We did so. Noah smiled at me, and I smiled back. The camera saw that, too. We arrived at a small building in the ship, which had ropes in it.
"This is confession cam. wewe know what that is. Moving on!"

Confession booth: gwen: "Another season. Another time to get away from people I hate. Another time to try to win. YES!!!"

Confession booth: dawn: "I think I've gotten to know the people really well. I got some friends, and I also have this guy here which I really like..."

Chris led us to the pool. "The teams are called the Screaming Bigfoots and the Killer Bears instead of Gophers and Bass.Same teams though. Get into them!"
I watched everyone get into their teams, leaving me and Gerald standing.
"Gerald, you're in the killer bears. Dawn, you're in the screaming bigfoots. As wewe know, the theme of this season is 'Everything That can Go Wrong on a Ship.' wewe can relax, and you'll get your first challenge tomorrow. ripoti to the main dining hall at 7:30 sharp!"
After the long speech, we were free to go. I just didn't want to get followed around kwa cameras, so I went to my room. I was walking, when I saw an enemy of mine from a few summers ago... Courtney. I went to CIT camp with her, and she was better than everyone else at everything. She also bragged a lot, and she was a total suck-up. Good thing that she wasn't in my bunk! I decided to pass her with an evil eye...and went on

confession booth: courtney: "Well, I have to say that this place kind of sucks. I also think that I saw that emo girl from CIT camp..." Dawn overhears and yells: "I'M NOT EMO!" Courtney continues:"...From about three years ago. I'm not sure if it's her though, because she always changes her hair color."

When I was in my room, I took out my poem journal and wrote a haiku:

Life like this is hard
Everyone is a critic
Can it be different?

I decided to dye my hair exotic purple, so I wanted to go to the mall to get some hair dye. Maybe I could also get the new Two Doves CD!
I quickly got my wallet, and rushed out of my hotel room.
I arrived at a big deck with walls made out of glass. It was filled with big stores and glass decorations. There was a running water kisima, chemchemi straight down the middle of the floor.
I looked at the map, and decided that my first stop is F.Y.E. I headed in the store, and there were no clerks! I saw a sign, and it alisema NO CLERKS, BUT PAY UP
Whatever that ment, I got the CD and bonus DVD, put $1.00 on the dawati (It was actualy $5.95, but i needed to save money). I dashed out of the store, and into Lilly Allen's Hair Sallon. There were no clerks in there, but here was Lilly Allen.
"Hi there. I'm Lilly Allen. What can I get you?"
"Exotic purple hair dye and tin foil."
Lilly Allen got some hair dye and a bag of tin foil
"That'll be $100.305 please."
I left her another dollar instead, and went to my room.
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