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Which vampire has the most tragic story?

 ded99 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Renesmee_08 said:
Most of the Cullens. Let me tell wewe why:

• Rosalie only wanted to have pretty babies, and "a husband to kiss her when he came home." She wanted to have a happy ending. Even now it doesn't seem like much to have asked for.

• Carlisle became separated from his father, because of what he had become. Now, he's a very successful doctor, who saves lives each and every day. He's very compassionate.

• Esme was abused and mistreated kwa her human husband. When she discovered she was pregnant she was happy. When her newborn baby died a few days later, Esme, entirely consumed kwa grief, jumped off a cliff, only to be saved kwa Carlisle, who married her.

• Edward. He had no desire to become a vampire. When he was dying of the Spanish Influenza he was changed kwa Carlisle at his mother's request. Horrified, he rebelled against Carlisle and Esme. Edward killed Esme's husband and other evildoers during this period. Even now, he feels regret and remorse for what he did.

• Jasper. He joined the confederate army during the1800s. It was in Mexico when he was changed kwa Maria, a woman who created Wanyonya damu to gain zaidi territory and power. He only wanted to help her. Fooled kwa Maria's beauty and "love" for him, he killed many other vampires, who were of no use to Maria.

• Alice. Since she,unlike the rest of the Cullens has no memory of her human life, au transformation, she can't remember anything, but her full name. Born in 1901, Mary Alice Brandon was sent to an asylum at an early age when her family discovered she had visions of the future, while human. Inside of the asylum, Alice was changed, kwa an unknown staff member because she was being pursued kwa James, a vampire tracker who many years later,would hunt Bella, Alice's sister-in-law and Edward's wife.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
voted your answer as best answer.couldn't agree with wewe zaidi
ebcullen4ever posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
luvAlec said:
I believe the vampire, au in this case, vampires, with the most tragic pasts are Alec and Jane. I mean, the town tried to burn them, when they were 12 au 13, at stake, for being witches, when they just had super abilities that would make them the 2 most powerful Wanyonya damu in the entire world!
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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