I was as big as a house.I had to stop going to school because my doctor put me in kitanda rest. I hated staying in one place....it was so boring,I needed something to do.I picked up my phone and went through the contacts.I saw a name that I haven't called in a while so I pressed the green button and the phone began the ring.
"Hello?"She said.
"Hey Carly."I said.Carly was my best friend from boarding school, but she was a mwaka ahead of me.
"Hey Kam...How are ya?"She alisema in her southern accent.
"I'm good I was wondering if wewe wanted to hang out at my house?"I asked her.
"Umm."I bit my lip at her hesitation."Sure, what's your address?"She asked me and I gave it to her.I rang my kengele and Ryan ran in,paint all over his pants and shirt.I laughed a little.
"I'm having a friend come over and I wanted to sit downstairs."I alisema to him.He smiled and helped me up out the kitanda and walked me downstairs, helped me down on the kitanda and went into the kitchen.
The doorbell rang and I tried to get up and get it...I was walking into the hallway when I saw Carly.
She looked over at me and her mouth dropped.
"Omg...Kam wewe are so Pregnant."She said.I looked confused.
"I'm...pregnant???"I alisema to her and then started laughing.Ryan shook his head and went back in to the kitchen.
She started towards the stairs and then looked back at me with a confused look on her face.
"I'm really not allowed to walk up the stairs."I alisema to her, she just nodded and followed me into the living room.
I sat down on the kitanda and she sat across from me.
"So...That was Ryan?"She asked.I shook my head eagerly and she laughed at me.
We sat on there and talked until I started to get really tired.She kissed my cheek and rubbed my stomach before she left.After Ryan let her out, he came to sit down inayofuata to me.
I smiled at him as he began to rub my swollen feet.I stared at him, wondering what I did to deserve such a perfect person.I felt on of my little angels kick me.I gasped a little and Ryan looked at me funny.I just shook my head and he went back to rubbing my feet.I laid my head back and drifted into sleep.

I woke up the inayofuata siku in my bed.I sat up slowly and looked at Ryan,who was sitting in my computer chair.He looked up at me, his eyes red and puffy, tears coming down like a waterfall.
"What's wrong?"I asked Ryan.He looked up at me and came and sat on the corner of my bed.
"I have to go..."He said.I was confused...where do he have to go?
"What do wewe mean wewe have to leave?"I asked him, my voice getting thick.
"My family wants to go back to London...and I have to go with them."He said, zaidi tears coming down his face.
"You can stay here."I suggested.He shook his hand.
"I'm not of legal age, so I have to go with them."He said.He kissed me on my forehead then my stomach...I closed my eyes and he was gone, like a figment of my imagination.
I sat there and realized what just happened...He had to leave me and probably would never come back until he was eighteen in three months and I was going to be nine months pregnant...Was he ever going to come back au was that just an excuse????

I opened my eyes and looked around my pitch black room, thanking god it was only a dream.My hand shot across the covers until I felt another person beside me.I felt him stir under it and he snuggled closer, wrapping his hands around my stomach as best he could.
"Promise me you'll never leave me..."I whispered to him.I felt him tense up behind me and then relax.
"I promise I will never leave you...I upendo you."He alisema and kissed the nape of my neck.,with that I feel back into a peaceful slumber....