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There sitting on the kitanda was a girl. She was stripped down in her panties and bra. There was a guy on juu of her, stripped down to his boxers. I didn't take a good look at either of their faces.

The girl screeched at me. "Get out of my room!" she said. I heard some movement. Maybe they were getting dressed au they were looking for something to throw at me.

"It's kind of my room too! I'm your new roommate! Now get dressed!" I screeched back. I don't like looking at people almost naked. Especially if I didn't even know that person!

"What are wewe fricken kidding me?" I looked out of the corner of my eye and I saw the girl get up. She put on her shati and her pants. "See wewe later." I heard the boy murmur. I couldn't clearly hear his voice. I was closing my eyes and I couldn't see what he looked like.

I turned around and looked at the girl. "What are wewe talking about? I don't want a new roommate!" she shouted.

"Well if wewe even care, my name is Bella." I gave my hand for her to shake. She was a strawberry blonde. She was really pretty in fact. If maybe she had no fake hair, fake attitude, and fake.. everything, I bet she'll be even prettier. Her clothes were really cut and short. Basically all slutty.

"You're right. I don't care." She went out. On her way she kicked all my suitcases down. "What a bitch..." I whispered. She turned around to glare at me.

"I will make your stay here a living hell. I will have wewe out before wewe even unpacked." She spat. She walked away. I shook off the sudden cold feeling in my chest. Maybe I could go to live with Rose secretly. I left my suitcases in my room.

I walked over to her dorm room. I knocked hard. I heard some giggling on the other side.

"Bella! Come meet my new roommate!" she pointed at the girl who was standing beside the door. She was short with pixie-like hair. And she had all her clothes on.

"Hello! wewe must be Rosalie's sister, Bella!" She shook my hand. "My name is Alice Cullen! wewe guys are going to upendo it here! It's just absolutely amazing!" She smiled at me.

"Actually no." I know it was kind of mean but I really had to tell Rose about what I saw. "I hate my roommate. She's a whore and a bitch." I alisema outloud. Alice didn't seem like the type of girl to hang out with my roommate. "I'm sorry if she's your friend." I alisema just in case.

"Wait. What room are wewe in?" asked Alice. I told her my room. "Room 109? The room with a strawberry-blonde?" she asked. I nodded. How did she know and why was 109 so bad. "That's the room with a girl named Tanya. She is the most sluttiest student in this whole school. So many of the other students back away from her, even the seniors! She makes every girl who goes to her room leave!" She looked down at me with empathy.

"So basically you're saying that I got stuck with the worst girl here at school?" She nodded sadly.

"Wait a minute..." alisema Rose. "Does this mean you're going to leave?" I didn't want to leave. Even if I did have a horrible roommate. But how was I going to survive with her?

"Can't I stay here?" I asked. This was probably the only option I had that didn't involve me leaving this school in any way. Just getting new roommates.

"I'm sorry Bella. As much as I'll upendo wewe to stay, and I mean I really want wewe to, wewe aren't allowed to. I once saw a girl who also had Tanya, last year. I found her practically sleeping outside in the hallway. I told her to come but the teachers found out and she got kicked out of the school. They are pretty strict here. The only reason why Tanya isn't kicked out is because her dad is the co-owner of this school. She isn't allowed to have her own room though, because there isn't enough rooms for all the students in this school." She seemed pretty mad.

"It looks like wewe really hate Tanya.." I said. She nodded.

"I do. My cousin, Jessica Stanley came to this school with me. She kept telling me that she hated Tanya as much as I did. But then all of a sudden she kept hanging out with her and soon told Tanya all my secrets. wewe can't trust anybody, not even your blood-relative, around Tanya." She looked sad now, for making her relive memories.

"Well do wewe trust Bella?" asked Rose. She didn't want people who she liked to hate each other. Like I said, she was really nice.

"Yes I do. Even if this could be something Tanya planned, I don't think it is. Jessica was always a bit of a whore. But you, wewe seem pretty decent." She smiled at me, thinking that this would make me feel better. I think it did.

"Wait, so that still means I have to live with Tanya?" I asked. She nodded.

"What happened anyways, while wewe were in her room?" asked Rose. "Or your room."

"Well..." I told her what happened. "What did the guy look like?" asked Alice. I told her that I had no idea. I didn't really want to see because well... they were almost naked. I don't like looking at almost naked people.

"Okay, wewe know what? Maybe we should just go shopping. It'll take your mind off of everything." alisema Alice. She obviously didn't know that I hated shopping..

Maybe this would be good for me. I could think about all the torture ahead. We walked to the campus mall. There were so many stores, way different than the outlet malls in Seattle. Rose and I liked to go there every other week.

"First, wewe two need clothes. Not that your clothes aren't amazing already, but they are too... wintery. I know the perfect store!" We walked to Aeropostale. We never actually been in there before.

Rose was capable of looking for clothes kwa herself but Alice had to help me pick out mine. She shops like a madwoman! She picked out about eight t-shirts for me and a few camis. Was it really that hot in California?

"Try these on. I need to pick out shorts for you." She walked over to the rack. "It's too hot for skinny jeans in California!" Alice called out to Rose.

