Bellas POV
I was told kwa a colourful girl, I won't last for zaidi than a day. I just moved to Forks and enrolled in Myth high. As I was walking down the corridors of the school, I got scared. Was it me; au did something seem a little odd? Every where I go, people were in costumes, but I asked, (and how could I be stupid?) That they weren't costumes after all. The students are actually monsters. I wasn't sure wheather to scream au faint. But I got on with it. As I was walking, I bumped into a group of emo kids, (atleast I hope that they are emos.) "Erm excuse me can wewe tell me where to find this class?" Was it me, au did I get the impression, that they are mean. They hissed and I trembled. I backed away after that. But behind me was a tanned- tall boy who smiled. "Yo, new kid. There is a warning: do not tick off the vampires. They are the Cullens and Hales and they don't take welcomes very well." Why couldn't he tell me before? But atleast he is talking to me. "I'm Bella and wewe are?..." He smiled. "I'm Jacob. I am a werewolf." I just smiled as he showed me round. As we got deeper in the school, I was curious about the vampires.

"So what is it, with the vampires, Jacob?" I asked. He stopped his smilng. "It was dark days, when they started. We were used to monsters as we are a myth school, but when they came, everyone was wondering. They are the only Wanyonya damu we have. But the weird thing, is that they are a family; au clan. They each have a soul mate. Alice has Jasper, Rosalie has Emmet but Edward has no one. The way he looked at wewe was anoyyed, au probably intense and forbbiden for some reason." He finished. I was confused. "Which one was Edward?" I questioned. "The one wewe bumped into and asked the question." I started to think. If he was forbbiden and intense, then why? It doesn't make sense. "Don't think about it. He went out with a witch called Tanya, and he dumped her sorry punda the inayofuata day." Wow. I've known Jacob for 15 dakika and he know me better than anyone else.

Edwards POV
"Edward, will wewe calm down?" Rosalie asked. I just felt like after meeting, the human, Bella, I felt aggrevated and dehydrated. My throat is burning. "Rosalie, I can't come down. I think this Bella girl is my singer. But I don't want to hert her." Singers are, the special person, whos blood wewe want. It makes wewe feel, like wewe never wanted a humans blood so much in your life. "And why don't wewe want to hurt her?"Alice asked. "Because...." I was Lost for words. Emmett, (my pain of a brother said,) "Admit it bro, besides her being your singer; wewe like her." How could he say that? I don't! At least, not now. I don't think. But my face gave it away that I do and my siblins teased me. Jasper asked, "but how can wewe fall for a human?" I didn't know how to reply, so I joked. "The moyo wants what it wants." With a smile. I feel zaidi better. Tommorow, I am not wearing dark clothes. It makes me feel moody.
The kengele rang, so I'm going to have to wait till break, to decided what to do...

It's going to be hard to be with Bella. I don't think she will like me, like that.Also, I don't know if I could control myself. I'm looking into what was once, my lving heart. I feel like I am in upendo with her, but I shouldn't be. It will take alot of control. It's now break and I am sitting kwa myself, kwa an oak tree; and I'm watching the world go by. The wiches are giving me dirty looks, especially, my one siku ex Tanya. She joked meanly, "what, wewe are not practicing, changing to a bat?" Rage was bubbling in side me. "Get a life, wewe evil witch. Don't wewe have a couldron to stir?" It felt good giving back. It's a great way to burn some time. But then, a figure came towards me.