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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: please i need picha for my articals that mach them ya know to make them zaidi interesting, so please if wewe could that would be really great u can have any reword wewe like u want i will give wewe ok no prob.ok so we leave off withe ower tdi tdm teens heding off to class what will they do inayofuata as courtney heds off to class that her only friend in there is penny........beep

(courtney comes into class veary erly the only other people in there were penny and the teacher)

Penny: hujambo courtney come and sit over heer with me.

Courtney: ok cool so whats up.

Penny: absolutly nothing thats why i need wewe to talk to me girl.

Courrtney: ha ha ok well i would say we are new Marafiki but i think we are going to be good Marafiki right?

Penny: i gess so (confused)

Courtney: ok cool i want to tell wewe some thing thats so far only (she counts on her fingers) 6 people know well i gess it isent really a secret but i don't want he hole school to know, ya know.

Penny: (still veary confused) um ok. are wewe going to tell me what it is?

Courtney: oh ya well 2 weeks zamani exactly me and duncan were together ALONE-

Penny: ok i get that part moove on.

Courtney: well any way ya know i am sorta like ummmmm

Penny:(in a playfull voice) spit it out woman.

Courtney: ok i am pregnet.....

Penny: wow your not getting an abortion are you?

(heather walks in and heers them talking)

Heather: well looks like littel miss goody-too-shoes has a pregnet sight on her litte pee stick. wewe know if wewe are only 2 weeks pregnet wewe can still have an abourtion, its not alive untill 18 days so wewe still have 4 days to dicide if wewe don't want to have this baby,(a creepy smile spreds across her face) au not.

Penny: get out of here befor i spit in your eer and shove this pencel up your nose. (tries to slap her in the face but then she saw the teacher coming closer tord them and didn't)

Sience teacher: heather dear wewe need to get to your kiti, kiti cha in order for me to start class.

Heather: yes ma'am( sticks her touhng out and walks away so does the teacher besides the sticking her toung out part that would be werid)

Penny: (in some werid acsent) damn it i almoast had theat sun of a b!@#*$.

Courtney: that sun of a b!@#*$ hahahaha hujambo do wewe have anything wewe might want to sell, we need money to bail duncan out.

Penny: of jail?

Courtney: ya

Penny: man i always miss the good stuff thats goes around, and ya i am sure there are some things at the house that my mom wants to get rid of and me to, the stuff is probibly under all that mess in my room.

Courtney: haha ok cool thanks i need it kwa saterday because thats when the yard sail is going to be.

Penny: k cool i will be there.

Courtney: thanks girl it means alot to me.

Penny: shoot no prob besides i really need to burn some comunity service howers.

Courtney: ssssoooooo how are your Marafiki ya know um summer,troy and brian?

Penny: oh well there is no brian any more.

Courtney: why not he seemed like a nice guy?

Penny: he was but he was doing drugs and drinking and and when we were going out it wa just like he wanted to do some stuff that i diden't and we broke up and he mooved away any way so no zaidi of him.

Courtney: wow wewe really trust me with all that don't you.

Penny: ya i do troy and summer new about the drinking and drugs but i only told summer about that he wanted to do it with me and i didn't.

Courtney: ya know now that i think about it he doesn't seem like such a nice guy,

Penny: haha(looks at teacher stairing intently at them)we are geting to work.

Courtney: hahehahehahe.

me: thats the end for to siku fokes read the inayofuata episode of total drama high school.
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