I normally drove my Volvo, but tonight Rosalie was behind the wheel. I had my headphones to my ipod tight in my ears, so I could hear nothing but the music. I knew what song was playing on the radio kwa whatching Alice's and Rosalie's mouths moving. Swimming kwa Florence + the Machine.
I could see Emmett's head appear then dissapear behind the headrest as he head banged to his ipod. Jasper was staring out the window tuning out everything around him.
Emmett was in the passenger kiti, kiti cha infront of me. Alice was sitting in between me and Jasper, bouncing up and down to the song.
I rested my head against the window and looked out into the dark. I could make out every leaf on the trees. Something no human could do at this time of night. Not with the clouds this thick.
At my old high school in Alaska, my family and I were what everything revolved around. We were always greeted with 'Hello.'s left and right in the hall's. Followed kwa one's who despretly wanted to be part of our in crowed.
Freshman, Sophmore, and Juniors girls dressed in the same style my sisters did, whom were very flattered. Some girls even loathed Rosalie because she was with Emmett making him untouchable. One girl had tried, but never tried again. Rose could have anything she wanted. If she wanted a kiti, kiti cha in the cafateria someone had already sat down in, she would get that seat.
I didn't like the attention the girls gave to me. My entire life was out there some where, and they were not it. They did not have the brown eyes that were so deep, they led to her soul. The brown silk hair, au the soft, light, cream skin I had once known. No one else would do for me but my Marie.
I didn't know her name now. She would not be a Marie. That would be her middle name now. And she would not know me. I sighed.
I took out one earbud and turned to Alice.
"How much longer?" I asked.
"Oh!" She squealed and pointed out my window. "There is the sign! Okay, Rose, see the break in those trees? Pull in there."
I sat up a little straighter in my kiti, kiti cha and shoved my ipod in my pocket.
Rosalie turned into the drive. If Alice hadn't have pointed it out, I wouldn't have known it was there. "There is it!" She smiled. The Volovo rolled to a stop and the engine as turned off as we piled out, closing our doors.
"This baby is huge!" Emmett threw is arm over Rosalie's shoulder.
He was right. This house was bigger than the Denali's. Three storys high and glass made up most of it. Light oak wood made up the rest.
"Come on. I will onyesha wewe your rooms." Alice and Esme had come up many times before the rest of us. They painted and placed the furniture inside making it songesha in ready. Alice had made us pick out our outfits for the siku yesterday and brought up the rest of our clothes.
The living room and jikoni made up the whole first floor. The south ukuta was nothing but glass. A white kitanda and upendo kiti, kiti cha were arraged on a baige rug that lay over the wood floors. "Up stairs." Alice directed us and we followed.
"This is Carlisle's study, and the bathroom. Carlisle and Esme's room." We followed her up another staircase. "The room on the left is mine and Jaspers. On the right is Rose and Emmett's." She turned to me and smiled. "Edward, your room is upstairs. I thought you'd like your own space." She smiled once zaidi and dissapeard down the stairs with Jasper behind her. Emmett and Rosalie had also dissapeard to who know's where.
I walked up the last set of stairs and walked down a short, narrow hall way to the door. My hand rested on the door handle and I prayed it wasn't elabrite. Nothing big. Small enough for me. A bed, a small couch, and desk, a dresser, a television, and shelves for my vitabu and music. No fancy curtins au living room sized space that held a seventy two inch televison and sectional. Nothing that big. I sucked in a breath and opened the door.
I blinked and smiled as I took in my room. The south ukuta was all glass. And in the room, big enough for one, was a bed, a small couch, a desk, a dresser, a televison, and shelves filled with my vitabu and music. Just as I had wanted. With the exception of side tables. I walked over to my dawati and emptied my pockets of my blackberry, my ipod, and my wallet. I opened it to make sure the small black and white crinkled picha of me and my- I was going to say Marie- was still there. It was. I smiled to myself and walked to the double doors that were on the other side of my bed. I opened them, letting the fresh, cool, night air in. They led to no where. A drop off.
I opened one of the other two white doors. One was a large bathroom. It had a tiled shower, and black marble countertops.
The other was my closet. I should have know it was going to be big. Alice was in charge, so why wouldn't it be.
"Do wewe like it." Alice's tiny voice rang behind me. I turned to look at her and she smiled.
I grabbed her in a hug and she laughed. "Thank you."
"Your very welcome." She giggled. "School tomorrow. Get to bed."
"Yes, ma'am." I let her go.
"I mean it, Edward. Don't up untill the crack of dawn reading." She snickerd.
