In case wewe didn't notice, these two are the first makala in Edward's pov insted of Bella's. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

"I found her." I smiled back.
"I know." Alice, bounced on her toes.
"Wait, wewe knew she was here?"
"Yes." She admitted. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Why do wewe think I was able to talk everyone into moving down here?" She giggled and I looked up to Jasper.
"You knew too?" I asked him.
"She told us not to think about it around you. Sorry." He half smiled.
I shook my head. "I don't have words to think wewe right now." I told Alice. "But I have to catch up with her for lunch. See wewe guys at home."
"Have fun with Bella!" Alice called to me.
"Bella?" Jaspers voice. "I thought it was Marie?" He was confused.
"It was." Alice told him as I rounded the corner I laughed to myself.
I saw Bella a few steps from the door. She looked irratated at someone. I looked passed her and saw Till leaning against a car talking to another girl as she giggled. Jessica walked passed him and slapped his head. She was looking out for Bella.
I caught the door just before her hand, and wrenched it open. "Ladies first." She looked up startled then blushed and smiled and hurried into the warm room.
"Can I carry your bag?" I asked her. I guess some of my old self was still here.
She bit her lip before answering. "Sure."
I slid she bag off her arm and led her to the line.
I got a sandwich, sandwichi and tray of fries and a Coke, she grabbed nothing but a bottle of apple juice.
She was pulling her money out of her pocket but I stopped her. "I'm getting it." I told her. "Both of these." I told the lunch lady and paid. "Where would wewe like to sit?" I asked her. I could feel a light grin on my face.
"I could have gotten this." She told me, raising her bottle.
I walked to an empty meza, jedwali and she followed. She pulled out the chair infront of me.
I threw a fry in my mouth then spoke. "Over there," I pointed to a meza, jedwali on the other side of the room. "Are my brothers Emmett and Jasper. And my sisters, Alice and Rosalie."
Alice was laughing with Jasper and Rosalie had a very persuading face as she talked to Emmett.
"We were all adopted." I told her. She hadn't met them yet. "Alice and Jasper are together. Emmett and Rosalie are together."
Her face was a kuvuka, msalaba between confusion and shock. I laughed. "It's not what it seems. I hope wewe aren't judging."
"No." She spoke just a tad bit to loud. "No, I mean, I can't believe your parents allowed that."
"Well, when wewe are in love, there is no turning back." I wondered if she caught the double meaning.
After a while she looked up and her eyes got big. "We're going to be late." She stood quickly and I stood up with her. She held onto her bottle as I threw my trash away and laid my tray on juu of the trashcan.
We stepped outside and it was just starting to sprinkle. "Will I see wewe tomorrow?" I asked her. I stared into her eyes. Those eyes that I had stared at before so long ago.
She nodded and I smiled. I felt the mist turn into a heavy downpour. "See wewe tomorrow then." I nodded back. "Bella."
I hadn't called her Bella untill now, though it rolled off my lips like nothing. It was a natural feeling. I turned, hating leaving her standing in the rain, and stared to walk to my inayofuata class. I turned to see if she still there but all I saw was the back of her, hurring up the stairs with her kofia pulled up.

"You are staying here." Alice told me as she others were walking out of the house. Carlisle had a doctor's banquet.
"Why?" I hadn't ever been to a banquet of Carlisle's before, but when I tried to start, Alice was stopping me.
"Just stay. That's all wewe need. wewe will thank me, Edward." She told me. It was only her and I left in the house. I shot her a wary look. "Please trust me, Edward."
I sighed and gave in. "Okay. I'll stay."
"Thank you." She hugged me and I kissed her on the cheek. Alice and I looked out for each other. We were both freaks among the freaks. She could see the future, I could read minds. We were immortal. How much zaidi freaky could wewe get.
"Bye, Edward." She told me and closed the door.
I ran my hand threw my hair and listened as the car hit the highway. It was seven o'clock. Bella would be on her tarehe now.
She was my Bella. Mine. I felt jealous of Till Grayson. He had my life and he treated her wrong. I wanted to hurt him. I rememberd him talking to the other girl as Bella went without noticing. I wonder what else he did without her noticing. Not too much. Bella paid very much attention to her surroundings. Always had.
But I didn't want to think of him right now.
I sat down on the large white sofa and turned on the televison. Vampire Diaries was on and I thought of that poor human girl. She was in upendo with a vampire. How dangerous.
Nothing was on tonight as I flipped the televison off and went outside.
I sat on the front steps of my new house looking up through the break in the trees. I tried to see the stars but the thick clouds were blocking the view. I saw head lights sweep through the tree's and saw an unfimilar old truck stop infront of me.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The rest is in my sekunde makala which wewe all have already read. If wewe dont remember, it's Bella. She came after Till broke up with her. She found Edward because she needed someone. She fell asleep at his house and blah blah know.