Here's chapter 6 :)
Seth's Pov
I watched as Hala in mbwa mwitu form angrily ripped that vampire from limbs. I knew she was wounded messed up vision in her right eye. Broken ribs and I didn’t do anything. I was shocked. After Hala killed the vampire she wined realized what she did. She thought as herself as a killer a murder not the person she was. I walked inayofuata to her licking her cut on her right eye as she flinched at the pain inaonyesha her the memories on siku at the beach, pwani and earlier today. She was smiling licking my cheek. She looked back me “Look I can see again!” She was happy and jumping around. She hung her tongue and made a Wolfe smile causing everyone to laugh.
“The fast healing power we have.” I explained. “We should going for a run.” She suggested walking to the forest I nodded and looked at Edward “We’ll be back in an saa au two.” “Have fun.” Before we left Embry gave us clothes in case and threaten “Don’t try anything Clearwater.” Hala took her paw and hit her chest and sticking her tongue at him “Duh!” I nodded and Hala pulled my ear kwa her bright white razor teeth “Let’s go I want spend time with you.” I smiled as we ran through the forest happy together.
Embry’s Pov
After Seth and my little sister left to spend time together everyone went to the Cullen house. I took Natalia to our house and sat on the kitanda cuddling up together. I loved Natalia so much she was everything to me, my world, and my life. She was so beautiful. Her long beautiful brown hair and her dazzling yellow eyes and her short fair pale skin body. She leaned her head on my chest sliding her hand into mine “Eu te amo” Means ‘I upendo you’ in Brazilian I smiled squeezing her hand “kwopkalawo’li” I felt bad I want to give her so much but I can’t. I’m afraid that I’ll hurt her. I heard her stomach growl and her giggling “I’m going to make something to eat wewe want some?”
I shook my head “No but I want some of you!” Her eyes got wide and she started running around the house. I chased after her “I’m coming!” She was laughed while ran in our room shutting the door. I caught the door before it shut. She squealed when I tickled her. She was yelling “N…O…EM…BRY… STOP…!” She laughing and trying to slap my hands away. I was smiling accidentally pushing her against the wall. She looked up at me with her big beautiful yellow eyes as I stared back. I leaned my head into hers kissing her. It was the same feeling I upendo the little sparks in my body feeling. Natalia laid her warm little hands on my cheeks while kissing me back. Her touch and her tongue twisted with mine felt so good like I was in heaven.
As we kissed I slowly lead her to the bed. I gently pushed her down on the kitanda moving my lips to her jaw down to her neck. She twisted her fingers in my hair lightly moaning. I smiled against her shoulder moving to her chest. Then I realized that I was breathing hard and losing control. I pulled back looking at Natalia “I’m sorry I just can’t.” She nodded putting her arms around my neck “It’s okay at least you’re trying.” I kissed her cheek “Thank wewe for understanding.” She whispered “No problem.” Then she pulled me in the jikoni while making her famous Tacacá. Tacacá is a maarufu supu made from jambú, a type of paracress (Brazilian herb), dried shrimp, yellow pepper and tucupi, a broth made of manioc root. (Brazilian Food) We enjoyed the rest of the night.
Quil’s Pov
After like two hours Seth and Hala and Embry and Natalia left The Pack and Cullen’s were talking about Hala and the Vampire. Carlisle was worried “I hope that vampire doesn’t have friends.” Everyone nodded in agreement. “The thing is that we’re going to have to worry about Hala phasing at the High School au one of her Marafiki noticing her growth.” Sam pointed out. Clarie clarified “Well I don’t mean to be mean au anything but Hala has no friends. She’s always been alone I’ve tried to talk to her but she never listened. I guess cause after what Cody Siebon did to her. She’s been afraid to make friends.” Paul walked in wanting to hear “What he do?” Everyone wanted to listen “I’ve heard that they’ve been Marafiki since middle school and when the closest thing to mother to her died Cody and his mother took her in and let her stay with them. But people started to starting rumors so she left and stay with her a friend from the fashion place. But her and Cody did everything together they were like brother and sister until last year. Brittney the High School drama Queen had and still does have Cody wrapped her to stupid fingers. Hala only knew the reason they were going out is to hurt her and to take her best friend away. Hala threaded to tell Cody but on her birthday last mwaka Brittney and her Marafiki beat Hala.” Everyone was horrified “They nearly killed her. At the hospital the doctors alisema it was a miracle that she made it alive. But since then she doesn’t trust anyone. She’s afraid that the same thing is going to happen again.”
Everyone was shocked and Clarie whispered “Don’t say anything and don’t tell Seth he’ll get mad.” Sam had a blank face “Oh At least she’s happy with Seth and found Embry.” Everyone smiled. I grabbed Clarie’s hand “Wanna go to the beach?” The frowned turned into a smile “Yes! Yes! Let’s go!” Sam knew where we’re going and Emily yelled “Take care of my niece.” “I will.” We ran to the forest. I hid behind a kichaka taking of my clothes tiding them to my leg and phasing and Clarie climbing on my back as I ran to the La Push. I remember when Clarie was younger and I would run and run with her. I felt her squeezed my fur, manyoya lightly. We reached the beach, pwani and I got changed then ran to Clarie. We held hands as we walked down the beach. I slid my arms around her waist whispering in her ear “I upendo wewe Clarie.” I dropped us on the sand she giggled “I upendo wewe too Quil.” We watched to the waves and the sky.
