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I'm surprised that I haven't seen these ilitumwa on here-- OH! I forgot this spot is about fanfics and wars now.
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I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I was back out again, hoping to find Cody’s van on the side of the road. Alejandro told me where the car broke down on and that’s what I was going by.

"There it is!" Sierra shouted from the passenger seat.

"Where?" I asked.

She pointed out the window, "I know all about my Codykins and I know--"

"That's nice."

There was traffic backed up, just like I had been told.

I turned the car off in the middle road--no one was going anywhere anyways--and got out; Sierra followed in suit. She dashed off towards Cody's van, "CODY!"

I shook my head, continuing with...
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