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posted by ISABELLA92
Jasper’s POV
“Hello.” I alisema gruffly.
“Where are you?” my mother barked.
“At Alice’s.” I said.
“I told wewe to be nyumbani kwa ten and it’s ten and you’re not here.” My mother yelled.
“I forgot. Can’t I spend a little zaidi time with Alice?” I asked.
“No, wewe have school tomorrow.” My mother hissed.
“I’m on my way.” I alisema defeated and disappointed. I hung up and turned to see Alice’s angelic face.
“You have to go home.” She said.
“Yea, Mom beckoned me home. She says we have school tomorrow.” I said.
“Okay. See wewe tomorrow, Jazzie.” Alice alisema before planting a wet kiss on my lips. Alice walked me to the door and watched as I left. I sped nyumbani to make sure I arrived not too late. When I pulled into the drive, the light was on outside. I ran inside to be greeted kwa my mother.
“15 dakika late.” My mother tsked.
“Sorry ma’am. I forgot.” I said.
“Like wewe forgot to go to work? Your employer called to find out why wewe never showed.” My mother shouted.
“Mom, I’m sorry.” I alisema because I couldn’t tell her the truth. She’d think Alice was crazy.
“You’re sorry? That’s all wewe have to say. After I left that girl live here, this is how wewe repay your father and I. We took her in no maswali asked. Are wewe two sleeping together? Is that your problem? That girl is changing wewe Jasper. wewe used to be so punctual and no we’re lucky if you’re an saa late. Jasper Hayden Whitlock, wewe tell me the truth, are wewe and that girl sleeping together?” my mother was a bright red.
“No ma’am we’re not. I promise.” I alisema quietly.
“Get to bed, wewe have school tomorrow.” My mother alisema dismissing me. I ran upstairs to my room and got into bed. I grabbed my phone and texted Alice.
    Hey babe.
    Hey. Are wewe in trouble?
    Not a lot. Mom freaked and thought we were sleeping together.
    Oh. Sorry I got wewe in big trouble. I’m sure your mother hates me now. What’d she say?
    Not much. Told me she knew I’d skipped out on work and wanted to know why. Of course I just apologized and she sent me to bed.
    Wow. Sounds bad.
    It wasn’t too bad.
    I’m still sorry.
    No worries Ali cat.
    I’m tired so I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams.
    You too, darling. I upendo you.
    I upendo wewe more.
    Not possible.
I fell asleep shortly after and woke to the sun shining in my window. I crawled out of kitanda and into some jeans and a t-shirt. I grabbed shoes and went downstairs to eat something before I went to school. I grabbed a pop tart and headed out. When I arrived at school I instantly looked for Alice’s shiny black BMW. When she stepped out, my jaw dropped. She was dressed in a grey dress with a thick black ukanda and black heels. She had pink tights on too. She walked towards me and I wrapped my arms around her protectively.
“You look gorgeous, babe.” I alisema awe-struck.
“Is it too much?” she asked quietly.
“No, wewe look perfect.” I alisema grabbing my school bag. Alice took my hand and we walked into the school. As we walked down the halls I noticed Alice focused on her shoes.
“Jazzie, are wewe mad at me?” Alice asked when we stopped at her locker.
“No. Never. Why?” I asked perplexed.
“Just curious.” Alice alisema grabbing her Chem book. I took her hand in mine.
“Mary Alice Brandon, I upendo wewe and nothing could stop that. Unless of course wewe wanted to mgawanyiko, baidisha ways and have someone else.” I alisema putting my forehead against hers.
“Oh Jazzie, you’re too good for me.” Alice cooed kissing me briefly.
“I mean it.” I alisema sweetly.
“I know.” Alice alisema grabbing my hand and heading towards her Chem class. I watched as she sat down inayofuata to her partner, Edward Masen. Then I made my way to Pre-Cal.
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