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Chapter 9

So Its the last siku of school for the Seniors and wewe get your last ripoti card. wewe and Emmett get all A's. but there is still one matter to be one before Graduation. wewe had to get your wedding dress.

You and Emmett go back nyumbani and wewe Alice Rosalie and Esme go to 1 last store to try to find the PERFECT dresses.

You guys walk into the Bridal duka and wewe Intantly see the dress wewe want.

Alice-___ that would look so pretty on you! (she messes with your hair) if wewe did your hair up in curls with a little tiara, ooohh wewe need to get it ___.

You-Alice, I havent even tried it on yet.

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Chapter 8

You walk downstairs when wewe see all the lights off. wewe see a row of candles on the floor leading to the dining room. wewe follow the path and wewe see rose petals on the meza, jedwali and Emmett standing right inayofuata to the meza, jedwali with his hands behind his back. wewe cant help but smile. He sees wewe and smiles back.

Emmett-(pulling out a chair) Ma'am.

You-(going to the chair and sitting down) Thank You.

Emmett pushes your chair in and he sits own inayofuata to you.

You-What is this for Emmett?

Emmett-For you.


Emmett-Because wewe deserve it and plus I wanted to ask wewe something.

You-Like what?

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Chapter 7

You and Emmett walk in the door. And Alice comes over to wewe and hugs you.
Alice-I am so sorry to hear about your Mom ___
You-Thanks Alice.
Emmett-___, its late, do wewe want to go sleep?
You- Yeah, It's been a, really long day.
Emmett-Okay I'll go up with you.
You-Goodnight everyone
Everyone-night ___.

You and Emmett go up to his room and wewe see your vanity for your make up and your hair kwa a huge window in his room and wewe see your dresser right inayofuata to it. wewe also see that your pajamas are set out on his bed. wewe knew alice did it, and wewe grabbed them and changed in the bathroom in...
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Chapter 6.

Ok I just wanted to say that since its a bitch, kahaba to highlight the colors and that on this computer (my) Everything is just going to be black from now on. Back to the story.

Emmett grabbed your hand a waked wewe inside, luckily Esme and Carlise where sitting back on the couch. Esme turned around because she heard wewe crying. "___, is everything ok?" wewe just started crying even harder. "umm, Carlisle, Esme, can I talk to wewe in the jikoni for a minute." "Absolutely Emmett." Carlisle says while him and Esme rush to the kitchen. Emmett follows behind. wewe just sit down on the kitanda with...
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Chapter 5.
You felt someone nudging your arm and wewe hear someone say "___, ___, wake up, you're home." wewe open your eyes to see Emmett smiling at you. "Oh, I'm sorry I fell asleep Emmett, I was just so tired." wewe say smiling a little. "it's no problem ___, but I hope wewe had fun." he alisema looking at you. "I did, I really did except..." "except what" he asked. "Except Rosalie kept giving me a cold stare all day, and I dont know why." Emmett started to laugh a little bit. "What's so funny?" wewe ask. "Forget about Rosalie, we used to tarehe and I broke up with her because she's too damn up-tight....
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Chapter 4.

You wake up the inayofuata morning and not around to try to find him but wewe see a piece of paper on your nightsstand. wewe open it up and it reads. "___, I'm sorry I wasn't there when wewe woke up but I'll see wewe in a little bit. Since it's Saturday, do me a favor and get ready. I'll pick wewe up at Noon. Don't worry about where we are going, you'll fins out later. wewe smile and wewe look at your clock. 9:45 was the time so wewe jumped out of kitanda and got in the shower. After your kuoga wewe did wewe make up and then you're hair and got dressed. wewe looked at the clock and the time was 11:57....
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Chapter 3.

"Emmett, why wouldn't I believe you?" wewe ask "because what wewe know is why we happen to be around." wewe look at him confused. "what do wewe mean....we..?" wewe say. "___, no matter what I tell you, wewe must have an open mind." "I will, just tell me, wewe can tell me anything Emmett." He looks at wewe and then closes his eyes. "___, my family and I are different, and what we areyou wont believe me until I onyesha you." He opens his eyes. "What is it?" he looks at you. "My family and I are....Vampires." "what do wewe mean, Vampires...?" wewe ask with no expression. "Vampires as in, blood drinking...
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Emmett Chapter 2

As wewe walk to your car, wewe kept getting the feeling somene was watching you. wewe go to shut your door when Emmett came on the passenger side and alisema "I thought wewe were going to give me a ride?!" laughing. wewe laugh a little bit. "I didnt know wewe meant today. Go ahead and get in." Emmett then gets in the your car and wewe pull out of the school parking lot. As you're driving up to your house Emmett asks "Where are we going?" wewe say "I'm just going to tell my mom that I'll be out until tonight with a guy I met at school." Emmett went from smiling to straight faced and said...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Hello (: This is my new fanfic! It’s my first Twilight Fanfic but I hope wewe like it. I should mention that all characters are human and that this story circulates around Edward and Bella, however other characters such as the Cullen’s, Charlie and the Blacks will also make an appearance along with possible characters I create. Here is the ‘blurb’ so to speak. Please maoni and give me your opinion on if I should continue wewe au not. It is also nameless, so after wewe read the blurb if wewe have any ideas feels free to share them! Thank You!

