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posted by soxfan89
Chris:OK Campers, We're Taking Your Clothes Off And Puting wewe In Diapers And Baby Bonnets On Your Heads.
Chris:I'm Glad wewe Asked Noah, wewe Will Be Dressed As Babies For A Week. Isn't This Fun?
Blaineley:Can I Do It?
Chris:Sure wewe Can.
(All The Campers Come Out Topless Wearing Diapers And Baby Bonnets With Bibs)
Lindsay:I Actually Look Stylish.
Trent:Duncan Looks Just As Ridiculous As I Do.
Duncan:Shut Up, Trent!
Gwen:Something's Very Wrong Here.
Courtney:I Don't Look Too bad In This, I Could Get Used To It.
Bridgette:I'm The Best Baby Of The Bunch.
Geoff:I Look Like A Moron In All This.
Bridgette:No wewe Don't, Geoff!
Sadie And Katie:We're Babies. Eeeeeeeeee!
Noah:I Feel A Little Uncomfortable!
Cody:Lighten Up, Noah.
Alejandro:I'm One Sexy Baby.
Heather:Oh, My Little Baby.
Leshawna:Hey Y'all, I'm Looking Fabulous Right?
Harold:You Can Say That Again.
Tyler:It's All Good!
Izzy:Wahhhhh! Wahhhhhh!
Owen:Angry Baby! Where's My Bottle?
Ezekial:Hey Homies, I Look Like A Baby In This!
Eva:Being A Baby Sucks.
DJ:I Like Being In Diapers Again!
Sierra:Wow, This Is What It's Like To Be A Baby.
Blaineley:It's A Good Time For Me To Suck My Thumb! Huh Chris?
Chris:Suck Away, My Baby.
Beth:I Forgot My Blankie.
Justin:I'm Holding It Remember?
Beth:Oh, Right.
Chris:Well Campers, Welcome To siku 1 Of Being Babies. Enjoy The Ride!
End Of Part 1
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(BTW, I'll be the teacher of this story!!!)

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class. Today's the behavior integer day.
Amy: (laughs) Integers are so dumb like my twin sister Samey.
Courtneyfan6: (scary voice) Amy, shut up! (normal voice) Anyways, I'm too lazy to do the classwork so here are your integers.
(-10: Courtney and Duncan)
Courtney: Yes! Me and my boyfriend Duncan got -10's!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Courtney and Duncan. wewe two are the best students ever! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(-9: Lindsay)
Lindsay: Yes! I got a -9!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Lindsay! wewe get 2 years off! Go...
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See..With Courtney wewe have no idea why she been mean and cruel at times and an Angel other times wewe can just ask yourself why. We can only make our own head canons on why.I see a lot of people fight over if this character is nice au not. But the truth is I don't care along she has a at lest four flaws and some good in her I like her as a character.I really don't know why which makes it hard to like her au hate. I never know why most people claim we know a lot about her but if that was true than, Why are we have different ideas why.I mean the key word in the makala is why.Most of our ideas have only little to no prof to them and wewe rarely see some one have a lot of prof on it.And why is that?I'm mean I know she's developed but still why.But this is why I swali it how much do we really know about this character.

Give wewe own ideas why wewe think why people hate her au like her.Hit the like if wewe liked it! Tell me in the maoni if wewe agree with me au not.
I just watched all of season 1 and I'm aliyopewa a progress ripoti on it how far i gotten. I upendo this season through it did get boring after 3 au 4 hours that didn't mean it was bad.I saw what wewe guys was thinking in the matter of watching and also made me come up with chemsha bongo questions. Anyway here's the progress so far.

The person with the most villain points is Chris with 53 and I Lost count after that need a bigger place to keep it.

The person with the most hero points is Courtney with 31 hero points.

The runners-up with hero points is Trent with 22 hero points.

The runner-up for villain points is Heather with 18 villain points.

I hope wewe guys like how it is turning out cause we have 4 zaidi seasons to go.And if wewe like how it turned out hit a like.
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a bila mpangilio dxc vid kwa me
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