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This Is Tala's story.....Seth's and Lanise's daughter. I hope wewe like it!!!

I looked out my window, It was sunny.I put on my bikini some shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my beach, pwani bag and walked downstairs.
"Nana, I'm going to the beach." I alisema as I walked into the kitchen..Lucas was eating some cereal.
"Okay Sweetie,just remember to put on sunscreen." She said. I shook my head okay and kissed her on the cheek and left.
I walked down to the beach, pwani and put down my towel. I took off my shorts and a t-shirt, and start putting on some sunscreen. I put my hair, that was down...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 17

“my mother couldn’t unleash the powers but I did” I alisema quietly not even a vampire could have heard me..
“ivan y did u guys have thefight?” I asked him calmly.
“I actually don’t know he started it, I was defending myself” Ivan answered.
“and that’s y I upendo u u don’t get into fights so I don’t have to worry u getting killed au anything, like this
“ I said.
“but the good this is that im okay” Ivan said. everyone went back to what they were doing.
“nessie y didn’t u onyesha me that?” my father asked me I swallowed.
“because u really didn’t know who my...
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posted by NeeNee14
I was walking along the road..when I noticed some one familiar. I started to speed up towards the person,before I was running. I slowed down, realizing I must look crazy. I tapped her on her shoulder.
"Hi, I don't mean to bother you, but Do wewe know a Seth?" I asked her. She smiled at me.
"Yeah, He's my Boyfriend." I punched her and she fell.
"Stay away from him. I'm his girlfriend and I 'm pregnant with his son. If wewe don't I will cut you. " I alisema to her.She looked up at me. She was scared. I turned around and started walking. I felt her running after me. I saw a werewolf coming after, I've...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    I closed the door and locked it behind me, and sighed deeply, holding the glass of water to my forehead to cool myself down.
    "Did they find out?" Jerek asked out of nowhere, and I jumped.
    I looked at him as he tugged on his jeans, and pulled on his shirt. "No. Though, I think Shropee knows, and Tabra and I had this thing yesterday to where we told eachother secrets. He told me one really big one, and so I owe it to him to tell him about...
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.:Story Start:.
I was visiting Volterra, Italy because I wanted to learn about the city I've heard of it from school and I thought it would be fun to get away from school for a bit.Today I was going to The Volterra Castle, I was excited, cause they only except a few people a week!
I pulled out my black halter, with the rose on the left side, and pulled it on over my white shirt.Then I put on some shorts and my inayopendelewa heeled boots.Then I put on some cover-up and lip-gloss and I was ready.I looked at my golden brown hair and tousled it a bit, then smiled.
I grabbed my cell and put it in my...
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posted by LexisFaith
"Is that your guitar?" I pointed over to the corner where an acoustic sat on it's stand.

"Yeah." She smiled. "Jason got it for me for krisimasi when he first started working for me." She smiled.

"If wewe don't mind me asking, why do wewe have him." I asked her.

"Well, I make zaidi money than I know what to do with, so, when I didn't have Alice to dress me, I got the sekunde best thing. I needed him for my meetings and dinners."

"Ah." I nodded. "Mind?" I asked pointing to the guitar.

"Not at all." She shook her head and sat down on her bed.


He grabbed my guitar, gitaa and sat inayofuata to me, his hands already...
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posted by mia1emmett
 the ring
the ring
sorry this is short. my brother wont let me finish and i wanted it up today. so yeah..

Chapter 16
I ran past the treaty line and I ran all the way home. Edward was nyumbani with Alice and Bella. Alice was holding up 3 outfits in front of Nessie and Bella and Edward were at the piano. Everyone was looking at me and I started screaming in my head because I couldn’t find my voice ‘ITS ME STELLA…’. Edward was inayofuata to me in a sekunde “what happened?” I forgot that I was tearing until Bella wiped them away. Alice asked me “whats wrong...
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posted by karpach_13
 nessie's magical neckalce
nessie's magical neckalce
Chapter 16
“sky…sky is weird and I don’t like weird” Tyson told me. I looked at Ivan he put his hand on my shoulder and I put my hand on his.
“I’ll be right back” I told Ivan.
“okay” he answered me.. I got up from the chair and went to Sky.
“sky come here I need to talk to you” I told her. She looked at me with watery eyes she got up and went with me. We went in the house to talk.
“sky I don’t want to do this but I hate seeing people sad so I’ll try to make wewe happy” I told her. My mother was always helping people and she wants me to help Sky, even though I don’t...
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posted by LexisFaith

We got back to Forks around 2 am. We went shopping a little and he bought me a neckless remembering that today was my birthday. Oh. joy. Twenty-eight.

We pulled up in my drive way, but didn't get out of the car just yet.

"Bella?" Edward called my name.

"Hm?" I looked up our face inches apart. My moyo thudded and my breathing stopped.

His green eyes were boaring into mine, smoldering me. "Happy Birthday." He smiled a crooked smile.

I smiled back. "Don't remind me." I huffed.

"Bella." He chuckled and shook his head. "You're beautiful."

I felt my face turn a birght shade of red and I turned to...
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posted by NeeNee14
I got out of the bed, but Cords were puling me back.I ripped them out my arm and the machines started beeping rapidly. Carlisle came in, he looked at me and walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms. I stood there and cried. I didn't notice he was gone and someone else came in to hug me. These arms where warm...
I looked up at who was holding me.She looked back at me and smiled. I saw my reflection in her eyes. I looked horrible, my eyes where puffy and my hair was a mess.
"He loves you, he would never do anything to hurt you...and if he ever did hurt you.I will kill him..I don't care if He's...
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posted by NeeNee14
My feet still couldn't touch the ground, but they were getting closer. I could here a little girl crying and calling for her mother, and a man trying to comfort her. I kept trying to touch the ground, with each try, I was getting closer. I tried one zaidi time, I was losing strenth. I couldn't do it.
I felt someone kick me from the all clicked, like a light came on in my head. I had to get back to my family. I kept trying, my feet where inches away; they finally reached the ground. I opened my eyes, but felt weak. I looked at Seth and smiled, and faded into a dream.....

