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posted by Tdilover225
1. Rip out every piercing on my one... au at least try to.

2. Call him pet names like; Princess, Sweetheart, Sunshine, Babe, Honey, Darling, Angel, and Gorgeous.

3. Play with his mohawk/ faux hawk which ever wewe prefer.

4. Steal his dog collar, alama and wear it around in front of him.

5. Tell him that Courtney doesn't upendo him and never did.

6. Laugh at his girly shriek (The one in Who can wewe Trust, when Courtney pushed him).

7. Shave his unibrow... no I mean WAX his unibrow to the point where he won't have any more!

8. (in relation with #7) shave au Wax his soul patch...Mwahahaha.

9. Ask him repeatedly "Why is your torso so long?"

10. (in relation to #9) "Why do wewe even like Courtney, Huh? I say Why"

11. (in relation to #10)“Why?”

12. Poke him and when he starts yelling at you, answer, “Why?”

13. Laugh at him whenever he walks by.

14. Fall down, scream, and tell the others that he pushed you.

15. Make him listen to classical muziki for a week.

16. Call him “Nancy” whenever wewe talk to him.

17. Whenever wewe come back from ANYTHING, say “Lucy, I’m home!”

18. Say that he’d be hotter if he didn’t have a unibrow.

19. Get him on Oprah au Dr. Phil.

20. Sign him up for one of those Extreme Makeovers.

21. Sign him up for college.

22. Sign him up for "What Not To Wear"

23. Introduce him to Chewbacca au Jar-Jar.

24. Put Harold's butt bags over his face while he is sleeping (A.N. I know that is sick but my cousin wanted it in there)

25. Lock him in a room with Celine Dion Standee's and My moyo Will Go On in the background. This time Courtney isn't there to hold his hand! Mwahahahaha HA
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