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posted by alybops
chapter three

"Now heavenly i don't know how nessie is gonna react to seeing wewe on my side." he warned me, i didn't care.
"is that what wewe call her?.... nessie? well maybe we could be friends."
"i doubt it. anyways, this house is filled with vamps. there is: bella, you've seen her. her husband, edward. there is alice, edward's sister and Jasper who is edward's brother. alice and Jasper are married too."
"eww! didn't wewe just say they were both edward's siblings?"
"uh.... no they are adopted."
"oh, ok sorry. keep goin'."
"ok umm.... Edward will be the prettiest of them all. Alice will be the tiny energetic one, and Jasper will be the one with the long dirty blonde hair. oh yeah and there is Rosalie, she'll be the ugly one with the long blonde hair. also, emmit, he's pretty cool. he'll be the muscly one, almost as ripped as me, haha. Rosalie and Emmit are married too."
"that's a lot to take in." a alisema overwhelmed.
"oh yeah, and there is Carlisle, the nice older guy with the short blonde hair, and Esme, she has reddish hair and is really nice. she'll be the first to welcome you. Carlisle and Esme are married too."
"......" i was quiet, assuming there was more.
"oh no i'm done now." he alisema and smiled, his incredible smile. i couldn't help but smile back.
"im assuming that none of them will like me."
"well, carlisle and esme will like you, alice will probably. Edward will probably hate you, but he'll be nice."
finally we got there. i was nervous to get out of the car so we both sat there for a second. i looked up. their house was HUGE and beaytiful, just like i assumed they would be. finally, the silence was interrupted.
"well are we gonna sit in here all day?" he asked honestly curious, like he would have if i wanted to.
"i wish we could." i alisema nervously. he grabbed my chin and stared at me,
"it's gonna be alright Heavenly. i need wewe to know that i would never let anything happen to you." he then kissed me. like i hadn't been kissed before. i didn't want it to stop. eventually, he pulled my hands out of his hair and pulled away altogether,
"we need to go now. they know we're here." all of a sudden he was opening my door for me. i got up and he grabbed my hand. we went up the stairs and before Jake could knock on the door someone opened it.
she was beautiful! she had pretty long red hair and golden brown eyes with dark bags under them like Isabella.
"hello Jacob! nice to see wewe again. im assuming this is Heavenly." she alisema in the most polite voice, gesturing to me.
"hi Esme, yes this is Heavenly."
"well please come in and we can discuss this." we both walked in holding hands.
there were 7 Wanyonya damu sitting in the big family room plus Esme. i knew which was which immediately. the buff brown haired guy and the actually beautiful blonde in the corner were emmit and rosalie. the energetic spiky haired girl and the smooth blonde male inayofuata to her were Alice and Jasper. the welcoming light blonde male inayofuata to Esme was Carlisle. and last but of course not least was Isabella and Edward. she had long brown hair, and was absolutely stunning, and Edward was the bronze haired beauty, probably the most beautiful of them all. but i saw no Renesmee.
"Heavenly this is Rosalie, Emmit, Alice, Jasper, Carlsle, Bella, and Edward. everyone this is Heavenly." he gestured to them all one at a time and i was correct in all my assumptions.
"hello Heavenly, it's nice to meet you." Carlisle welcomed me. i shook his hand which was extremely cold. it seemed to be another vamp mbwa mwitu thing. all wolfs i knew were always warm and i guess vamps were extrememly cold.
"it's a pleasure to meet wewe all." i alisema hoping that they all didn't hate you. edward without leaving the kitanda said,
"hello, Heavenly. i hope you're satified with yourself knowing that wewe ruined her life. wewe know your lucky we sent nessie out hunting before wewe got here, au else you'd be dead kwa know."
Jacob jumped in front of me and let out a growl from the bottom of his chest. what was gonna happen next? was Jake gonna be killed kwa these stupid bloodsuckers? i had already started crying at the thought.
"Edward, i don't believe wewe want to dod this." Carlisle alisema as Edward stood up from the kitanda and let out a hiss. Carlisle stood in front of him.
"you know you're bratty little bloodsucker should be happy that i came here to save here from trying to kill herself." i wish Jake hadn't alisema that. edward through Carlisle to the other side of the room and ran towards Jacob. he got a hold of him. Jake punched him in the face and he went flying. Emmit stood up along with everyone else. that's all i saw before i was being carried to the woods.
"NO LET ME GO! JAKE IS GONNA DIE!" i screamed in Alice's arms.
"i need to get wewe out of here. trust me, i can tell the future. Jacob and edward will be ok."
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 17

“my mother couldn’t unleash the powers but I did” I alisema quietly not even a vampire could have heard me..
“ivan y did u guys have thefight?” I asked him calmly.
“I actually don’t know he started it, I was defending myself” Ivan answered.
“and that’s y I upendo u u don’t get into fights so I don’t have to worry u getting killed au anything, like this
“ I said.
“but the good this is that im okay” Ivan said. everyone went back to what they were doing.
“nessie y didn’t u onyesha me that?” my father asked me I swallowed.
“because u really didn’t know who my...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 14
`”jake!” I cried and ran up to him.
“I know everything nessie, and we’re going to try to save ur family” jake told me.
“its too late to ssave it they’re divorced” I told him
“there’ alwaay still a chance” jake told me. And I nodded..
“but first wheres ur mother?” sam asked me.
“she’s near carlisles” I told him.
“she’s not there”he told me.
“what do wewe mean shes not there? I just saw her there aa couple dakika ago” I told them.
“when I went to carlisle’s house, he alisema that she stepped ouside and didn’t come back” jake told me.....
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posted by karpach_14
"who is it?" eric asked. this cant be any worse ur alone with a guy at a hotel and ur family pops up thinking who knows what.
"grandpa Carlisle i told only mom" i whispered to him.
"i didnt want to tell them, but edward read my mind" he told me. i couldnt believe it.
"dad stop kusoma peoples mind" i told him, i wasnt as mad with him as i was before.
"ooo a movie sweet... excuse me let me through" emmett alisema and went o watch avatar.
"ooo popcorn" he practically shouted and i rolled my eyes.
"i've missed u so much" aunt alice squealed.
"me too" and she hugged me.
"then y dont u come home?" she asked...
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Well I created a fanfiction contest spot two months zamani to acknowledge all of our fantastic writers here but unfortunatly that didn't turn out well... Now I'm going to restart that. Our first contest is done, and I was wondering about the sekunde one; Last time only one person participated so this time we need more! If wewe are a fanfiction writers, inspired to be writer, likes Twilight, au anything! Participate in this! It is just a fun thing to do! I know kind of bila mpangilio but now we can bring all competition into one spot. Read Contest #1 on the club for zaidi details on rules and prizes and everything. I'm not going to need judges right now though so please don't ask about it... au wewe can ask and just be on the waiting orodha I'm about to create!


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