I was taking...
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posted by LexisFaith
I know this is a big jump! sorry!
Today was Ever's fifth birthday. The family are all gonig on a picnic. Something she loved to do.

I brought Ever down stairs and fixed her break fast while Bella was taking her morning shower.

"Edward!" Twenty dakika later I heard Bella call from up stairs.

"Yeah?!" I called up to her.

"Could wewe come here for a second?"

I bounded up the stairs taking them kwa two's. "Where are you?" I called in the hall.

She opened the bedroom door and was standing in shock. Oh, no. She found the ring.

"Bella? Bella, love, are you...
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posted by karpach_13
 svetlanas dress
svetlanas dress
Chapter 16

“she didn’t want to tell wewe because she didn’t want to make people think she’s different that’s all” I told them.
“well obviously she would have been different if she told us she was a wizard” uncle Emmett said.
“exactly and u would treat her differently but she doesn’t want that” I told them.
“nessie today not tomorrow!” my father yelled.
“I got to go , so jake wen can I come?” I asked him.
“today if wewe want” he told him.
“u’re the best” I told him and hugged him. I ran towards the house ivan following me.
“wat do u want?” I asked him. He wore...
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posted by LexisFaith
I burst through the door still wondering where the hell my Volvo was. "Mom! Where the hell is my car?!" Panic was setting in, and fast.

"You have a rental car remember? The Ashton Martin." She called though the kitchen.

I had forgotten I had to leave my Volvo at home. Damn. Insted I was driving a dark blue Ashton Martin.

"Edward? Can I talk to wewe for a minute?" Esme asked sitting down on the couch.

"Mom." I groand. "I have to go pick up Bella."

"It will only take a moment." She begged.

"Mom. I really do-"

She cut me off. "Edward, if wewe would shut up for a second, it could be over with and done."...
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posted by NeeNee14
When I woke up, it was still dark outside.I looked in at the clock;it was 4:30a.m. I went into the jikoni and poured me a glass of water and got out the tub of ice cream. I went over and sat on the couch. I turned on the t.v., nothing was on , so I ended up watching Sesame Street. I laughed when Elmo fell. I finished my tub of ice cream, but I was still hungry. I really wanted some ham. I walked back into the bedroom and shook Seth slightly. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me.
"Why are wewe up?"He asked me, kind of irritating.
"I got hungry.Can wewe go to the store and get me some ham...and...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 15

“relax” Ivan told me. I looked at him confused I was late for school not for a party au something.
“ur aunt alice and the rest of ur family is coming over to tell wewe something” he toold me.
“oh, them ima get dressed and eat some breakfast” I tol him I got an outfir. Since it was sunny I wore a mini skirt, upindo and a t shati I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast but I went through the spells that my mother wrote down for me. Some of them were really good like trap someone in a room au make someone agree with u for six hours, but then she wrote use these spells carefully...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 14
`”jake!” I cried and ran up to him.
“I know everything nessie, and we’re going to try to save ur family” jake told me.
“its too late to ssave it they’re divorced” I told him
“there’ alwaay still a chance” jake told me. And I nodded..
“but first wheres ur mother?” sam asked me.
“she’s near carlisles” I told him.
“she’s not there”he told me.
“what do wewe mean shes not there? I just saw her there aa couple dakika ago” I told them.
“when I went to carlisle’s house, he alisema that she stepped ouside and didn’t come back” jake told me.. a worried...
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posted by LexisFaith
"Charlie!" I hadn't ever run in heels so fast before in my life. Charlie's hari was graying in places and so was his beard. Other than that, he still looked the same.

I pulled back and smiled at him. "You look great."

"So do wewe Bells." Charlie smiled back.

"Bella!" A voice called for me across the airport. I knew this voice like I knew my own name. I turned to look at him tears stinging my eyes.

There he was. His green eyes were wide with surprise. His hair was a little longer and his body was a bit zaidi muscled. He had stuble, but just enough to make him go from handsom, to sexy. A German shepard...
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posted by mia1emmett
This was writen on my phone ~~~

    Our lips locked for a quick sekunde before Paul pulled me away and alisema to Embry "see wewe later lover boy" I laughed and walked with Paul to class. Paul sat inayofuata to me and asked me "what happend over there?" I laughed and alisema "my gift to Embry" I winked at Paul and he laughed. The kengele didn't ring yet but the class was full almost all the guys were in. They all moved their seats towards me and Paul. A guy turned to me and alisema "so your stella?" "yup!" "hot..." Paul gave him a death look. I laughed and alisema "thanks. wewe are?" "um...I am...Ben"...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 13

I introduce them.
“nice to meet you” my father said.
“niced to meet wewe too” ivan replied.i wondered if he knew that ivan was a vampire. But there would be no guessing.. my father didn’t know that I lovve ivan.. so its going to be a shock to him .eric went to the cafeteria and then s couple secconds later the kengele rang.ivan hurried to class, while I stood there with my father and aunt.
“dad ivAN IS COMING TODAY TO MEET MY FAMILY”I TOLD HIM AND BEFORE HE COULD SAY anything aunt alice grabbed to to class. After school aunt alice rode in her car and me ivan and eric rode...
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