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posted by rachel-rathbone

chapter one
"oh please mum ellie is my best friend please let here stay" renesmee begged
"nessie this life just isnt a place for a little girl to be"i hated it but it was true i even called her nessie. she looked at the floor her long black eyelashes cating a shadow on her cheeks, her long bronze hair falling on her face.
"ask our dad" i alisema sighing pushing the swali on to someone else i couldnt stand hurting here.
"nessie wewe cleaned your room write sheel be her in 5 miniutes i can here the car" the tyres rubbed against the gravil path emmett and jasper had laid so ellie and her mum hannah wouldnt get Lost on the way to the house.
"nessie that shati has a stain go change it"
i shouted over my shoulder whilst i fluttered around trying to clean the front room.
edwards arms caught me.
"stop paniking the house looks fine we always have seth and the mtu-bweha round enclouding sue and wewe go shopping in the local stores full of humans wewe can do this" he whispered into my hair.
there was two taps on the door as ellies mums delicate hands.
i ran to the door with nessie kwa my side.
"hey mrs barkley we will drop ellie nyumbani if you'd like?" i offered as edward came to my side.
"that would be great if wewe could how old is this house its beautifull" she told me looking up at are cottage.
i smiled "edwards mother esme made it with the help of edwards brothers and of corse some zaidi men. they made it for a presant for my birthday and wedding presant".
"wow !... anyway i will go let the girls play.
i shut the door after ellie had stepped in the house and waved goodbye.
chapeter 2
we went to the clearing with a gazebo already set up bye jasper and emmett for if it rained (witch it did)
we sat on the blankets and pillows we had braught as we watched rosalie and emmett play with nessie and ellie they loved it because emmett swung them round and round they squeled as he spun them to the floor then bringing them up before they crashed.
then we heard it. they were running.running to us. not stopping. we all stopped. froze. it was to late to run. to late to hide only time to waite. it was to late ellie was now in the secret we had no way to stop are secret becoming hers aswell...
every seconf i get older every sekunde i die a bit zaidi no space for unhappiness no time to wait the sunshines when u smile so make every scond a smiling one wewe are my sun wewe are my stars wewe are my moon wewe are my world the key to my moyo rests in your smile.
the poum i had written for nessie on her 5th birthday.But the thought poissened my mind the thought of the faces of the people stood infront of me slowly smothered the memory of my daughters smile of edwards face of emmett of rosalie my mind trailed through the members of my family now in danger.
we stood there frozen still until the youngest one stepped mbele probably a teenager when she was changed. her long straight white hair curled into ringletts so the purpil underneath slithered through looking very much like the poisson i saw leaking like black ink over the pictuers of my family,but leacking through her hair soacking up until it reached her routs. her ruby red eyes focussed on mine hers was playfull her eyes matched her face she was very much still a child.
her long pupil vazi, pazia swept to the floor lose and to big whilst her corset and trousers fit like a sekunde layer of purpil skin.
"i call dibs on the human" she sang skipping towards us everyone croached ready to attack pushing ellie and nessie to the middle.
she stopped in the middle of her dance towards us her face froze a smile playing on her lips.
"you dont honestly wish to fight you" she chalanged playing with her hair.Edward hissed when she looked at nessie as did everyone else i put up my shield ready for the attak but not one of us moved to chalange us. she crackled and burst into laughter not even wewe emmett even wewe are going to turn down a fight. Her piercing eyes turned to his face he stood his ground but did not songesha towards her he simply moved his arm and with a slight movment in his wrist pushed rosalie behind him.she burst into another giggle fit once again becoming the child but this time evey one of her gaurds roared with laughter. that was when it finally hit me with a bump that the altarlas were here and they would leave and none of us would not one vampire who has chalanged the altarlas had survived zaidi than an hour. we were doomed but this time we were killing the Mbwa mwitu loups and ellie's family and charlie renee everyone everyone we have ever nown au loved will not live to see the light of siku again the only way they will live longer then an saa was if we managed to keep ivory the beautifull teeanager infront of me bizzy for longer.
the altarlas story
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