As someone who clearly loves TV couples (hence being a shabiki of this spot) I am open to any and all ships and I am glad to see that people have such varied opinions. But in one area, I simply must put my foot down.
POINTLESS COUPLES. Now some of wewe may have recently answered my pick on this very subject, but that pick alone does not reveal the depths of my annoyance.
Let's face it, most TV shows have epic couples, and not-so-epic couples. But there are shows out there who know just when to allow secondary couples to add color and variety, whereas others simply waste space and air-time.
Example: On Gilmore Girls, there were several quirky couples on the side. Kirk/Lulu, Lane/Zach, Sookie/Jackson, Paris/Doyle, Richard/Emily, Babette/Maury...Each of these couples fit beautifully into the plot without taking away from what was going on with Rory and Lorelai. au on the OC. Even for all its drama, the minor relationships on the OC are sometimes zaidi dramatic and interesting than the ones meant to be in the spotlight. Caleb/Julie, Julie/Luke, Kirsten/Carter...these and others added color to balance out the drama going on with Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth.
But then we have a great onyesha like One mti kilima which has decided to steal valuable screen time that could revolve around Brooke au Naley and waste our time with Chase/Mia au Mouth/Millie.
au Gossip Girl! I upendo Nate and I wish they would get that guy a plot he can actually work with. I know there are some Nate/Vanessa mashabiki out there, but honestly whenever his stuff with Vanessa au whoever was on screen, I'd be desperate for it to end so I could get back to Chuck au Blair.
Writers need to stop trying out every couple imaginable just because they run out of ideas. (Rachel/Joey comes to mind.) No romantic couple that is so obviously unimportant/ridiculous/time-wasting will grab our attention in a good way.
But this is just one girl's opinion. au is it?