Everytime some one gets in a new ship there found a new ship that there hate nothing wrong with that it happens every time wants wrong with it if there get in a fight and the fight can get really nasty and soon the to shippers start shouting things at them there don't even know the person but there hate ether cuz a ship? guy's wewe have to know that the character are not even real am not saying wewe can't ship them with your moyo but don't let it get to wewe to the point wewe have fight for them and who knows the actor may not even like the ship James Wilson from House ship Huddy but the actor of Wilson called the huddy story line bony zaidi then once and guy's there is a zaidi series war going on and it is not fiction it is a real and yes I am talking about the American war going on everyday millions of people are dieing for us to keep us salama that is a zaidi series war going now lets get to the point to the mane shipping war

huddy don't get so protective
Don't get so protective of Huddy
wewe have been batting for Hamerons since season 1 and want though zaidi seasons and then when Luddy camed in wewe get in anther fight with Luddy
shipping is like Religion wewe can get past the fact that a person doesn't share the same belief and become Marafiki au wewe can narrow wewe mind and lose a change at making a good friend.

Bucas and Leyton
Yeah I don't watch one treel hell but I know the fact that all the maoni i'm seeing know the fact that wewe to are still in a horrible horrible fight ignoring the fact that there left the onyesha age's ago! Leyton can't say anything about there ship with with Bucas flipping out do to the fact that Bucas shabiki always to to the club just to blash and get in anther huge fight same goes as for Bucas guy's leave the club if wewe just going to blash do wewe remember when wewe first made the klabu everything was great in to the shipping started to get to wewe I know wewe guy's can't be Marafiki do to the battle scars but can't wewe at least leave the klabu and au yeah if wewe are just going to read this shove it at the back of wewe head then laugh at me then go head do it but can wewe just please think about it for a minuet
same goes for wewe to other shippers.