This short story is based mainly on Twilight. It's mainly about the enjoyment that I thought Jasper and Emmett would have got out of Edward falling for a human. The three of them always seemed to be close in my mind, so I figured that Jasper and Emmett would tease Edward after he fell in love. Please maoni and tell me what wewe think!!

Jasper and Emmett got way too much enjoyment out of the fact that I was in upendo with a human. They would look at me across the sitting room when I would be kusoma there and start snickering, nudging each other and thinking of how hilarious it was that I was in love. I had always believed firmly that I wasn’t meant to be with anyone and so the fact that I had fallen for anyone gave them enjoyment; even zaidi so when wewe added the fact that that someone was a human.

I sat playing chess with Alice behind my piano, looking out onto the Sal Duc River. I was winning. Alice and I actually only ever played mind chess; she fore- seeing my moves, me picking hers out of her head as she thought of them. Our games usually lasted about five dakika before someone forfeited.
I heard Jasper and Emmett enter, but paid no attention to their thoughts. They were just after finishing a wrestling match; obviously Emmett had won because if he hadn’t I would surely have heard his complaining. They both fell down onto the couch, but naturally they weren’t tired.
Alice flicked over her king. I grinned. “Check mate.” I laughed.
'It doesn’t count as check mate because I surrendered Edward.' She reminded me as she rose fluidly. 'Winner can clean up.' And she went to sit beside Jasper, mussing my hair as she passed me.
I had to walk past Emmett and Jasper to get to the shelf where we kept the chess boards. Emmett stuck his foot out to trip me, but I caught sight of his thoughts just in time. I side stepped his foot, kicking his leg as I passed. “Nice try” I said, grinning. What I hadn’t expected was for Jasper to have his foot stuck out as well. I went flying and the ground shook where I landed. Alice laughed, her high voice thrilling like birds. I turned slowly. “That better not have been your idea.” I growled playfully, glaring at her.
'Nope! Emmett’s and Jasper’s!' She giggled like a little girl and I launched myself at Emmett, who was shaking uncontrollably with laughter. The chair he was sitting on went flying. Fortunately for him, Jasper came to his rescue- pulling me off him. The two of them looked at each other and then at me. At the exact same time they snickered, elbowed each other and thought of Bella.
“Ha ha.” I growled, grimacing.
'It’s not our fault if wewe don’t like what we think. We can’t control our thoughts.' They thought in unison, and both burst out laughing as they fell through the jikoni door, looking like two drunken fools.
'Don’t worry Edward.' Alice thought comfortingly 'If wewe want to shut them up challenge them to an race. You’ll win.' Always trying to cheer me up, was Alice.
“Thanks Alice.” I muttered, as I stalked out the door to go see Bella.

Note: Once again apostrophes onyesha the thoughts Edward hears.