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Three weeks had passed since the Jacob confrontation. Alice kept nagging me about shopping, but my eyes would have to go down in color. I wasn't ready to be in a room full of humans just yet.
Emmett kept challenging me to arm wrestles, which I won every time. He didn't like it, so we continued to rematch. One time it got out of hand, and he njiwa at me from across the boulder. I fell on the floor, but kicked him off of me before he could do anything. It was a good thing we were outside -- he latched onto a mti with a smile on his face. Of course, Rose didn't like this. So, she continued to give me death stares.
Jasper didn't talk to me much, he stared a lot, but I didn't mind it. I shied away from his stare often.
Edward au Bella took turns taking care of Renesmee. I learned about her -- I've seen her a couple of times, she's so cute. She likes to smile and wave at me. When Edward and Bella are in the same room together, that normally indicates that Renesmee is with Jacob.
Bella isn't like Alice, she doesn't talk to me rapidly. I've learned that she is kind of new, a few years, really.
Edward liked to advise me on what I was doing, constantly telling me to be careful. Carlisle always told me what to do and what not to do.
Esme was sweet, she kept me company when I was alone in my "room", which was still to be constructed.

I also learned about the gifts that Edward, Alice and Bella have. Bella could penetrate any gift, her brain didn't allow access to any gift. Edward couldn't read her mind, but Alice could see her in her visions.
Alice had visions, but they weren't always accurate. They where just based on ones decision, but they could always change their mind.
Edward, obviously, could read minds. Whenever I was near him, I tried to watch what I was thinking, even though it was nothing personal. It was mostly me pushing back my thirst au comparing being a vampire to a human.
Sometimes, he gave me puzzled looks.
I did the same thing to him that I did to Jasper, I looked away.
So far, no signs of gifts for me. Carlisle refuses to believe it, but I don't mind. He keeps saying something is "special" about me. I don't know what he is talking about, so I just ignore it.

It was time to go hunting again.
I was going with the girls: Bella, Rosalie and Alice. The boys had other things to do, so we went alone. Last time I went with the boys, just to make sure I don't catch any human sent.
"You know, wewe don't talk much." Bella told me as we were crossing the river.
I looked over at her; I hadn't realized that I don't talk much. Before the plane crash, all I did was talk. I was compared to "annoying".
"I'll try to change that," my voice chimed. That thing was annoying. My face hardened, Bella couldn't help but chuckle.
"I don't mind it," Rose alisema flatly. She wasn't looking at me, she was looking ahead. We were jumping through the forest, avoiding rocks and trees.
I didn't know where we were going, I wasn't paying attention to anything either. Alice was talking to me, I don't know about what.
I let Alice dress me every day. She bought all my clothes. She didn't let me wear the same thing twice. I wanted to wear something comfortable today, so her idea of comfortable is a machungwa, chungwa sundress with white flats. If I had human feet, my feet would be littered in blisters.

"Teddy! Watch out!" Alice shouted, pointing in front of me.
A tree, a large Redwood, was staring me right in the face. I didn't have time to react, I didn't have time to respond. No one had time to push me out of the way.
I was pretty sure I would break the tree, it would hurt. I tried to slow down, but instead, I couldn't stop.
I ran right through the tree.
I had phased through the tree. My eyes were wide when I went through the other side. I was able to stop now, so I did. Dirt flew up on me from behind.
Bella and Alice stopped in front of me, Rosalie kept running until she realized we had stopped. She ran back towards Bella and Alice, who were staring at me with wide eyes.

"Was that suppose to happen?" I asked, raising my voice. "Is it normal au something?" I adverted my eyes to every female.
A smile grew on Alice's face, Rose's eyes were wide with disgust and Bella just shook her head once.
"That's not suppose to happen." Bella answered my question.
"Teddy! Do wewe know what this means?" Alice asked, throwing her hands in the air.
I gave her a puzzled look, what did this mean? "No," I alisema flatly.
Rosalie rolled her eyes, then placed her hands on her hips. "It means you're like Alice and Bella. You've got a gift." Not only was I surprised from what I had just done, but now Rosalie was smiling at me.
"Ooh! Teddy! We've got to tell the boys!" And with that, Alice grabbed my arm and turned me around. We were going back nyumbani without any food.
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There's Jacob at the prom.
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A humorous parody of the 1st book, Twilight. Made kwa adoring and dedicated Twilight fans!!! WE upendo EDWARD!!
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