I held up one hand. "I promise."
"Goodnight." She smiled.
"Goodnight, Alice." I told her and she closed the door on her way out.

I had biology next. Mr. Marcono. I passed Alice and Jasper in the hall. I told them both hello and ducked into the doorway of my inayofuata class.
Here, Mike Newton, Jessica Stanly, Till Grayson, Angela Webber, Eric Yorkie, and Bella swan were the center of attention. I noticed Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie were sitting in the back talking to Jessica Stanly. Till Grayson was not yet in the room. But he had this class. And so did Bella Swan. I searched for Bella swan in the crowd of students and nearly fell over standing still. The shape of her face and her perfect soft, light, cream skin was framed kwa silk brown hair.
"Bella!" Mike Newton called to her. "Smile!" Angela snapped a photograph of her and she smiled and rolled her eyes. Her brown eyes that followed the way to her soul. This was my Marie. I had found her.
"Mr. Cullen." Mr. Marcono motioned me over. I handed him my slip and he sighed as he signed it. "I will have to go find wewe a book. Just have a kiti, kiti cha kwa Miss Swan."
"Thank you." I nodded to him and walked over to "Bella" slowly, examening her. She was wearing a dark blue v-neck sweater. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders. She was wearing a faded pair of blue jeans that hugged her perfectly. Not too tight like Jessica Stanly's. I had forgotten to make noise as I sat down so she never looked up.
"Hello." I leaned over to her.
She turned to me, her brown eyes wide and apologetic.
"I'm sorry." She gasped. "I didn't see wewe sit down. I would have alisema something first." She smiled slightly.
"It's alright." I reasurred her. "I just sat down
actually. My name is Edward Cullen," I told her, in hopes that some how she would remember. She didn't. "my family just moved here this weekend."
"Isabella Swan. I prefer Bella, if wewe don't mind." She smiled. Breath taking. "And I just moved here a couple years ago. Where did wewe songesha from." She turned slightly in her chair to face me better. She didn't notice her own movement though.
"Alaska. We lived very close to our family."
She stared for a moment. "Well," She looked down then back up to my eyes. "Welcome to Forks." She smiled.
"Bella." Till Grayson stood inayofuata to her. Their arm's almost touching. "Are we still going out tonight?"
She head turned quickly in his direction, her body didn't move. He glared at me then looked down to Bella.
"Uh, sure. Where are we going again?" I could hear the confusion in Bella's voice.
He made a face. "Your inayopendelewa resturant. La Bella Italia. How could wewe forget if it has your name in it?"
"Oh, right. I dunno'. I just spaced out for a second."
"Alright. Let's get started. Mr. Grayson, kiti, kiti cha please." Mr. Marcono clapped his middle aged hands.
Till hurried to the back of the room Bella doodled carelessly on her notebook.
"Is he your boyfriend?" I bent my head slightly in her direction, my eyes never leaving the front of the room.
"Yes." I sighed
"But?" I knew her voice. Every meaning of the way she alisema her words.
"I think I have been with him for so long, I don't upendo him like I used to. Of course I would die if something happened to him, but I could say the same about my best friend Jacob." She explained.
"I understand." I nodded. "How long have wewe been with..." I shouldn't know his name. I let her tell me.
"Till. Two years. We were Marafiki for about a mwaka before we got into a relationship."
"Do wewe do that with all your boyfriends?" Keep the conversation going.
"No. Just him. Of course he was the first person I have ever been with. Boy's used to scare me." she confessed and giggled a little.
"Do they now?" I chuckled. She used to be one of the guys when I first met her. Afraid of nothing.
"No." She shook her head. "Not usually."
"Not usually." I repeated and laughed. Sound like something she would say.
She joined in with her own bells of laughter. Something I missed terribly. After almost a centery, there is no explanation to the joy of hearing something like that again.
"Mr. Cullen. Miss Swan. Is there something wewe would like to tell us? I'm sure the class could use a laugh." Mr. Marcono gave us a warning glance.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Marcono. It was my fault." I told him.
Knowing Bella, she wanted to argue. I brushed my fingers on her leg telling her not to. What it felt like to touch her again.
"Well, let's not make a habbit of it." Mr. Marcono turned back to the board.
I ripped a peice of paper and wrote to her.
She only nodded as if she was parralized everywhere else.
I wanted to talk to her again. I needed to talk to her again.
The kengele rang and I left to find Alice before Bella had time to get to the cafateria.
"Alice!" I called to her.
She turned around smiling wide, her blue eyes sparkling. "I found her." I smiled back.