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posted by LexisFaith
Sorry if it's a bit long :/ I get carried away lol
Hope wewe LOVE!!!
"Wait." Alice stood perfectly still, "He told her?" She pointed to the baby.
"That's what she said." Jake stood frozen. Almost as still as Alice.
"You think she could have gotten some kind of. . . power?" I asked Alice. "Even though she's human?"
She shrugged, her brows furrowed in conentration. "Maybe. I'm not sure. Maybe wewe should talk to Carlisle."
"Yea," I agreed. "We will when we get back. I'm starved."
Jacob finally thawed out and turned to me. "Me, too." He took my hand and waved to Alice.
"Bye guys." She chirped.
Jake was dragging me toward the woods, so all I could give Alice was a farewell gance. She giggled and walked back inside.
I jumped a couple steps and finally caught up with Jake's long strides. "Hey, Jolly Green Giant," I laughed. "Slow down."
"Sorry." He smiled.
"You know," I broke a small silence. "Sarah alisema 'he' when she mentioned the baby."
"You think...?"
"I do." I answered his unfinished question. "Do you? I mean, this one has the mbwa mwitu gene. Sarah didn't. Maybe it is a boy."
"I hope so." He grined.
"Me, too." I smiled back. "So, I was thinking of names for a boy last night. I remembered wewe alisema wewe weren't to good with the whole naming thing."
"Right." He nodded.
"What do wewe think of Kaelem?" I asked biting my lip.
"Yea, like Kay-lum."
He thought it over and then smiled to me. "I like it. It's different."
"Really? wewe really like it?" I grined.
"I upendo it." He kissed me and stopped. We were at our little river.
He tugged me over to a giant bolder and sat the basket on top. I smiled and slammed my fist down on either side, causing the rock to break off, making two built in seats. "Nice." Jake grined.
I put my hands on my hips and admired my work. "Thanks. " I huffed and smiled.
After I Lost the sandwhich eating contest and was carried into the water against my will, we layed in an open spot under the direct sunlight-unusual for Forks, but nice- to let our clothes dry.
One of my hands, along with one of Jakes, were resting on my stomache. "Is he ever still?" Jake asked chuckling at Kaelem's constent kicking.
"Only when I sleep." I smiled. "It's like he knows au something."
"He probaby does. Our kids know things." He laughed, obviously thinking of Sarah.
"Seriously." I laughed with him.
He stared at me for what seemed like hours, without even blinking. "What?" I asked. I was begining to get self concious.
"You're still as beautiful as wewe were when I saw wewe for the first time." He whispered.
"You wanted to kill me." I reminded him.
The corners of his mouth rose slightly. "I was going over in my mind exactly how to take wewe down. " I flinched a little, but he kept going. "Rose was holding you, feeding you. She picked wewe up and then wewe looked over her shoulder. Then all I could think about was your eyes. Big and brown. Like your mom's. Your long eyelashes, the perfect tint of pink in your cheeks. And then it was like, every balloon at was holding me down, was being snipped away. It was wewe who was really holding me. wewe have ever since." He stroked my cheek with his thumb then kissed me.
"You're such a softy." I pushed him playfully then stood up when I felt my clothes were dry.
* * *

"Do wewe think she has a power?" Jake and I were sitting in Carlisle's office.
"It's a possibility. She may have gotten it from Edward." His hands were folded on his desk.
"Wait," Jake shook his head. "You mean like. . .like a mind reader?"
"Yes." Carlisle nodded slightly and his eyes moved back over to mine.
"Wow." I whispered and looked over at Jacob.

