**NOTE this is a mini book i am writing, based off of breaking dawn. This is placed in the time that renesmee is now 14. This book is not only filled with the relattionship between renesmee and jacob, but the action will volturi, and possibly another boy. It focuses on all aspects of her life

Chapter 11: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn.

I woke up early in the morning, surpised i had slept so well. Although it was still dark, so i should probaly sleep as well i as possibly could. I turned on my other side and to my surprise somebody was there..

"Jacob?" We spoke in hushed tones.

I could see his smile through the moonlit darkness "Sorry for crashing your sleepover!"

I smiled, "How did wewe manage to get in here without-"

"You left your window open..It's really not salama wewe know, someone could've gotten in.. oh wait." he laughed quietly

I nudged him lightly "So leaving my window open was an invintation?"

"I can leave.." He alisema starting to get up

"No!" I whispered grabbing his hand, "Stay"

"That's what i thought" He wrapped his arms around me, "It's still early, get some rest"

I fell asleep within the warmth of his embrace. It felt comforting having Jacob there, as if all my worries had gone away. It seemed as if he had just as much of power of me as Jasper did. I let my eyelids fall heavy as i drifted away....

The morning light shone in the room. I unwrapped myself from Jacob careful not to wake him. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth and did my hair.

I listened for a moment, was jasper gone? well someone was still surely here. I doubt they knew about Jacob.

I proceeded back into my room, got dressed and finaly closed that window. I heard Jacob wake, I swiftly walked over to him;

"Good morning" I alisema with a smile. "Sleep well?"

"Better then ever really.." He alisema with a small chuckle

"I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No, your fine" He reasured me.

I sat down beside where he laid, "Alice dosn't know your here.. does she?"

"And let me ruin her girls night, of course she dosn't.. But i assume she'll figure it out sooner au later"

I sighed, "I guess so.. " He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. Again it felt perfect, right, like we were meant to be. I don't think i'll ever get used to that feeling.

I smiled, "I better go let alice know im still alive". He nodded and i made my way out of the room.

"Hey alice!"

"Hey renesmee, Did wewe have a goo-" She lightly wrinkled her nose.. "Renesmee, no offense, but wewe smell like dog.."

I heard Jacob step out behind me, "Guilty" He alisema sarcasticly raising his hand as if on trial, although he might be pretty close to it.

"You! what are wewe doing here?!"

"Just here for her" He alisema smiling while hugging me, i rolled my eyes lightly.

She threw him a scowl and then focused back on me,

"Jasper is with your parents now discussing where you'll be, and the others are preparing, I was going to wait here with wewe but seeing as we have..." She threw a look at Jacob "Someone else, wewe should be fine."
"I probaly won't see wewe until after the fight." She gave me a hug and waved bye as she exited out the driveway.

I turned to jacob;

"She took that better then expected..."

"She probaly would've alisema zaidi if wewe weren't here.. and i'll probly hear about it from your mother and father but-"


"But your worth it" He added.

I couldn't stop thinking about what was to come. I was worried, nothing could calm me down now. My stomach twisted just at the thought of it. I sat there with Jacob, then my phone rang. I answered it;`


"Hey, we figured we might as well ask wewe because Jacob won't listen to us.." I heard seth say.
I smiled, Jacob was stubburn. "What do'ya need?" I asked lightly

"It's almost time... and we thought we should go over de-"

"Oh yes, give me five minutes"

"Great, thanks!"
I hung up the phone and turned to Jacob who was sitting right inayofuata to me;

"Who was that?"

"That was seth, Jacob i think it's time for wewe to go" I alisema smiling,

"Oh, is that what they wanted? Why didn't they just talk to me.."

"Because your unreasonable" I sighed "But they figured wewe couldn't deny if i asked"

Jacob looked at me, and then shook his head. "I Need a new pack.. using my weaknesses against me now" He alisema smiling. "But i can't leave wewe alone.."

"I won't be, my parents will be here sure enough and then i'll be on my way."

"You'll be safe?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes, but i do wish i could say the same about everybody else.."

He looked at me, "No renesmee, don't start blaming this on yourself now" I nodded solemly. He looked at me for a moment, "If im leaving you, then i have some rules. Just stay wherever thier taking you, whatever wewe do do not make contact, with anyone. Until one of us comes and please, just stay safe."... "It won't take me long to get there" He added

I smiled at the meaning behind it. What he really meant was don't do anything stupid because i will come get you.

"Okay, stay put, don't make contact and don't try anything, right?"

He smiled and pulled me into an embrace, "Mmmhm"
My phone rang;

"Renesmee?" My fathers voice rang


"We'll be there in a minute, we will meet wewe in the car. Everything is set, See wewe then"

The phone hung up. I grabbed my purse, put on my shoes and headed out the door. Jacob followed closley after

"Wait!" He called I stopped for a moment, He pulled me in and kissed me, "Goodb-"

I stopped him; "Jacob please don't say goodbye, because this isn't it. You'll be back, and so will I, right?"

He smiled and kissed the juu of my head "Right."

I heard the sound of gravel songesha under the tires of my parents car as they pulled up into the driveway. Jacob hugged me once zaidi before leaving for the others. I quietly stepped into the car, i felt the tension, the worry between my parents although they tried thier best to hide it from me.

I smiled lightly; "I'm not too worried" i alisema trying to brighten the mood.

My father drove carefully as we exited the small town of forks; He turned and smiled at me.
"Renesmee, dear, there is nothing at all to worry about."

My mother smoothed my hair and gave me a reassuring pat; "Everything will be fine. It will be over before wewe know it.."

