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posted by Renesmee_XD
Okay so this has been in my mind for a while I need to get it out before I lose it , I am not continuing this now I am finishing my other story first but I am putting the first chapter on fanpop and then later on Fanfiction when I can write this properly :)
Summary: Bella see’s a gang hurting a homeless stranger, she helps him obviously and takes him to the shelter which  her and her Marafiki have made, but he seems so smart, so nice so how did he end up on the street?

Pairings : Canon ExB  ( All Human //Alternative Universe)
Rating : T for now
Playlist: Innocent - Taylor Swift 


My feet groaned in response as I walked the corner of the last street, I had stupid high heels on plus the fact that Jacob had parked the car so bloody far away from the duka I was visiting, they didn’t stock the jelly I needed for tonight’s party and I knew Esme was going to be so disappointed even though she would not say so.
I had thermal flask that I had in my hand, which was still full of hot chai offered to me to give Jacob and it was giving some really sore burns.
Ahead I saw three gangly boys beating up some cowering person on the ground.
Stupid idiots.
I stomped mbele on my heels, no idea what came over me, and my bad luck I tripped over a flat surface making my chai going spilling out.
I took off my shoes and hobbled over to where I had spilt it over one of the guys, he was lying down with a bag clutched in his hand and the person in rags was cowering in the corner, I guessed that the other two from the gang had ran away.
I shook the young man on the ground, he stirred softly a moan stimulated his body action, soon enough he was withering around.
“Excuse me,” I spoke my voice unnecessarily sharp, the person groaned on the ground and raised his hands shielding his face again. “Please, please don’t hit me again,” he murmured. 
Why would I hit him?  
That was when I realised that my shoes were raised in my other hand and in position that if I swung them it would hit him square on the face. I could use his weakness as my advantage. “Well get the hell up,” I growled.
He moved faster than I thought, he was standing up before I could count, “Now drop the bag. au wewe will regret it.”
“Fine, fine woman, it’s that piece of shit’s over there anyway.” He motioned to the person who was cringing in the corner.
I growled a zaidi menacing sound then, he scrambled away then, I picked up the backpack he had dropped and cautiously moved; I didn’t want the person to think I was going to attack, towards him and put a soft gentle hand on his scrunched form. The person flinched in fear, so I crouched down to see. It was a man, he had bruises on his face and God knows how many on his body, his face was a little ragged and his body looked malnourished.
A total shame, stupid people.
“Hey, I won’t hurt wewe I promise, please don’t be scared. I promise not to hurt wewe in anyway,” I soothed in a soft voice; he managed to calm down visibly at least some of the shaking stopped a little.
I noticed he was clenching a glass in his hands and a little blood was trickling down his hand, I had to juu the blood fast, his pale hand was skin was rapidly becoming redder and redder.
Now’s not the time to faint.
I removed my hand from his shoulder and gently placed it on his hand, slowly bringing it into mines, he’s eyes appraised me as I brought to me. I think he knew I wasn’t I was danger so he slowly relaxed; his body was little tense though not as much as before.

I unclenched his hand to see, there was a glasses frame in his hand, and I ripped off my dress’s last ruffle and gently wrapped it around his hand. I looked up to see him staring at me with an intense gaze in his green eyes.
“Do wewe want me to help wewe get wewe home?”  I whispered to him.
He shook his head. “Are wewe sure?”  
“I don’t have a home,” he whispered back his face turning red and his eyes dropped to the ground.
I lifted his head up so I could gaze into those glorious eyes again. “Don’t worry, if wewe come with me and promise not to attack, I can help you.” My voice was calm; he looked at me dizzily.
“Will wewe come?” I held out my hand for him; he looked at for a sekunde then grabbed it and stood up fluidly.
Holy jogoo he is tall  
He clutched his bag pack to his chest and stayed behind me also the time. I was walking in bare feet my shoes in of my hands and his hand in mines. 
To my surprise he had stopped shaking and when we reached Jacob he started again as if worried again. I squeezed his hand as if trying to reassure him, we weren’t creepy murders. 
I think he got the point when he clenched my hand tighter.
“Oh Bella, wewe silly girl wewe have been keeping your secret lover away from us all eh? I thought best-friends told each other all their secrets.” 
“No Jacob this is…” I didn’t even know this person’s name.
“E-Edward,” the man stuttered in. 
Edward huh? Kind of like my name I would have for a guy. Though not many men have the kikale, kale fashioned book names.  
“Yes Jacob , Edward’s going to be living with us in the special accommodations,” Jacob nodded as if he understood and told Edward he could step in the car.
Immediately Edward eyes glowed as he looked at the car, it was a Mercedes C-Class Saloon apparently it wasn’t one the latest cars Jacob would have wanted but I had firmly told him he would have to wait a few years.
“I used to have that car,” he voice was so quit I could hardly hear him.
Jacob did though which then made them deluge into a conversation about cars.
“A-hem,” I cleared my throat that got both of their attentions, “I know wewe want to bond over cars but please later.”
Jacob nodded and I pulled Edward along with me to the back seat, thankfully he seemed visibly relaxed though he did disagree with Jacob’s choice of music.
There was playful banter in the car with that conversation, I smiled at them. 
I had never noticed how handsome Edward was he had: boisterous bronze hair, he was mostly lanky zaidi 6’2ish and green eyes probed every thought.

We arrived at the shelter, it looked like a 6 story house me and my Marafiki had rebuilt for the homeless people. We lived there too but it was actually pretty non-dangerous all the people wanted a change and they got that granted.

I stepped out of the car again and Edward stood behind me, he grabbed my hand again as if nervous and I smiled up at him again just to reassure him again.
I walked mbele tugging him along with me, he followed obligingly I pulled a key out and unlocked the front door.
“Okay Edward this is a homeless people’s house. We are here to make people’s lives better; of course wewe have to do your part. I am going to let wewe share a room with Jasper and Emmett, don’t worry they won’t hurt you. Okay?” He nodded. 
“You’re not to bring any bila mpangilio crazy strangers to this house au wewe will be chucked out and trust me this is close bunch of people, not good idea to get on the bad side,” I alisema dragging him up to Emmett and Jasper’s room. I knocked sharply and almost immediately Jasper opened the door, his deep blue eyes wild with excitement, his blonde hair still crazily mussed about.
“Hey Jasper wewe have a new roommate, this is Edward,” I pointed towards him.
“Cool! Maybe he’ll be better than Emmett over there,” he pointed his thumb over at Emmett who was sitting looking at the Wii with confused expression on his face. I had to stifle a laugh at that.
“Jasper can wewe let him borrow some of your clothes please, then maybe wewe can set Alice on him,” Jasper grinned at the prospect of letting his girlfriend shopping for someone else other than him.
“I’ll see wewe later,” I spoke to Edward who looked at me with a worried expression. “Don’t worry Jasper’s friendly, and I’m only on the 6th floor if wewe need anything.”
He smiled sadly and followed Jasper in.

I felt so elated, I had helped someone else, my mother would have been so happy at me at this point.

Finished finally !! So what did wewe think ?


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