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the old group
Killer Grips Cabin:"I can't belive i get to sleep in the same kitanda as JUSTIN!!!"Ella-Fant screamed."Ew,Justin"Brooke and Izzy alisema together."Well,to me he's just plain HOT""Umm,ok.*Whispers to the other girls*I think i know who we're gonna vote off."Said Nikki.

Every girl walked over to the dinning hall,surprised to see Andrea and izzy not there.They turned around and saw us."For your first challenge wewe will have to dive off a huge cliff,and land into the inner ring in the water,just like total drama island.Then,we will tell wewe what's next.Oh ya,you have 5 dakika to eat this "delicious" 'food" chef made while me and Izzy get to eat gormet food."Andrea and Izzy walked away.

Brooke looked down and said"I don't even think that's eatable.""Mine...just...moved."Said Vanessa.

At the Gopher table: "Hey,Ronnie.Do wewe wanna be ina alince?I promise wewe a spot at the final two!"Juno whispered."Uh,sure."Ronnie replied."ARE wewe gonna eat that???"Miranda said."No,i don't feel like dying today." alisema Fire."Suit yourself.This is good.No wonder Owen ate evreything!"

When both teams got to the top,They just ran off the cliff:

People who jumped for the Killer Bass:Brooke,Vanessa,Izzy
People who jumped for the Screaming Gophers:Ronnie,Sumer,Juno and Fire.

"Ok so the winning team is...THE SCREAMING GOPHERS!!Oh ya,we're cutting the onyesha short so everyone on the Killer bass, besi go vote someone off."

In Confessinals

Juno:I'm still freakin mad about Miranda not jumping,and i'm still mad at Sumer for lying about Duncan.I geuss the only one i can trust is Ronnie.

Ella-Fant:People hate me cuase i'm in upendo with Justin and i make out with my kitanda and i have used justin klenex and i have a bunch of justin posters and i liked to be called justin some times and ...

Vanessa:It would have to be obvious who i;m voting for.


"Ok,since your al tired from your first day,i'll just toss 'em to ya.Izzy,Nikki,Vanessa,Brooke.Marshmellows for the lotta ya.Bye-Bye Ella-Fant.Your srsly creepy.

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The new Group
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