After dinner, Edward had changed and showed up back at my suit. Much to Mason's delight, they ruff housed and wrestled until I called Mason for a bath then bed. As I tucked Mason in, my mind kept wondering to the man that was sitting in the living area.

"Momma?" Mason's little voice was thick with sleep.

"What, Baby?" I whispered, pushing his blond hair out of his eyes. Time for a hair cut. I would call Alice later.

"I upendo Edward." He sighed.

"I know." I smiled.

"You should upendo him, too." He opened his eyes to look at me.

"Why is that?" I asked, pulling his blanket up and tucking it around his chin.

"Because, I think Edward would make an awesome dad." He smiled sleepily, his eyes to heavy to keep open. "Night, Momma."

"Good night, Sweetie." I whispered and turned out the light, leaving the door open a crack.

"Everything alright?" Edward was up from the kitanda making his way towards me.

"Yeah, he just..." I scoffed. "Mason just blows my mind sometimes." I laughed.

"What did he say?" He asked, pulling on my hand to follow him to the light tan sofa.

"He told me he loved wewe and that I should upendo wewe too."

"Oh yeah? What for?"

"He alisema you'd 'make and awesome dad'."

"I would make a kick-ass dad." He smirked.

I giggled and snuggled into his chest. Parts of Esme and Edward's little talk earlier were swimming in my head as I tried to make a life altering decision.

"Why don't wewe ask them to songesha in with you."

"But I can't help to think we are moving to fast."

"So what if wewe were? wewe two deserve to be happy."

"I upendo him like he was my own."

"What is going on in your head that has wewe thinking so hard?" Edward' lips were at my ear, kissing my jaw.

"I...." I sat up and looked at him. "I'm completely and one hundred percent positive about this. I want this. If wewe do."

"Bella, what's going on?" His brows were furrowed, causing worry line on his forehead.

I took a deep breath and took his hands in mine. "I want wewe to songesha in with Mason and I."

"Bella, I-"

I held up my hand. "Before wewe protest, I just want wewe to know that this pace is what I want. I don't think we are moving to fast. I don't want to leave work and leave you. I want to leave work, and be able to come nyumbani to you. We upendo wewe and I just want to be completely happy again."


"We." I smiled. "I upendo you, Edward. wewe brought light back into my life. I don't feel alone anymore. I feel like Mason is able to be a kid and not trying to be a grown up, wewe know. I-" Edward cut me off, pressing his lips to mine.

"I upendo you, too, Bella." He whispered. "My Bella."

"Your Bella." I agreed.


It had been about three weeks since i moved in. We sort of developed our own little routine of things and I was actually starting to feel like I had always been here. Mason was ecstatic of course and to be totally honest so was I. I was excited to be apart of a family. Sarah had been diagnosed before we could have children. But she gave me one. She sent me right to him.

A blond haired, blue eyed, hyperactive, ruff housing, messy, lovable 5 mwaka old named Mason Anthony Cullen. She was right again. If I hadn't ever tried I would have never talked to Bella. I would still be sulking in my loss instead of loving what I had and now loving what I have.

"Edward? Can wewe run Mason a bath?" Bella cupped her hand over the phone.

"Sure." I nodded and walked up stairs to his room.

"Hey Mase, bath time."

"Aw." He sulked.

"Come on. Leave your toys there and wewe can play with them when your out."

"Okay." He sighed and walked into the bathroom where I turned on the tap. "Oh! My pajamas." He scurried out and ran into his room sifting through his drawers. "Dad!"

"Yeah?" I automatically called back.

"Can wewe go get my Sponge Bob pajama's out of the dryer?"

"Sure thing." I shut off the water and made it half way down the hall before I stopped, Mason's words just sinking in. He had just called me 'Dad'.

I know it's not long and I'm sorry I have taken so long to write. My birthday was Tuesday and I turned 16 so got my license!!

Anway, I know it's not long but it's a big milestone for Mason and Edward here. Wouldn't want to much going on...they might pass out on us. Hope wewe liked!!!

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