wachumba wa tevevisheni Couples 10in10 ikoni contest (Round 6 OPEN)

XxXrachellXxX posted on Mar 30, 2014 at 08:21AM
1. You have 10 days to make 10 icons
2. Follow the instructions (but feel free to interpret the themes any way you want)
3. Make all the icons yourself
4. All icons must be about TV couples. No movie couples, okay?
5. Icons preferably the size of 100x100 or 200x200
6. When voting, don't be biased (aka vote for the best icon, not your favorite thing in the icons, or a certain user's icons)
7. Stick to the deadline. If you want me to wait a few days for you, let me know
8. The ship does not have to be canon. It can be AU, or anything you want, really, as long as it's a couple from a TV show. Yes, miniseries' count, too.
9. Winner of each theme pick will get 3 props, in the categories & artist's choice it's 9 props (because I'll put all the category icons in one pick & all the artist's choice icons in another)

Round 1: Deadline 9th of April
1. Heartbreak
2. First meeting
3. Scenery
4. Goodbye
3 icons of your OTP (aka your favorite TV couple)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 2: Deadline 19th of April
1. AU ship (aka not canon)
2. First kiss
3. Triangle
4. Black & white
3 icons with quotes (can be all from different ships, or not. whatever)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 3: Deadline 28th of April
1. Hug
2. Fight
3. An actor/actress' quote about a ship (for ex. the actress who plays your favorite character making a statement about a ship for her character)
4. A ship you hate/dislike
3 icons of three ships for your favorite character (if you only ship your favorite character with 1-2 people, use a ship you don't support in the other icons)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 4: Deadline 10th of May
1. Ship you used to ship but no longer do
2. Crossover ship (not AU, crossover)
3. A parallel between two different ships (can be from different fandoms)
4. "True" love
3 icons of the most recent episode of ANY show you're watching. Make three icons of 1-3 couples. All icons must be from the last episode you've seen.
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 5: Deadline 20th of May
1. + a child
2. Side by side
3. Betrayal
4. Snow
3 icons for a friendship that turned into a relationship over time
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 6: Deadline 30th of May
1. Wedding
2. Object (like a ring, a cup etc...)
3. A place that is somehow significant for the couple
4. Mistake
3 icons of first and lasts: Pick a couple from a show that has ended, or simply a couple that has "ended", will no longer be on screen, and put parallels between their first and last events. Like first kiss - last kiss, first scene - last scene etc....


Props to give:
OTHjovana: 18
CareMikaelson: 12
tonyziva1234: 3
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