I had finally arrived in Silverton my new “home” but there was something different about this town it actually did feel like nyumbani though I had no idea why.     I had already unpacked all of my furniture and everything so I was moved into my new house and I was going to go watch TV for a while before going to “bed”. I would begin school tomorrow which made me happy because I would having something to do.
    Today was my first siku of school at S.H.S. (Silverton High School) and I had no clue what was to come of it. Today I decided to go with something hot but casual I chose a short jean skirt, upindo with black leggings underneath and a strapless corset shati with a black moyo mkufu and heels with straps. I supposed if I was going to be the center of attention anyway I might as well look good. I grabbed my mfuko wa fedha, mfuko and walked out to my car which was a Jaguar, I recently got it because it was really fast. I drove to school and as expected everyone was staring. I walked quickly at human pace though to my first class, math. Math went kwa quickly and so did English now it was time for biology. I walked in and I immediately smelled vampire. I quickly scanned the room and saw a gorgeous vampire. He had blonde hair and topaz eyes. Just then the teacher Mr. Biran called my name I was slightly glad he did because I didn’t want to look like an idiot. I walked towards the teacher who gave me the kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to the cute vampire. I waited a couple of dakika to see if he would introduce himself but when he didn’t I did. “Hello my name is Calista but I prefer Cali.” I alisema nicely but cautious. The guy answered “ Hello my name is Christopher but I like to go my Chris.” In a very cautious guarded voice. As soon as the kengele rang Chris ran out of there at inhuman speed, this worried me. Were they bad au good vampires? The rest of the school siku went kwa smoothly and fast, but I was in a hurry to get nyumbani so I wouldn’t have to act anymore. I was walking to my car when Chris came up and started walking kwa me. “Hello, Chris” I alisema politely “Hello, Cali” he answered casually. When we got to my car he asked “Can we go for a drive, we need to talk.” I hesitated for a moment and replied “sure.” very cautiously. We got in and I turned the key slowly and asked “Where should we go” “Lets drive to Rosewood, it will give us some time.” I pulled out of the parking lot slowly and drove out of Silverton at the normal speed but as soon as we left the edges of town I drove at 180mph. “What did wewe need to talk about?” I asked casually “I know you’re a vampire” Chris stated simply. “Ya, and” “I need to know what your diet is” “I only drink animal blood.” “Really” he asked shocked “ya” I replied with curiosity. After a few dakika he alisema “good that’s all me and my family drink too.” “I think wewe should meet them” he added. “ummmm ok?” I answered nervously. After we made it to rosewood I drove back to Chris house to meet his vampire family.

Cali's Car