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Hi everyone!!! I am SO SO SO SORRY for not posting part two of Cold Roses sooner. When I finished part one last year, school kicked in a week later and I've been bombarded with homework and projects ever since. I hope wewe guys can forgive me for the wait. Now that vacation has started for me, I can get to work finishing the sekunde part of Cold Roses! Yay! :D I do hope wewe all enjoy this first chapter. Please do comment. If wewe have any thoughts to share, I'd upendo to hear them. Again, sorry for the wait. Enjoy! (P.S. if this is your first time kusoma Cold Roses, wewe may want to read part 1 first. wewe can find those makala in the vipendwa section of my profile. Thanks!) Thanks SO SO much for kusoma everyone, and have a Happy Memorial siku Weekend! Don't forget to remember our soldiers!
Eighteen Years Later.....
Rain drizzled lightly outside, creating a tapping noise on the window sills of the Blacks’ residence. It was not, however, Billy and Jake’s home, but Summer and Jake’s home. After their honeymoon, they took up residence in a moderately sized nyumbani in La Push. Every so often, the family would take some time to see the Cullens, as well as Jake’s dad; he adored his little grandkids. Well, actually, the kids weren’t so little any longer. Chloe, who was now 21, was advancing in her double-minor at a nearby university, while Anakin was 18 and about to graduate as valedictorian of his class. There were two zaidi kids, though: Aidan and Caleb. These boys were twins born to Jake and Summer after two years of marriage. It had been eighteen years of marriage now, and the boys were a couple of wild teenaged crossovers. Aiden and Caleb had only recently found out that they could shift-shape into mtu-bweha like their father, but they lived off of animal blood like their mother; they were truly intriguing hybrids.
The rain continued to pour at a heavier rate kwa the minute. Aiden and Caleb swiftly ran into the house to avoid being lectured kwa Summer and possibly Jake, too.

Anakin was playing chess on his laptop while lounging on a long, red sofa in the neatly organized and well-decorated parlor of the house. Chloe was studying for her semester finals because Summer told her to never “wing” a test, even though she was zaidi than capable of doing so. Jake and Summer were in the dining room budgeting their funds. Over the past eighteen years, Jake had managed to gain a college degree and become a part-time construction contractor. Summer also achieved fulfilling success in her career endeavors; she was now an assault lawyer for battered women. Combined, this pair was perfectly capable of providing for themselves and their children, and, for the most part, the couple made great parents, but they also had to set down the law at some point in time.

“Aiden? Caleb?” Summer’s aggravated tone echoed through the house. Aiden and Caleb stopped dead in their tracks. If your mom was half-vampire, wewe knew that tiptoeing didn’t help your cause at all. “Yeah, mom?” Caleb answered nervously. Summer gracefully walked over to the staircase and placed a delicate hand on the railing. She was dressed in a floral blue sundress and wore her flowing hair in two French braids. Her stunning wedding ring sparkled off her perfect porcelain, tiled skin. Summer looked up to stare straight at Aiden and Caleb. Her eyes expressed great disappointment, “Boys, what did I tell wewe all about staying out late after school? wewe all are dripping wet because wewe paid no attention to the weather outside. The carpet wewe all are standing on was not an easy check to write, wewe know.” Summer always played the finances card on them, even though finances were never an actual concern.

Aiden stared down at his soaked feet, “Mom, we’re really sorry. We didn’t mean it. wewe know how it is when wewe get—“ “Caught up with girls?” Summer interrupted casually. The twins blushed. The “girls” weren’t girlfriends, nor were they “imprintees.” All the girls loved Aiden and Caleb, primarily because they were blessed with good looks and superhuman strength. It was just so hard for them to ignore all the attention they received from the girls at school.