I walked in and tried on the shirts. Some hung loosely on me, just the way I liked it. Most of them hugged my body, inaonyesha zaidi than I was willing to show. I took the ones that were baggy and walked to Alice.

"The other ones didn't fit." I answered and gave her the ones that did. She picked up one of them, the peach, pichi coloured one with Cali Aero and other things on it. She put it against my body and shook her head.

"How about that yellow cami? It was majorly cute!" she said. She was wearing clothes from Aeropostale too. She was wearing a green tank juu which was really tight, a denim skirt, upindo with a belt. She looked fantastic.

"It was too tight." I answered. I didn't tell her that I knew that was the style because I did know. Having Rosalie swan as a sister has bound to get wewe somewhere with fashion. I just didn't like it as much nor did I like walking around in stores.

"That's the style. Where did wewe put the shirts?" asked Alice. I told her that I left them in the dressing room. She walked into the fitting rooms to get them for me.

"It's the third one." I pointed at the door. She walked over to find it already occupied.

"Hello?" she knocked on the door. "I think I may have left some clothes in there. Can wewe toss it over?" There was a rustling sound on the other side.

"Oh. Alice Cullen." alisema the person behind the door in her nasty voice which I automatically recgonized as Tanya's. "I was wondering who would want to wear all these ugly clothes. Now it all makes sense." She noticed me standing beside Alice. "Oh. It's you. I talked to the DA. She told me that I had to room with you. But don't worry. You'll be gone before wewe know it." She grinned in an evil way.

"You are a bitch." I said. I wasn't afraid of Tanya anymore. Besides, I knew people like this. Way too many back in my old school. They only cared about themselves. They are nothing without their clique backing them up. They are just useless without them.

"Oh. I'm so scared of a girl who thinks she's all that. I know that wewe are only doing this to impress her." She looked at Alice with disgust. "I know I'm a bitch. And I know I will get wewe kicked out. I know that I will always be better than you. So why don't wewe go have fun with this girl who got betrayed kwa her own cousin." She walked away.

"Thanks for helping anyways Bella. But just so wewe know, wewe can't win no matter what, with Tanya. She keeps thinking of new ways to hurt and torment people." She shrugged like it was nothing.

"Yeah I'm sorry for her saying that stuff about Jessica..." I said. She shrugged.

"It's okay. I don't like Jessica anymore. wewe should've seen the last family reunion. It was terrible! But still really funny. wewe had to be there." She was reliving one of her memories. She soon snapped back into the real world. "Look! I found your clothes! Try them on again and onyesha me!" Alice pushed me into the dressing room.

I put the cami back on. I showed Alice and she loved it. She also loved the other ones I tried on. They were all 'perfect.'

"Where are the shorts?" I asked when we were both looking around for Rose.

"They are-" she alisema then stopped short. She was looking at a brunette. She had her face covered but the one who was facing me looked really familiar. My sister Rosalie.

I walked up to Rose and started to ask a billion questions. She pinched me to get me to stop.

"Bella this is..." She seemed to think about the name.

"Oh I didn't introduce myself? I'm so sorry. My name is Jessica Stanley." wewe could not imagine the look of shock on Rose's face. Alice had gotten over her shock and came over to us.

"Oh Jessica. Have wewe met my new roommate Rosalie?" she asked with a smug look. Now everybody had a look of surprise on their faces. Jessica recovered zaidi quickly than the rest of us.

"Actually I did. And I think that Tanya would upendo somebody like Rose in our group. It would be way better than the loser new student and roommate. The populars have invited wewe to jiunge us." She told Rosalie. Her emotion changed all too quickly.

"No thanks. I think I'll just hang out with the losers, my roommate and my sister." Jessica's jaw dropped. She smiled slightly before walking away to the check out with us.

"Losers?" I asked her with a raised eyebrow. I liked to joke with her. I knew exactly what she meant.

"Whatever. I'm so sorry Alice! I had no idea that she was Jessica! I swear!" Alice smiled lightly.

"It's alright! At least wewe picked me! Oh and wewe are going to upendo my friends. We are offically known as the losers clique! The losers have invited wewe to jiunge us." She alisema and giggled. Her imitation of Jessica was nearly perfect.

"Yeah. We're so awesome right?" asked Rose and smiled. Both Alice and Rose had clothes in their hands. I threw my arms around them.

"We are so awesome! Losers will rule the school!" I threw my head back in evil laughter. At least I had Alice and Rose. I didn't have to get mixed into the cliques right?
Sorry for covering this whole spot with articles! LOL.
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


Under the shelter of the cafeteria roof's overhang, Jessica was waiting, her eyes about to bug out of their sockets. Over her arm, bless her, was my jacket.
"Hey, Jessica," I alisema when we were a few feet away. "Thanks for remembering." She handed me my koti, jacket without speaking.
"Good morning, Jessica," Edward alisema politely. It wasn't really his fault that his voice was so irresistable. au what his eyes were capable of.
"Er... hi." She shifted her wide eyes to me, trying to gather her jumbled thoughts. "I guess I'll see wewe in Trig."...
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