"Daddy?" Where is Jacob?" Renesmee called to me from her bedroom.
"He is out at the moment." I told her as I walked toward her voice. She was sitting on her toddler kitanda opening and closing the locket Bella had aliyopewa her a couple months zamani for her first christmas. She didn't like to take it off. "He should be back soon." I stood in her doorway and she looked up with her brown eyes. The same brown eyes Bella's were before she changed. They were depthless and sparkled when she smiled.
"Where did he go?" Her small voice was concerned.
"He is out with Seth." I told her as I walked soundlessly over to sit inayofuata to her.
She crawled into my lap and layed her head against my chest. I wish there was a moyo beat for her to listen to, to feel.
"I hope he's safe." She whispered and played with the collar, alama on my shirt.
"He is perfectly fine." I reasured her.
"Where's Momma?"
"She is over with Aunt Alice. I wanted to wait here untill wewe woke up from your nap. Are wewe ready to go see her?"
"Yes." She grined and jumped down. "Come on Daddy." She grabbed my hand and towed me toward the front door. "Carry me. You're faster."
I smiled and slung her onto my back like I used to with Bella. Renesmee enjoyed it zaidi than Bella ever had. I raced through the woods with Renesmee squealing and giggled the whole way. I would glance back at her and her eyes were wide with excitment.
I didn't want think of her growing older. As of now she was half of my world. I didn't want to be "Dad", I wanted to stay "Daddy". She would eventually have children of her own but I couldn't bare to think of that. Never would I want her to grown up. I would always want her eyes to light up when mine au Bella's name was spoken of.
We were standing in the yard of Carlisle and Esme's home. I held her to my chest wishing she could stay there forver. "I upendo you, Daddy." She spoke in my neck. Her small arms tried to make their way around my shoulders.
"I upendo wewe to, Renesmee. zaidi than anything."
"Not zaidi than Momma." She smiled.
I started to speak but she cut me off. "It's a different love. I know."
I smiled at her. "I thought wewe couldn't read minds." I chuckled. I put her down and walked with her into the house.
"Momma!" Renesmee smiled and ran for Bella.
Bella's arms opened and Renesmee jumped into them. She clung to Bella's neck as Bella nessled her face in her hair.
My two lives, my two worlds, in once place. Finding the curage to talk to Bella that first siku back to Forks, the first night I watched her sleep, the moment I knew she loved me back. Hearing her say yes to my proposal to marrige, hearing her say 'I do', feeling her soft skin match mine the first night at Isle Esme. Those memories I thought I was at my happiest. I wasn't usually wrong, but looking at the two of them now proved I was. Nothing, in the one true sence of the word, could match the happiness I have in my life with a human's.
Bella looked up to meet my gaze and floated over to me. "I thought wewe weren't coming back." She teased.
"The only way I would not come back to you, is if I were in ashes." She cringed slightly. "And I am zaidi than positive I would find a way to come back to wewe then, Love." I smiled and kissed her as one of my arms wound it's way around her waist.
"Jake!" Renesmee jumped out of Bella's arms and ran for Jacob.
"Nessi." He ran toward her also and picked her up spinning her once around. "Hey, kiddo." He kissed her head and she giggled.
"You have to make me a new bracelet." She admitted sheepishly. "It's to little now."
"I already did." He pulled a longer version out of his pocket and wrapped it twice around her wrist before he tied it. "Now it will always fit." He smiled and sat down with her on the couch.
"Hello, Jacob." Esme greeted him from the jikoni doorway. "Are wewe hungry? I don't mind fixing wewe something."
"Esme wewe don't have to." Jacob's stomach growled in protest.
"I will anyway." She smiled at him and then returned to the kitchen.
"How was your run?" Bella asked him.
He looked up and rolled his eyes. "You mean with the bickering brother and sister and the always talking Quil? Great." He grined unenthused.
We all laughed as Alice fluttered down the stairs. "Jacob." She smiled. "I was wondering where wewe were. Your thirty sekunde late." She giggled.
"Ha ha, Alice."
"Ew. Put the dog out." Rosalie walked down the steps behind Alice but didn't walk farther than the last step. He's always hogging Nessi. Others like to play with her to. Guess kids do like playing with dogs. I chuckled and she chuckled along with me.
"What's so funny?" Bella asked curiously.
"I will fill wewe in later." I told her, to low for Jacob to hear, and kissed her head.
"Emily told me to give wewe this." Jacob pulled a small lunch bag out of his pocket and handed it to Renesmee.
She unwound the juu and reached inside. "She alisema she hear they were your favorite."
She pulled out a giant chokoleti chip cookie. It was the actual size of her head.
"A cookie!" She smiled and took a bite. "Emily makes the best cookies." She smiled once she swallowed. "Tell her thank wewe for me." She demanded to Jacob as she took another bite, this one bigger than the last.
She smiled, forming deep dimples in her plump cheeks. She played with a curl that hung over her shoulder. Her long eyelashes touched her cheeks as she put down the cookie and layed her head against his chest. "I hear your heart." She told him.
It was then that I envied Jacob Black one thing. A moyo beat for Renesmee.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Should I continue???