Total Drama Island Who's your favourite couple? (You can add your own favs (Doesn't have to be a couple that is/was together), but please don't put in OC couples, that just ruins this)

Pick one:
Duncan & Courtney
Trent & Gwen
Duncan & Gwen
Trent & Courtney
Geoff & Bridgette
Noah & Cody
Justin & Heather
Chris & Izzy
Harold & Leshawna
Tyler & Lindsay
Owen & Izzy
Chef & Chris
Cody & Gwen
Dj & Katie
Alejandro & Heather
Alejandro & Courtney
Alejandro & Bridgette
Noah & Bridgette
Cody & Sierra
Alejandro & Gwen
Noah & Duncan
Noah & Izzy
Noah & Katie
Noah & Justin
Courtney & Cody
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Trent& amp; Heather
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Alejandro & Cody
Noah & Tyler
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Chris & Lindsay
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Eva and Ezekiel lol i fail
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