Thier words semmed as if they were convincing themselves as well. But i mustn't worry them zaidi kwa being anxious. I tried to close my eyes, get some rest while on the way to wherever i was going.

I kept seeiing images, the Mbwa mwitu loups , my family. I decided to not sleep anymore, i suddenly felt sick, i couldn't take the pressure. I have to put on a brave face, i must..

We drove for hours on end. The scilence was almost comforting, there were no goodbyes. I stared out my window as we passed city, through city, i wondered where they were taking me, although i did not ask.

Despite my resent of sleeping, my eyelids fell heavy over my eyes as the siku progressed. With the light rocking of the car i fell asleep. I woke up the inayofuata morning and I looked around, the city was filled with brightlights and flashy signs. And of course; a Starbucks on every corner.

Everything was so alive, although it didn't cheer me up. I was stuck in a never ending lop of anxiousness and worry, all because of some stupid bratty teenage mbwa mwitu named Alex.

I carefully stepped out of the door as we pulled up to a hotel. The hotel was overly exagerated and most likely very expensive. As we stepped inside, i felt annoyance build inside of me; The lobby was lavish. Chandiliers covered the cieling, silk on the curtains and the guests.

An overly sized lobby, with dramitcly dressed workers. It was like one of thoose hotels wewe see in cheesey musicals, au movies. I turned around slightly, just enough to catch the attention of my parents.

"Renesmee" My mother said, slipping away from my father as he spoke to the manager. "Trust me, not my first choice either" She alisema smiling "But you'll be out of here soon enough"

I slowly nodded and walked a little father into the lobby. There were couches facing eachother infront of a expensive looking coffee table; which surely nobody would dare put coffee on. Everything was a bit over the top.

".. Thank-you" I heard my father say towards me. They each hugged and kissed me goodbye, then left the hotel.

inayofuata thing i knew a manager popped out from behind the desk. He was very stressful looking, he was partialy bald and looked like a workaholic.

He carefully blotted his face, walking over to me nervously;

" Ms, ms.." He alisema stalling, attempting to remember my name, he was quite a character.

"Cullen" I alisema smiling, "Renesmee Cullen".

"Ah! right! so sorry about that Ms. Cullen! Come along with me"

He was quite rambly and jitterish. But i would be too if i had to work here. He led me over to the elevator where he called one of his workers to escort me to my room. The worker quickly put down what he was doing and made his way over.

"Oh that's fine, i could very well find my own way.." I protested.

"I insist. I had direct orders to have wewe escorted to and from, as well as security. I mean with a father as important as yours.. i would be cautious as well! They have been here many times before, i remember when wewe were just small, a baby really. I still had my hair then.."

Escorted? I thought. How muchdanger could i be in thousands of miles away? I let his rambling fade to the backround, not out of rudeness, but rather lack of interest. This kengele boy led me into the elevator and pushed one of the billion buttons. The doors slowly shut as we raised up. The elevator was filled with mirrors, as well as a small silk curtain atached on either side of the door. I shook my head dissaprovingly,

"Is somthing wrrong ma'am?" The boy asked polietly, He couldnt've been older then 19.

"I just don't take to, expensive au excessive items. That's my family wewe see.. But myself, I'd rather be at a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere."

He grinned and soon that grin turned into a full blowen smile with a laugh.

"May i ask wewe what is so funny?" I asked perplexed

"Just wait until wewe see your room -er... suite."

I rolled my eyes and let a sigh out, The large doors opened as we reached the juu floor. He carefully led me down the hall to the room at the very end. The first thing i noticed was the doors, larger then the others. Then i noticed the suite name; Presidential Suite.

I grunted in exasperation as he slipped my card into my hand.

"Im sure wewe can find your way around in there.. there will be security guards between 9 pm and 2 pm. There will be two differnt ones switching shifts. Have a goodnight Ms Cullen"

I nodded, "Thank you" I saw him about to walk away "Wait!" I called, He turned around and walked back towards me. "Is there anyway that we could cancel the secuirty? I should be able to care for my self.."

"No ma'am i am sorry, strict orders.."

II bit my lip, "Could wewe at least stall them until midnight? I hate being watched, as if i am a child again.." He saw my fustration and agreed,"Thanks" I called.

I slipped two one hundred bills into his uniform pocket and slowly entered my room. I didn't like to use bribery to get around, but that's how my family does it. What's another few hours of privacy? I closed the door behind me and stared, wide eyes at the room.

I dropped my bag on the floor and shook my head.
"Oh my!"

The room looked like a room of royalty. Silk curtains, feather beds..It was all too overwhelming. I woudl Much rather the cheap hotel.. but i mustn't complain.

If Was this is what my family thinks best, then i sha'll do so.. Maybe i'd go check out the town.. Was i allowed to leave? au would i have to be escorted? Ugh. I hated that word. I carefully picked up my bag and went through the living room area and into the bedroom.

I sat infront of the dresser drawers and slowly opened the dhahabu knob. I placed my clothing in there and turned back to the door.

I wondered where i even was.. It was such a long car ride.. Just over a siku i would say. Headed back into the living room and stared at the furniture for a moment before sitting down.

I looked around and then spotted the romote and searched for the local news channel, AH! there it is!I saw a tall woman with a brown koti, jacket on, reporting the latest news into the microphone, "..And that is it for the 8'clock Chicago news!.."

"Chigaco?" I whispered to myself. I did the math in my head, I was about 1700 miles away from home. We were then most likely driving for a a siku and 4 to 6 hours.

That meant that the fight should be happening in 4 hours time; Midnight.