wachumba wa tevevisheni inayopendelewa "epic" couple?♥

Pick one:
Nathan and Haley [One mti Hill]
Lucas and Peyton [One mti Hill]
Carrie and Big [Sex and the City]
Mike and Susan [Desperate Housewives]
Ross and Rachel [Friends]
Chuck and Blair [Gossip Girl]
Rufus and Lily [Gossip Girl]
Freddie and Effy [Skins]
Logan and Veronica [Veronica Mars]
Felicity and Ben [Felicity]
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Jim & Pam [The Office]
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Kate and Jack [Lost]
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Desmond and Penny [Lost]
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Buffy and Angel [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
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Lucas and Peyton [OTH], Nathan and Haley [OTH], & Chuck and Blair [Gossip Girl]
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Monica et Chandler
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Sydney and Vaughn
Naley, Leyton, LoVe, Ross& amp; Rachel
Naley, Leyton, LoVe, Ross&Rachel
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Luke & Lorelai
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Buffy & Spike
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Mark & Lexie
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Seth and Summer (The O.C)
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Damon & Elena ( The Vampire Diaries ) ♥
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