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Mafuatano ya Twilight Swali

Who wants to take part in a Twilight Study?

Hello female mashabiki of the Twilight book series! We are inviting wewe to take part in an online study that investigates your general attitudes and beliefs about the characters in the book and about your own life and relationships. The survey will take about 20-30 dakika to complete. To participate, wewe must meet the following requirements:
1. wewe are female
2. wewe are currently romantically attached (i.e. wewe are dating someone, in a relationship, au married).
3. wewe have read all four Twilight series vitabu at least once.
4. wewe have proficiency in the English language.

If wewe meet the above requirements, we invite wewe to follow this link to participate link. Please feel free to share this link with other female Twilight mashabiki that wewe know that meet the above criteria.

If wewe have any maswali au maoni regarding the study au would like zaidi information, please barua pepe Melinda morgan at mmorg008@uottawa.ca

Melinda Morgan, M.A.
Andrew Lumb, M.A.
Celine Blanchard, PhD

School of Psychology
chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha of Ottawa

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Mafuatano ya Twilight Majibu

18marra said:
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Thanks so much!! :)
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