wachumba wa tevevisheni Describe your inayopendelewa couples in as few words as possible

Sparky04 posted on Mar 22, 2011 at 01:57PM
Make a list ofsome of your favorite couples, now describe each couple using as few words as possible.
1.Doctor/Rose- star crossed ;), loyal, cute, heartbreaking
2.Spuffy- dark, imperfect, redemption
3.Shawn/Juliet- cute, funny, flirty,
4.Booth/Bones- frustrating, adorable, opposites
5.Angela/Hodgins-weird, adorable, amazing
6.Cordelia/Angel- potential, what could have been, best friends
7. Fred/Wesley- Tragic, nerdy, cute
8. Willow/Tara- sweet, sad
9. Victor/Priya- true love, underrated
10. Xander/Anya- funny, sad

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Jeffersonian said…
Okay, I'll bite and answer oh and mismatched is basically my way of saying huge age difference

1) Gormes-opposites, unexpected, angsty
2) Fitch/Sanchez- quirky, mismatched, adorable
3) Jisbon-sweet, adorable banter
4) Jack/Claire-tragic, mismatched
5) Callen/Kensi-potential (well we don't know yet), good friends
6) Mac/Stella-Best friends, potential, epic
7) Polivia-spanning universes (all I can say)
8) Tiva-quirky, opposites
9) B&B-opposites, adorable yet unsatisfying
10) Caskett-his muse, quirky, lovable
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita RachaelF8 said…
1) Damon and Elena- Dark, amazing, hot, ansty.
2)Tony and Ziva- Opposites, adorable, quirky, flirty.
3)Brooke and Lucas-Opposites, cheery and broody, potential.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Saku15 said…
1. Derek/Stiles - protective, funny, hot
2. Klaus/Caroline - romantic
3. Damon and Bonnie - romantic and deep
4. Merlin and Morgana - magical, romantic,
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Albiee said…
I'll Only Do My Top 5, Otherwise, I'll Be Here For Days! ;)
(1) Lucas & Peyton; True Love Always
(2) Ryan & Marissa; Until Death Do Us Part
(3) Neal & Sara; Opposites Attract
(4) Nathan & Haley; Always & Forever
(5) Barney & Robin; Bromance

So I've Done It Different To Everyone Else, But To Me, This Is How I Would Describe My Favourite Couples ;)