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posted by twilight_fan_8
I walked up to my room with Katie behind me. Why is this happening? Why does she have to be here? I led her into my room. I shut the door slowly after she walked in.

She walked around my room and looked at everything. Then she sat down on my bad and looked up at me. She looked... sad? Like she was going to cry. I wasn't expecting this. Not in a million years would I expect that.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I shouldn't of done that. But wewe probably know how it feels to be in upendo with someone when they don't like wewe that way. au at least that is probably what wewe thought was going on. I'm the reason that Jacob ignored wewe for that long. And whatever he alisema about me was probably true. That I'm crazy au something. Because he told me over and over again that he was in upendo with someone else. And that he just wanted to be Marafiki with me. But I wouldn't listen. It's all my fault," Katie said.

I just stared at her after that. I was astonished.

"Katie wewe are in upendo with Jacob?" I asked.

"Yes, but he doesn't upendo me," Katie alisema through her sobs.

What? How? When?

"There are other guys out there," I alisema and mentally added on, and Jacob is mine so don't even think about it ever again.

"No one like him though, wewe are so lucky," Katie said.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"It's Edward I've been meaning to call him!" I alisema but mostly to myself.

"Who's Edward?" Katie asked.

"Hey Edward," I spoke into the phone completely ignoring Katie's question.


"I have to thank wewe Edward, if it wasn't for wewe I would have never known that Jacob imprinted on me!" I alisema then realized that that statement might both hurt Edward and Katie. I wasn't that scared of Katie getting mad at me. But getting a vampire pissed at wewe isn't the safest thing to do.

"No problem. I couldn't stand to see wewe like that. Neither could Jasper, because of his ability," Edward said.

"Thanks," I alisema while looking at Katie.

"I should go," Katie said.

I nodded and then asked Edward of a favor. He alisema it depends on what it is.

"Do wewe think wewe would be into going on a blind tarehe with someone?" I asked.

"Who?" Edward asked.

"It's a blind tarehe wewe are not supposed to know who wewe are going with," I said.

"Well then no," Edward said.

"Come on! wewe have to!" I said.

"I already did wewe a favor, it's your turn to do me a favor. Not the other way around," Edward said, smug.

"Well, what happens if wewe fall in upendo with this girl? Then I would be doing wewe a favor. Even though wewe don't know it yet," I said, hoping he would buy my answer.

"Tell me who she is, au I'm not going," Edward said.








"Thank wewe for finally under standing. Now who is she?"

"I can't believe I fell for that!"

"You do fall a lot," Edward alisema while laughing.


"Fine, I am sorry Bella. Now who is she?"

"Fine, I'll tell you. Her name is Katie,"

"That girl Jacob was with?"


"Then no. I don't want to go on a tarehe with her," Edward said.


"I'm sorry I have to go," Edward said.

I tried to tell him not to hang up but it was too late.

So I dialed Jacob's number.
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