"Sarah?" I called up the stairs and she padded over to the railing and stuck her head through. "Can wewe come down for a minute? Daddy and I need to talk to you."
She pulled her head back through and walked down the stairs. On his way out of the kitchen, Jacob scoop her up in his arms and sat her down in the middle of us.
"Remember earlier, when wewe alisema he told wewe he was in there?" I pointed to my stomach.
She nodded.
"How could wewe hear him?" Jacob asked her.
She hesitated before she shrugged. "I dunno'." Her brows met in between her eyes.
"Can wewe hear me when I'm not talking?" I asked. Can wewe hear me right now?
She looked at me and nodded. My eyes met Jakes and nodded.
He looked at Renesmee and a sekunde later she looked at him and nodded too.
"What is the baby saying?" I asked.
She waited for a moment. "Nothing."
I looked up a Jake, wondering if we were the only one's she could hear.
"No." She smiled. "I can hear everybody." She frowned after a second. "Except for Gran." She couldn't hear Bella. Of course. Dad couldn't read Mom's mind either.
"Grandpa can do it too?" She smiled.
"Yes." I smiled back. "He can do it to. But he can't read Gran's mind either."
"Read minds? What's that."
"What wewe just did with me and your mom." Jake answered. "That's what it's called."
"Oh." She yawned.
"Alright. kitanda time." Jacob sighed and picked her up. He held her kwa her ankles as I kissed her on her upside down cheek.
"Good night." I laughed.
"Night, Momma." She giggled as Jake wrenched her back up right.
As Jacob dissapeard into her room with her, I grabbed the phone and dialed Mom's phone.
It rang once before she answered. "Hello?" My mother's voice was even zaidi beautiful than Aunt Rose's.
"Mom. You're not going to believe this." I sighed and sat down on the arm of the chair.
"Alice told me wewe were pregnant again!" I heard the smile in her voice. "I'm so happy for you."
"Thanks." I smiled but it soon faded. "There is something else." I sighed.
"What?" She asked. If anyone knew something was wrong kwa the sound of my voice it was Bella. "What's wrong?"
"It's Sarah."
"Is she okay?"
"She's fine." I answered quickly. "She inherrited something from Dad."
There was a silence on the other end of the phone for the smallest of a second. "I don't follow."
"Sarah can. . ." I sighed. "Sarah can read minds. Like Dad."
"How is that possible?" She breathed.
"I don't know." I shrugged. "She knew about the baby before we told her. When we asked how she knew she alisema 'He told me,'.
"Can she read your's and Jacob's mind?"
"She can read everyone's. Except for your's of course."
Jake was coming back down the stairs with Sarah's glass. He filled it up at the fridge with water, then took it back up to her, kissing my head on his way.
"And you've talked with Carlisle about this?" She asked.
"As soon as we were back from lunch." I nodded. I knew she couldn't see, but she would be able to hear the slightest movement the phone made against my ear.
She sighed. "Well, we will talk to wewe about it in the morning. When wewe and Jacob wake up, call. I will tell your father."
"Okay." I agreed. "I will see wewe tomorrow."
"Goodnight, sweetie."
"Night, Mom. upendo you."
"I upendo wewe to."
I hung up the phone and dropped into the kiti, kiti cha exahusted. Jacob picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I laid my head against his chest and listened to his moyo beat. "I'm so tired." I sighed and closed my eyes.
I heard him chuckle low in his chest and he layed my in the bed. He handed my a pair of flannel pajamas and changed into his lighter cloth pants. I pushed my old clothes over the side of the kitanda and snuggled under the cover. The mto felt softer tonight. Jake nessled into kitanda and pulled me into his arms. I cocked my head up and kissed his chin. He looked down at me and smiled and kissed me before we fell asleep.

