10. Booth and Brennan
We haven't seen much of them yet, but they have great chemistry and that's why I upendo them very much!

9. Dean and Jo
They didn't have time to be a couple, but they are both fighters and hunters and they fight for the same things.

8. Meredith and Derek
Derek is Prince Charming in another body. How can Meredith not be with him? There were a lot of ups and downs but they are finally together.

7. Buffy and Angel
This was a sad upendo story cause they never ended together and their relationship didn't last very long. But I still upendo them and miss the time they were together.

6. Angel and Cordelia
It is funny, but I upendo Cangel too though I am a Bangel fan. Too bad they never ended together.

5. Sookie and Eric
Passion and lust describes them the best. When are they finally gonna be together?

4. Katherine and Stefan
They are meant to be together. In past and present they make an awesome couple.

3. Kate and Jack
My favourite Lost couple. They suffered so many many things on and off the island but their upendo finally lasted.

2. Damon and Elena
The bad boy and the good girl. Their chemistry is amazing and they should definitely be together. I really hope this mwaka they get good senes.

1. Mark and Lexie
This is such a cute couple! I am positive they will get together again cause they complete each other.

Booth and Brennan
Dean and Jo
Meredith and Derek
Buffy and Angel
Angel and Cordelia
Sookie and Eric
Katherine and Stefan
Jack and Kate
Damon and Elena
Mark and Lexie