I felt Clarie shiver and I pulled her body in between my legs wrapping my arms around her. She snuggled in my arms pulling her hands in mine. I smiled resting my chin on her shoulder. We sat there in silence.
Jacob’s Pov
Nessie and I stayed at the Cullen’s house. I got hungry and walked in the jikoni finding Blondie there ignoring her then finally saying “Oh hi Blondie.” She smirked “Hey dog how are you?” I searched through the refrigerator “Fine thanks for asking what about you?” She alisema with sarcasm “Oh good until I saw wewe and you’re mutts.” I laughed “Oh wewe mad because Hala killed you’re friend?” She was getting pissed “Oh wewe mean Seth’s mutt?” I heard Paul and the other growl. Edward ran in there “I wouldn’t a female dog because Hala doesn’t like wewe either and she’s not afraid of you.” Rosalie hissed “Well she should be!” I snorted and Esme walked in “Hala is such a sweet girl and I’m glad Seth found her and that she’s Embry’s brother.”
Rosalie rolled her eyes “Whatever.” Eri walked in holding hands with Brady “Can wewe at least be happy for them? wewe always pissed off and have a negative altitude. I felt like I’m in the house with She-hulk.” Everyone laughed and Rosalie yelled “DON’T COMPARE ME TO SHE-HULK!” Emmett came in smoothing her “Babe calm down at least she alisema she-hulk and not hulk.” He couldn’t stop laughing. Nessie ran in and hugged Rosalie “It’s ok Aunt Rosaile forget about it.” Rosalie smiled hugging Nessie “Thank wewe Renesmee.” Nessie came to me and hooked her arms around my neck. I grabbed her waist puller her closer kissing her. I loved her so much. My love, my imprint. I heard the phone ring inayofuata to us. I pulled away groaning and picking up the phone “Hello?”
“This is Billy.”
I smiled “Hi dad need something?”
“I heard wewe have a new girl werewolf?” He sounded happy. He loves when we have a new werewolf cause our family keeps growing and growing.
He was grabbing something “Do wewe want me to give her the tattoo?”
I almost forgot “Yeah I almost forgot. Yeah come over. hujambo dad remember Tiffany’s daughter Hala?”
“Yeah why?”
I took a deep breath “Its her the new werewolf. Bring over Tiffany.”
“Alright son I’ll be right over. upendo you.”
“Love wewe too dad.”
I hung up as Seth and Hala walked in holding hands “Young Love” I thought to myself. Hala was in a better mood than anyone of the Mbwa mwitu loups were when they phased. She was smiling and giggling in joy and happiness. Hala was wearing blue cut off shorts and a white t-shirt. Emmett ran down grinning “So what did wewe to lovebirds do?” They looked at each and struggled “Nothing just ran and talked.” Emmett was still ginning “Anything else?” Hala got what Emmett was thinking “Oh wewe think we had sex? Embry would kill me. But that gives me a idea when Embry comes we should trick him and say we did.” Seth smiled at the thought “Ok.”
Jared came to Hala to introduce Kim to her “Hey Hala this is Kim my imprint and our monsters Baby J and Kimmie.”
Hala’s Pov
Jared came up to me with his beautiful wife Kim and children Kimmie and Baby J. They looked very beautiful children. I shook Kim’s hand smiling “Hi I’m Hala Val-Call since I’m Embry’s sister. It very nice to meet you.” I bent down to the kids “Hello.” They alisema “Hi!” I laughed “Guess what?” They looked at me “What?!” I whispered in baby j’s “You’re very handsome just like your father.” I turned to Kimmie “And you’re very beautiful like you’re mother. wewe guys are lucky to have such wonderful parents.” They smiled and Jared alisema “She is.” Kim looked confused “What? I understand.”
I explained “I was telling them that they are beautiful and handsome like their parents.” Kim blushed “Thank you.” I smiled “No problem.” Jacob alisema “Hala my dad is coming over to give wewe our Quileute Tribe tattoo k?” I nodded. Jake’s dad came over with my mother? “Mom?” She was still beautiful like 13 years ago. She hugged me tightly “Oh Hala! I thought I Lost you.” I was crying “I-I missssed you.” She smiled as Billy got out his tattoo kit. We talked and talked. She told me that I’m a gypsy, witch, and a werewolf. Carlisle was very interested. “Wow that’s so cool.”
Hope’s Pov
I was hunting as I saw an angel. My Angel the one that was taken away from me years ago. “Angel?” She turned to me and looked 12 I knew it was she kwa the long beautiful blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She looked at me and smiled “Hope! Omg I missed wewe so much!” She hugged me. She was in a light brown dress and blue slippers. Angel is like my child and I was happy to see her safe. She pulled back “I’m yours again they let me go. I’m zaidi powerful and I come here to be with wewe and help Hala Call.” I was confused. We walked back to the Cullen house and she explained everything to me.