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Narrator:Once Upon A Time In A Faraway Land, Young Prince Cody Lived In A Shining Castle. Although He Had Everything His moyo Desired, The Prince Was Spoiled, Selfish And Unkind. But Then, One Winter's Night, An Old Beggar Woman Came To The ngome And Offered Him A Single Rose In Return For Shelter From The uchungu, chungu Cold. Repulsed kwa Her Haggard Appearance, The Prince Sneered At The Gift And Turned The Old Woman Away, But She Warned Him Not To Be Deceived kwa Appearances, For Beauty Is Found Within. And When He Dismissed Her Again, The Old Woman's Ugliness Melted Away To Reveal A Beautiful Enchantress....
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Kenny rogers: Hi my name is kenny rogers and welcome to my reality onyesha bitches!!

Duncan: not another one dammit

Kenny rogers: shut up its my onyesha *throws bottle at duncan, misses and hits harold*

Harold: ahhh not again

Kenny rogers: sorry jimmy

Harold: its harold

Kenny rogers: what ever bobby

*camera goes to the studio*

Kenny rogers: on our last episode courtney got fired

Duncan: unfairly

Gwen: when has any of these shows been fair

Duncan: oh yeah

Kenny rogers: on this episode were going to do stuff

Cody: yay stuff

Heather: are we gonna get hurt

Kenny rogers: thats what it alisema in the contracts ha ha *throws...
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