All of a sudden the pain began too decrease in my limbs but the burning was increasing at my heart. My moyo was beating so fast it should have been impossible for me to hear it. I was glad. I was glad because usually in films when a persons moyo would beat faster they would be about to die, i would take death cheerfully if it meant the pain was going to end. The heat was increasing so rapidly in my moyo ifelt like it was taking its like it would make me burn until nothing was left of me was charcoal. Then all of a sudden my moyo stopped. My moyo had stopped but i was not dead. Well i was still breathing atleast was i in heaven au hell? that didn't seem likely as i could still hear the voices. The voices. I could hear them zaidi clearly now.

As i began to listen harder someone touched my hand.

"hello my name is charro" it was the boy, the charming boy. I opened my eyes i felt like i was a blind man seeing for the first time. i could see everything, it was like a dirty film had been lifted off my eyes.

"i'm so sorry, so sorry for doing this to you, for making wewe one of us for making wewe a Vampire, whats your name, i'm sorry putting wewe through this" he seemed to genuinely mean what he was saying, but not because he was charming au genuine but because it was the obvious truth. I felt like a lightbulb had just been turned on inside my head, how many times had my fiance warned me about the red eyed Wanyonya damu how they were evil not like his Marafiki the cullens with there strange dhahabu brown eyes.

"Cora,my name is cora and if your so sorry then why did wewe do this?" i asked, did he even realise how much of my life he'd destroyed my fiance,seth, was happy to be Marafiki with Wanyonya damu but how would he feel about marrying one...

"I understand that wewe must hate me cora but wewe can't go back to your normal life now, the thirst will control your instincts too much" he was looking at me as though i should have a stronger reaction to his words.

"well actually thats not this case because my fiance is a werewolf so i think he can take care of himself, and i'll just be a vegetarian like the cullens"i alisema feeling glad that i was no my fiance was no ordinary human.

"I'm Antonio, sorry but did wewe just say the cullens?" the other male, antonio asked, but i wasn't listening my body had started to tingle the sensaation was not entirely painful but not pleasent either.

"Cora,are wewe okay? your nose is bleeding!"a frantic voice alisema but it sounded distant.

"Cora, Cora"the voices started shouting voices full of panic.

to be continued...