I knew I was dreaming because Kaelem was about a mwaka old. He was, just like I asked for, a spitting image of Jacob. But one thing was different. His dark hair was curling on the ends. The only thing he got from me other than the long eyelashes. He was beautiful. Every bit as beautiful as Sarah. Her hair was a bit shorter now. Insted of it hitting her waist line like it did now, it stopped at the middle of her back. Though still straight as dark silk. She was sitting in the dark chair downstairs with Kaelem in her lap. He was slapping at a book she was trying to read him as Jacob set the table. He still looked the same. The same man I still madley loved. He looked over to them and smiled as he admired them from afar.
A moment later I came walking down the stairs. I walked over to Jacob and he reached out. It wasn't untill then I relized there was another baby on my hip. It was. . .Kaelem?
"Sarah," Jacob called over his shoulder. "Come on over here and bring Kaeleb."
Kaeleb? There were two of them. Twins. I walked over to the meza, jedwali and had to blink a couple times to make sure I was seeing right. There were three babies at the table. Two boys and a baby girl. She was beating her spoon on her highchair tray. Her hair was longer than the boys and in small ringlets like mine had been as a baby. Well, as long as I had looked like a one mwaka old.
"Kaela." Jacob looked at the girl. She stopped and smiled at him.
So there were three of them. Triplets.
I shot up out of the bed. I had to talk to Carlisle.

Sarah was down stairs with Rosalie while Jake and I were up in Carlisle's ultrasoud room.
"Nessi." Jake sat beside of me as I laid on the bed. "It was just a dream."
"No." Carlisle interrupted. "There are three."
I gasped at looked at the screen.
"Seriously?" Jacob only let out a whisper.
"One," Carlisle pointed to the screen "Two. . .three." His hand dropped slowly. "I don't understand how I could have missed the other two."
"Can wewe tell me what gender they are yet?" I asked. There is no way my dream could be true fully. It's impossible.
"The one on the left and the one in the middle are boys." Carlisle was moving the wand to the other side of my growing stomache. "And the one on the right is a-"
"Girl?" I cut him off and he looked at me.
"Yes." He whiped the jelly off and I sat up. "The other two are growing normally. The one with the mbwa mwitu gene is still growing swiftly. He will have to be delieverd early."
"But that means the other two will be three months premature." Jacob was suddenly worried.
"Yes." Carlisle agreed. "But I can get equipment from the hospital for them. They will be treated just as they would at any hospital. There is no way of delaying the birth. Kaelem will be so big to carry for three zaidi months, plus fully developed. I'm sorry."

We were sitting in our living room watching the yellow and machungwa, chungwa flames of the fireplce fight one another for the front log. It was silent all except for Jacob's and my moyo beating, and our slow breathing.
"How did wewe know the last one was a girl?" Jacob asked. His head didn't turn nor did his eyes flicker in my direction. He was in just as much shock as I was.
"My dream." I whispered. I wanted to go check on Sarah but I then remembered she stayed with Edward and Bella.
"Three months." He whispered. "Do wewe know how dangerous that is?"
"It will be okay." I reasurred him. Only then did he look at me.
"Okay?" He asked shocked. "And you're so sure?" His fingers started to tremble.
"We were all there, Jacob." My voice rose to a higher pitch. "We were all in my-"
"Your dream?" He growled.
"Jacob. Everything is going to be just fine." I was starting to get a little scared at his hands started to tremble as well.
"And wewe know this?" He yelled.
I flinched back a little. "It's going to be okay!"
"You're just like your mom." He told me between clenched teeth. "You think everything is going to be just fine. She alisema the same thing to me! To your dad!"
"And she's here isn't she?" I stood up and threw my arm in the direction of her cottedge. "I'm here!" I then put my hand to my chest. "It isn't going to be easy! I'm not looking at the direction of easy kwa any means! But we can get through this." I alisema the last sentence in a whisper as I sat back down and faced him. He was no longer trembling as my words sank in.
I took his face in my hands. "I know your scared." I stopped and waited for his eyes to meet mine. " I know." I whiped a tear of his cheek. "But wewe should be in my shoes. I know we can get through this Jacob Black. I know."
He held one of my hands to his cheek and I let the other fall. He put his fourhead to mine and closed his eyes again. "I'm sorry." He whispered.
"Don't be." I kissed his head.
"I upendo you." He sighed.
"And I upendo you."
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