20.Will & Emma II Glee - I upendo them.They would be higher on my orodha but lately.Unbelievable how they screwed thatup with the dentist-storyline and everything.:( But i LOVED them in season 1 and I still hope...

19.Lorelai & Christopher II Gilmore Girls - Aww.I upendo them.Their sarcasm.IMO they are way better than Luke & Lorelai. I think they`re soulmates.He always knows why she`s doing what she`s doing and they are so cute and funny together.Typical highschool romance.aaaw.

18.Jessica & Hoyt II True Blood - Just SO cute. This couple is only in the tv series not in the book and i really upendo them.I´m so happy they`re back together.:) Can`t wait for season 4 btw.

17.Callie & Arizona II Grey`s Anatomy - Perfect couple.I`m so happy arizona came back for callie.But i HATE the mark/callie baby storyline. seriously? that`s a piece of crap.

16. Serena & dan II Gossip Girl - OMG theyare perfect in season 1 why the hell screwed the writers this up.Serena & nate are zaidi fuck buddies.i don`t see why so many people like them.dan & serena was cute and sweet and it kept dan away from my cuteeeee Queen b.

15. Ryan & Taylor II The O.C. - So glad Marissa died.This girl was so annoying.And she was bad for ryan.and selfish.aaah how i hate her.and then came my cute girl taylor and brought fun and upendo in ryans life.best thing ever happenend to the o.c. seriously..:)

14.Tony & Ziva II NCIS - There`s not much to say.Just a bomb of chemistry and of epic and cuteness.

13.Phoebe & Cole II Charmed - I know it happened a long time zamani but i`m still not over cole`s death.WHY? and coop? he was there like for 5 episodes duh! no one needs coop.-.- and cole was the upendo of her life!

12.Caroline & tyler II The Vampire Diaries - I know they don`t `exist` very long but the`ve really grown on my heart.They have such a chemistry.! and their storyline is A W E S O M E.
Team Forwood!

11.Michael & Maria II Roswell - Probably not many people who know them but i`ve watched roswell and they`re unbelievable. the 2nd season.aaaw.
socute.he stayed for her and she left for him.
(quote from michael and maria fanclub ;) )

10.Meredith & Derek II Grey`s Anatomy - Not much to say I guess.Everyone knows them,everyone loves them.;D they`re epic.Hope we`ll get a McBaby soon!

9.Christina & Burke II Grey`s Anatomy - WHY???! why did he have to leave???! SO not fair. i don`t believe that christina loves owen more.NO.i refuse to believe that.they were so awesome and funny and at the same time dramatic.love them.i always rewatch season 1-3 because of them.

8. Eric & Sookie II True Blood - AAW.Nothing (except for ed westwick :P) can compare to the hotness that is Eric. OMG! it was time to throw f***king bill out.no one needed him.now it`s time for sooic.:)

7.Arthur & Gwen II Merlin- Again: Probably few people who know them.But they are great.All their moments are full of passion.we don`t get any in every episode but when we get one it`s always epic.Aaaaw.

6. rory & Logan II Gilmore Girls - They were the best.I`m so pissed at her for saying no to logan. If he asks wewe wewe say yes! is that really so hard? they were funny and cute and everything! and she chose him over jess.YAY!

5. Henry & Anne II Tudors - aaaw.history vitabu wewe are so cruel.:D no seriously i cried like a baby when anne died.her speech.so AMAZING! and he just ate a swan and let her die.cruel man..but they were epic.& HOT.

4.Lexie & Mark II Grey`s Anatomy - STUPID BABY STORYLINE.They were backtogether for like 1 episode and then they break up again.how is that fair? i wait for over a season now and honestly it`s time. i upendo them.!!!

3.Summer & Seth II The O.C. - They`ll always be in my heart.:) EPiC! i LOVED their wedding.nothing zaidi to say i think everyone knows about their relationship.(?) :D

2.Damon & Elena II The Vampire Diaries - It`s time for Elena to admit her feelings.damon did and i loved it.but i would upendo it even zaidi if elena did.it`s time for elena to make a step in damons direction and away from his stupid brother.

1.Chuck & Blair II Gossip Girl -They`ll always be my number 1 cause they are the true definition of epic.bring back chair already.DON`T DARE TO DAIR.
but rumors say chair will comeback soon.YAY!
I upendo THEM SO MUCH.<3 <3