TV Male Characters TV Male Characters 10in10 ikoni Contest [Round 10 - OPEN - FREE ROUND Deadline 1/12]

twilighter4evr posted on Sep 02, 2013 at 07:52PM
Upon request I have decided to start the 10in10 again :)

Part#1: Introduction
First things first, I'm going to explain the rules. Now if you are new to this keep reading, if you already know how it goes then just skip this part and move to Part#2.
Alright, this contest is not like normal icon contests; in normal ones you only submit 1 icon, here you have to submit 10. Don't worry, you have 10 days so take your time. If you want to sign up, just tell me by replying to this forum. Now the icons are divided into 3 parts.
Part 1: Themes (I will give you a theme for every single icon of your first part, which are 4 icons. eg; blue, love, dark, hair)
Part 2: Category icons (I will give you one theme for your next 3 icons. eg; black & white, one color)
Part 3: Artist's Choice icons (3 icons of your choice)

Once again, you have 10 days so do not rush, take your time, make some awesome icons. And Remember, every Round has different themes for both Category icons and Theme icons.

Part#2: Props Ranking
Participation: 1 prop
Theme winners: 2 props for each theme
Category winners: 3 props
Artist's choice winners: 3 props

Part#3: Reminders
Some rules are the same in most other contests, here are some reminders:
1. NO STEALING You have to make the icons, not just get them from any user/website/club.
2. Icons do not have to be a particular size, but they have to be squared.
3. No animated icons (GIFs).
4. No repeated icons or same icons as before with different effects.
5. Do not vote for yourself (I will be checking)

And P.S. inform me if you want to change any icon before the deadline because I may not notice it

Round 1 Themes:
1.Name: Winner - twilighter4evr
2.Border: Winner - jake_rose_4ever
3.Smile: Winner - KarinaCullen
4.+1 Character: Winner - twilighter4evr
Category: Season 1: Winner - twilighter4evr
Artist's Choice: Winner - KarinaCullen

Round 2 Themes:
1.Center: Winner - KarinaCullen
2.Blue: Winner - KarinaCullen
3.Day: Winner - jake_rose_4ever
4.Negative Space: Winner - KarinaCullen
Category: Black & White: Winner - jake_rose_4ever
Artist's Choice: Winner - KarinaCullen & twilighter4evr

Round 3 Themes:
1.Sad: Winner - KarinaCullen
2.Circle: Winner - KarinaCullen & twilighter4evr
3.Fall: Winner - KarinaCullen
4.Close Up: Winner - KarinaCullen
Category: Latest Episode: Winner - twilighter4evr
Artist's Choice: Winner - KarinaCullen

Round 4 Themes:
1.Laughing: Winner - twilighter4evr
2.Left: Winner - KarinaCullen
3.Sudden: Winner - KarinaCullen
4.Night: Winner - KarinaCullen
Category: Favorite Quotes: Winner - twilighter4evr
Artist's Choice: Winner - CareMikaelson

Round 5 Themes:
1.Halloween: Winner - KarinaCullen
2.Fear: Winner - KarinaCullen
3.Texture: Winner - Stelenavamp
4.Far Away: Winner - Stelenavamp
Category: Song Lyrics: Winner - KarinaCullen
Artist's Choice: Winner - Stelenavamp

Round 6 Themes:
1.Boost Effect: Winner - Stelenavamp
2.Red: Winner - KarinaCullen
3.Outside: Winner - Stelenavamp
4.Eyes Closed: Winner - Stelenavamp
Category: Same Screencap, Different Effect: Winner - Stelenavamp
Artist's Choice: Winner - Stelenavamp

Round 7 Themes:
1.Thankful: Winner - CareMikaelson
2.White: Winner - sun_shine
3.Color Focus: Winner - CareMikaelson
4.Looking Up: Winner - CareMikaelson & sun_shine
Category: Family: Winner - sun_shine
Artist's Choice: Winner - CareMikaelson & twilighter4evr

Round 8 Themes:
1.Spite: Winner - CareMikaelson
2.Black & White Focus: Winner - KarinaCullen
3.Hug: Winner - carambolas
4.Worried: Winner - KarinaCullen
Category: Winter Colors: Winner - KarinaCullen
Artist's Choice: Winner -CareMikaelson & KarinaCullen

Round 9 Themes:
1.Death: Winner -
2.Eyes: Winner -
3.Full Body: Winner -
4.Relaxed: Winner -
Category: In a Suit: Winner -
Artist's Choice: Winner -

Round 10 Themes: FREE ROUND
1.Best Kiss:
3.2014: [your pov]
4.2013 Character: [from a show that premiered in 2013]
Category: Best Scenes of 2013: [3 icons]
Artist's Choice: [3 icons of your choice]

Deadline: 1/12

Round 8 Signups:
CareMikaelson (Damon) COMPLETED
carambolas (Tim Riggins) COMPLETED
KarinaCullen (Oliver Queen) COMPLETED

Round 9 Signups:
KarinaCullen (Elijah Mikaelson) COMPLETED
carambolas (Damon Salvatore) COMPLETED
Stelenavamp (Dean Winchester) COMPLETED

Round 10 Signups: -FREE ROUND-
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