The Cullens
Twilight must be one of the most maarufu teenage vitabu of all time and not only was it such a hit for the teenagers, but it was going well for various adults. The main gender that reads the series would be female, but it is widely read kwa males, too.

The movie was very well done. I thought it captured the main facts of the story. The actors were excellent, and all of the characters suited the ones that were imagined kwa millions of people worldwide. It really drew me in, caught my attention, and not once could I take my eyes off of the screen.

I think they rushed the movie a bit. I understand they may have been trying to keep it shorter and not painful to endure, and that they were trying to sum up all 498 pages of the book. I would have prefered it to be a bit longer and capture zaidi that the book had said. I also found it to be a bit choppy and jumped from scene to scene too fast, there wasn't as much 'fluff' as I would have liked. Although, I did find the choppiness somewhat suiting to the movie.

Of course there are always improvements, and the book is always zaidi detailed, so the disappointment was minimal for me. My Marafiki cried, my facial expressions changed with the mood of the movie. There are definitely a lot zaidi good things to say about it than bad.


I cannot possibly contain my excitement, au how wonderful the movie was in an makala using simple words. The movie was great! They effectively used flashbacks, and included some of the favourite lines from the book, and included most of what I was looking mbele to. I thought it was well done, and I know I'm not the only one who is waiting for New Moon in 2010!!

Leave a comment, tell us what wewe thought about the movie! Were wewe impressed? Was there anything wewe wished they would've au wouldn't have included? Is it your favourite?

My answer - I was not impressed. I was thrilled, enthralled, blown away!
I wish they had included zaidi about the Cullens, maybe expanded upon zaidi of the main things, and added some of the fluffy unnecissary stuff, just to add to it. Because I would have sat there for seven hours if they made it that long! I was happy with everything, but I wish they might have followed the book even closer than they already did. Thorough enjoyment, though.
It is absolutely one of my all time favourites, and I highly recommend it!

I hope wewe enjoy/enjoyed it, and let us all know how wewe felt!