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super funny amd bad stuff happens to heather au just wach its funny
posted by sexybaby9087
It all started at the police stsaion at 1:00 my mom was mad at dad for SMACKING her(for izzyroxmysox since she can not read)the oficer told my dad to stop and my mom alisema "yah wewe do need to stop"and my dad punched her mouth and my mom alisema "ok i am having a devoice with you"she took off the ring ran to izzy and chris`s house took me and duncanj.r than ran to the house locked all the doors and she fell asleep on the coush as for duncan he is in jail.The inayofuata siku my mom went outside and found Trent.Trent was like "hi Gwen" "hi Trent"and Trent asked my mom out on a tarehe and when Trent took my mom nyumbani Trent kissed my mom and asked her to get married and my mom was so happy she alisema now i got a new step-dad and our meen dad is in jail.
All from lia
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