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posted by runlikeawolf
I smiled as Jacob and I ran through the lush forest.I loved it when we got to go out alone.Away from Mom and Dad.They were always eyeing Jake and I.I loved Jacob,and I knew that he loved me,too(as he had revealed to me last mwaka on my 16th birthday).
I winced as we neared a clearing.We slowed to a stop.He smiled as I placed my hand on his russet-colored chest.I felt his moyo beating,as it would for eternity."I upendo you,"he said.He leaned down and I kissed him passionately.I breathed in his warm,woodsy scent.
All of my troubles seemed to melt away as his lips molded with mine.We broke apart,gasping for air."You better control your thoughts around Dad!"I warned."He'll lock me in my room for ages."
"If he does,"he said."I'll come rescue you."
I smiled and plopped down on the grass.He joined me.I leaned against his bare chest."Of course wewe will!"
"I'm probably the luckiest girl in the world to be able to have a guy like you."I said."Same here," he concluded.I struggled around and kissed him again."You are my perfect other half,"he said,once we broke apart.
It was true,we were meant for each other.I shivered with happiness as I thought about spending the rest of my life with him.I fingered the bracelet he gave me the awali year.It depicted a mbwa mwitu howling at the moon.It was just like the one he had aliyopewa my mother for her graduation present.
"I'll be right back,"he alisema suddenly.I stood up to let him go.He ran off into the woods.I had a good guess of what he was doing.Sure enough,a reddish-brown mbwa mwitu bursted out of the undergrowth.He padded up to me and motioned with his head to climb on his back.
"You're serious?"I asked.He nodded his enormous head up and down.He kneeled down.I giggled as I climbed on.It was like riding a horse.He was huge!He stood up once I was on and raced into the forest.The trees were a blur as we rushed past.
It was amazing.Suddenly,a crash mgawanyiko, baidisha the air.Jacob tilted his head.He bared his teeth and raced off to the sound.We came to my house.Mom and Dad were in a defensive crouch when we got there.Jacob phased back."What happened?"he asked.
"Newborns."my dad spat."What?!"I shrieked."We were coming back from Carlisle's office,"my mom explained."There were two newborns in the house.We fought them off,but I'm sure they will be back."
"This is horrible!"I said."We have to go tell the others!"Dad nodded briskly and we all raced off toward Carlisle's.
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