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who do wewe think looks like Renesmee??

Yeah i know they already picked an actress for breaking dawn to be Nessie, Mackenzie foy ( btw, sorry if i spelt it wrong... i'm tired.. :P )

buuttttt i was wondering if anybody thought somebody else looked like nessie... like what people pictured her to look like in breaking dawn... au atleast a close look alike to it. and please try not to put celeb pics for answers.... i know bella thorne looked sorta like ness when she was younger but she dosent anymore. she's 13 people and her hair isnt the same. and to be honest i dont think any known person looks anything like the renesmee i pictured. sooo anybody wewe know au maybe even you, or... i guess a celeb... though thats not the answer i'm searching for... soooo who do wewe think looks like her? ( either post a pic here au send a link, please and thank wewe ) and then send me a message and au maoni of who out of everbodys pics looks like nessie and i'll leave a maoni of who most people pick. this contest is just for fun though, wewe dont really get anything... well heshima but thats all.... this ends. january 10th of 2011... good luck :)
 Nessie252 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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renesmee567 said:
bella thorne
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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