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 Duncan and courtney
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This Total Drama Island picha might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

ONE mwezi A.D. (After Duncan)

Courtney was walking along the snow-covered sidewalk of Chicago. Her genuine fur, manyoya boots sent out small crunching noises with every step in the packed-down snow. Her fists were shoved in the deep pockets of her new fur, manyoya kanzu, koti that her daddy had bought her. The harsh winter wind was blocked kwa all the people crowded around her on the sidewalk.

They come across an intersection, and look both ways up and down the streets. Chicago looked like a winter wonderland. The streetlights had small piles of snow on juu of them and there were a couple carolers about, traveling to...
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Courtney's P.O.V:

(on the phone)
"hi Courtney!"
"Alex?!OMG!wat's up?"
"well i was sleeping but not any more."
"oh well meet me at the coffee shop?"
"uh..sure Alex!"
*hangs up*

*at the coffee shop*
"Hi Gwen!"I said.
"Hi Courtney!R u working today?"Gwen ask.Gwen and I became best Marafiki after every total drama season.
"Later.Have u seen tall,brown eyes,black hair,strong guy?"i asked standing inayofuata to her and helping her clean tables.
"Alex?Yes,y?"she alisema back.
"where?!"I was so happy he was here that i felt my eyes open super big.
"(laughs)In the back...or in back of u."she...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
Silver: Courtney?
Courtney: Is it that bad. I better go change
Silver: Courtney, we are in shock kwa how beautiful wewe look
Rick: Its true, look at Duncan's face
Everyone looks over to Duncan to found that his eyes have widen, his jaw has dropped to the ground and is stood silent.
Courtney: Duncan? Are wewe okay?
Duncan: .....
Justin gives Heather a look, then she smiles evily.
Heather: I know exactly what to do.
She grabs Duncan, is about to kiss him but Duncan snaps out of it and pushes Heather away.
Duncan: No Heather, I'm not going to let wewe and pretty-boy of their keep me and my princess apart,...
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Bridgette: Courtney, wewe must to tell him!
Courtney: I know, i know, it just only i don't know how, au when, au where!! ARGH!
Bridgette: When wewe are going out with him?
Courtney: Well, today... we are going to cinema, at 7 pm
Bridgette: Ur... Um... Courtney... now are 7 pm...
Courtney: What? Are wewe telling me that...? *ding dong*

Duncan:(Outside the door) Heeeey Courtney! Are wewe ready to go?
Courtney: OMG! it him! what i'm going to do??
Bridgette: wewe must to tell him, Courtney! wewe can't hide this for a long time... wewe know!
Duncan:*Ding dong(again)* Coourtney???
Courtney:(to Duncan)I'm cooooming!...
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justin:well ladies since its december we need to go celebrate the holidays!

izzy:but justin who the heck gets voted off wewe did say it was courteney vs. heather

justin:oh ya ya your right izzy ok then the last name IM going to call is courteney

courteney:thank wewe justin and did I say your hot!


heather:man this is not fair! IM maarufu i got my own TV

justin:heather everyone has there own TV

justin:ok then its time for the inayofuata challange this ones called krisimasi wishes wewe got to wish for me to have something cool

(everyone wished for justin to have something cool like gems jewls and video...
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posted by trentsgangrulez
 I bet Trent was with his boyfriend whilst Cody was giving birth
I bet Trent was with his boyfriend whilst Cody was giving birth
Cody was giving birth to his baby twins Trent was with topher his boyfriend he heard his friend screaming from the distance did wewe hear that babe alisema trent hear what alisema topher I heard my friend Cody giving birth to his baby twins I’m so sorry for him alisema Trent me too alisema topher Cody should have an epidural I know alisema Trent we have to go go to help him babe wewe with me
Yeah alisema topher he really needs a helping hand from the two of us the greatest couple / future hosts of total drama ever great alisema Trent now let’s go together and help him and care for Cody
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