“Mom,” Caleb whined, “we’re sixteen.” “Exactly,” Summer nodded in affirmation, “thus proving my point: wewe all are immature and naïve.” The boys rolled their eyes, but regretted reacting so soon after. Summer raised an eyebrow, “I don’t like sarcasm, and I especially don’t like the eye-rolling gig. Go upstairs and change, then do your homework. Don’t disturb your sister, please. She’s studying for her upcoming exams, and I expect wewe all to do the same. Don’t forget, inayofuata week is the week of your final examinations, and I at least want wewe all to look over your review sheets, rather than take ungrateful advantage over your abilities.” Aiden and Caleb mournfully trudged up the steps.

“Oh, kwa the way,” Summer turned around and added, “you all are grounded for three days.” Their jaws dropped, “What? Why? But…” “You heard her, fellas,” Jake alisema as he walked to Summer’s side, “you all have been coming nyumbani much to late lately, and wewe have paid no attention to our requests, so wewe guys will just need to learn the hard way.” The boys pouted, “Fine.” Aiden mumbled. Caleb nodded in agreement. They made their way into their room and shut the door. Summer sighed, “They just never like to listen, do they?” Jake kissed her forehead and tilted her chin upward, “They’re teenage boys, sweetheart. Would wewe really expect anything less?” She smirked, “Yes, because Ani never disobeyed the way they do.” Anakin looked up from his chess game and smiled, “Probably because I don’t have dad’s genetic make-up.”

Summer had told Anakin that Jake wasn’t his biological father, but she had never mentioned Aro specifically, nor had she mentioned the Volturi clan. Jake laughed, “I agree, son. Us Mbwa mwitu loups aren’t nearly as good tempered and obedient as wewe vampires.” He was obviously joking. Summer playfully pushed Jake, “Got that right, darling. We know good advice when we hear it. Of course, whoever advised Wanyonya damu to drink human blood deserves to be mauled apart.”

All three of them laughed, but Summer’s mind involuntarily returned to thoughts about the Volturi and what Caius and Marcus told her to do when Ani turned eighteen. They specifically struck a deal on the subject. She and Jake would tell Ani about his deceased father, Aro, and his connection with the Volturi clan. Then, she and Jake would spend a week in Volterra with Ani and the Volturi. After that week, Ani would decide whether au not he would like to assume Aro’s former role in the clan. Summer’s moyo ached. It was the worst compromise she had ever agreed to. Jake smoothed back her braids and stared at her lovingly in the eyes, “What’s wrong?” Summer rested her head on his chest and embraced him affectionately. It was her silent way of telling him what she was thinking.

Before long, Jake caught on. Summer wrapped her shield around the two of them to mentally Converse with Jake. “When should we tell him?” Summer asked; fear infused every one of her words. Jake bit his lip in thought, “They alisema that we had to tell him when he turns eighteen. It’s already been a few months after his eighteenth birthday. If we don’t tell him soon, they may feel the need to take ‘drastic measures.’” Jake growled internally at the thought. He remembered all the trouble the Volturi had caused when he imprinted on Summer. He learned not to underestimate them, because they would fight until they received what they want. Thankfully, Jake was also a fighter, and he didn’t give up on rescuing Summer from Aro. He dearly wanted to fight the Volturi for trying to take away his son now, but he wasn’t capable to do so because of the lives he might risk. It was uncertain what drastic measures the Volturi might take if he harassed them again.

“Jake?” Summer called him out of his whirlwind thoughts. “Sorry,” Jake hugged her and tried to smile, “Honey, I think we should tell him after inayofuata week, so we’ll be able to escort him to Volterra the week we tell him.” Summer didn’t want to seem disappointed, but she was. Must they tell him so soon? She wanted zaidi time to spend with her little Ani before potentially giving him away to a pack of merciless brutes. “Okay,” Summer sighed and retracted her shield and began to walk into the kitchen. Jake caught her kwa the hand and pulled her close to him once more. He cuddled her closely, “We won’t need to say goodbye to anyone, especially our Anakin,” He whispered. Summer hung onto Jake’s neck and stood on her toes to kiss his warm cheek. He took her face into one of his hands and caressed her skin. Slowly, he leaned in closer to Summer. He passionately fondled her lips with his. Summer giggled with content. That giggle always got him, even after eighteen years of marriage. Jake smiled from ear to ear and laughed along with his gorgeous wife. He loved her zaidi than he could ever upendo himself. Jake couldn’t kubeba to think about anything happening to her that would keep her away from him.

Suddenly, something interrupted Jake and Summer’s romantic moment. There was a knock at the door. Summer unwillingly broke away from Jake’s tight embrace, “I’ll be right back, love.” Jake watched as Summer walked toward the front door in the main hallway. They already knew who was waiting outside. Summer opened the door and gave a dazzling smile to the pack of guys standing in front of her, “Hey guys! Come on in.” Sam, Quil, Embry, and Paul greeted Summer with hugs. “We just dropped kwa to discuss a few minor things with Jake, Summer,” Paul informed, “I hope we didn’t interrupt anything.” Summer laughed, “Since when do we care if wewe all interrupt us? It’s no trouble at all, guys. Make yourselves at home, because it partly is your home. Jake, I’m going to get the mail.” “Alright, love.” Jake called from the back of the house. Summer stepped out into the inviting sunshine and breathed in the summer breeze. The tall green oaks swayed in the wind as the soft clouds eased their way across the glistening blue sky. Today was the picturesque summer day.

Summer walked down the long, curved driveway until she reached a black and red mailbox. She opened it up and took out the mail. She flipped through the bill until a mysterious package caught her attention. The cardboard box was about six inches and length and barely two inches wide. Summer closely examined its exterior. There was no return address on it. Quickly, she carelessly dropped the letters onto the pavement and clawed open the box. She gasped aloud when she finally opened it. She let the box fall from her trembling hands. It hit the ground with a light clatter. The juu flaps of the box flew open and revealed two layers of white tissue paper covering something small and gold. It was the diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped locket that Aro had aliyopewa to Summer before they were married. Summer stifled a scream with her hand and cautiously bent down to inspect the remainder of the box. Her face was evidently panic stricken.

She felt around the inside of the cardboard until she caught hold of a small index card. She removed the card and secured it as tightly as she could in her shaking hand. A short word message was written in stunning calligraphy on the piece of paper: “Forty-eight hours. We’re expecting you.” Summer breathed heavily. She gathered the box, the locket, and the mail in a messy fashion. She burst through the front door with incredible agility.

Anakin looked up at her in confusion. He walked over to the living room where his dad and the guys were talking. Summer rushed in and handed Jake the card. He stared at it, puzzled, “What is it, Summer? wewe look nervous, honey. Sit down.” He gestured to the empty kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to him. Summer sat, but she was still restless, “Please read it Jake.” Jake read the short message, anger welling up within him. Summer explained how she received the note. The pack looked at each other in speculation. They were all wondering the same thing: was this a threat? It was impossible to tell kwa the message itself, but everyone knew who most likely sent the message. Summer quietly placed the shimmering pendant in Jake’s palm. He stared at it in disgust. He had seen it before, when he first met Summer. He knew who gave it to her, also. He instinctively crushed the piece of jewelry with his hand. Summer looked at all the faces in the room, including her son. He was standing in silence as he watched havoc ensue, but he had no clue what was going on. Summer walked over to him and gave him a loving motherly squeeze. He rested his head on her shoulder. “Jake,” she addressed without looking at him, “it’s time. We can’t risk this any longer.” The sorrow in her voice rang through the stiff air. “We’ll let the Cullens know.” Sam assured her. Jake stood and embraced both his wife and son. Jake and Summer had to wonder about the future; which path would their son choose, and would they be able to convince him not to take his rightful place in the Volturi?
Thanks for reading! Please maoni if wewe like :-) upendo wewe guys! <3
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