Bella and Edward have been Marafiki for...
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posted by LexisFaith
Carlisle and Esme were watching the babies. Mostly because he wanted to run test so he would be able to tell us zaidi about there abilities. Alice had taken Sarah and Seth shopping with her and Jacob was at the car shop. I decided to get out and take a walk.
I slipped on my shoes and shoved my arm through my koti, jacket sleeves.
The air was crisp and colder than the usual weather for November. The sound of the fallen leaves cruching under my shoes was the only sound in the giant forest. It was nice to be able to get out for a bit. I hadn't relized I had been walkig the direction of mine and Jake's...
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wewe saw Jane and Brittany Volturi. wewe froze.
Emmett: Babe who is it?
Jane: Evening __________ and Emmett we are doing our rounds and checking on everything may we come in?
You: Yeah I will be right back.
wewe ran upstairs and checke on Sabrina and then wrote her a little letter and she nodded. wewe ran back out the door and downstairs and saw the whole Cullen family.
Jane: Is everything okay ________?
You: Yes it is Jane.
Brittany: Okay so we are glad to inform wewe that the masters will be visiting in about a mwezi au so for the wedding.
Emmett: That is good to know.
Alice: The zaidi the merrier.
Carlisle: We can't wait to see old friends.
Jane: Thank you. I will let Master Aro know. *walks off with Brittny.*

im sorry u guys im just have to much things on my mind right now so the inayofuata couple of chapters aren't going to be long. again im very very sorry.
You, Esme, Rose, and Alice got the furniture and all. Once Emmett gave wewe the address wewe guys put the furniture in and got it situated. The guys got your stuff from the other house. wewe got the fridge packed with chakula and blood for wewe and your family. wewe got the house decorated and then wewe and Emmett picked Sabrina up from school. When wewe guys picked her up wewe guys headed for the new house. When wewe parked she asked.
Sab: Mommy? Daddy? What are we doing here?
You: Uh we live here now dear. We decided to get a house of our own so that wewe Daddy and I could be a family.
She nodded and got...
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So, wewe guys celebrated kwa going hunting. wewe got nyumbani and went to your room wewe were looking at a picha album and just daydreaming when wewe heard something. Someone's thoughts: I wonder if she would just go once with me? wewe looked up and saw James.
You: Not in your dreams. What are wewe doin here James?
James: Oh come on sexy.
You: No now leave before I tear wewe head off and throw wewe into a fire.
He stepped closer and wewe got into a crouch and hissed.
You: This is your last warning.
He came closer and wewe leaped towards him. wewe bit off some of his skin and then there was a knock.
???: Babe are...
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Sabrina ended up sleeping in wewe guys room. Emmett sat her on the kitanda and wewe and him went hunting. wewe guys was out for like 8 hours. wewe guys got back and it was 7 in the morning. wewe woke Sabrina up and Emmett went to enroll her into school. wewe waited for him to get back. Alice, Rose, and Esme went shopping. Edward, Carlisle, and Jasper went on a hunting trip. So, that left wewe and Emmett the house. wewe heard him pull up. wewe turned off the T.V. and he came in.
You: So how did it go?
Em: Good. Where is everyone?
You: Edward, Jasper,and Dad went hunting. Alice, Rose and Mom went shopping.
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wewe started pacing and Alice just watched you. wewe heard a car door slam. wewe ran to the door and saw the guys with the little girl. She was smiling at you. wewe saw Jaspers worry face. wewe looked at Edward and thought.
You: Why is Jasper looking worried?
Edward: Human.
You nodded and the little girl jumped from Emmett's arms and ran to you. She hugged your legs and wewe smiled to yourself. wewe felt so protective of this girl. wewe picked her up and she kissed your cheek.
Girl: wewe are my new mommy?
You looked at Emmett and he nodded.
You: Yes. What is your name dear?
Girl: Sabrina
You: Well how old are...
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wewe got there and saw Rose and Edward making out on the couch. wewe laughed and then cleared your throat.
You: Wow. Didn't see that coming.
Alice: Me either. This is very awkward.
They were staring at wewe guys now embaressed.
Em: Now that wewe both are done making out. Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper please get in here.
They got there in no time.
Carlisle: Yes Emmett.
Your thoughts: I hope they believe.
You froze again.
*Vision 3*
The little girl is still tied up and is being raped. She is screaming and crying. But, then he cuts her throat. She is bleeding to death.
*End of Vision*
You: Alice. It is getting worse....
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After wewe hung up with your family wewe were still smiling to yourself.
Em: What did they have to say?
You: They can't wait for us to be nyumbani and that they are all coming. Also, I am smiling ,because I get to be with the upendo of my life.
You went over and kissed him. He tried to break away but, wewe wanted more. He smiled into the kiss and pulled wewe closer. wewe kissed him harder and pulled on his shirt. When wewe finally got it off it was in pieces. wewe heard him laughing under his breath. wewe tore wewe shati and clothes off. wewe both were in your under garments. wewe looked at the time and realized...
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wewe have been in so much pain with the burning going through your body. wewe feel like screaming and pouring water on your body to put out the fire. The thing that is keeping wewe sane is the pictures of your family. wewe only see them and that is what wewe think is pulling wewe through. wewe see all of their smiling face. But, now they are starting to disappear. No they can't disappear. All that wewe see now is darkness pure black darkness. wewe are so confused. wewe are trying tafuta for the picha but, all wewe see is nothing. wewe still feel the moto burning in you.
Emmett POV:
It has been 2 1/2 days...
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Alice’s P.O.V:
I looked at my picha album sitting beside Bella-it had all our memories: Bella and Edward at prom, Bella and I at graduation, Edward holding Bella, Us playing baseball, Bella, me, and Rosalie playing all sorts of games, Bella and Rosalie doing their nails, Bella dancing, Me and Jazz, Rosalie and Em…all of them. The good times, the bad times. Bella let a tear slip from her big, brown eyes. Edward picked her up, and rocked her slowly. “We’re all gonna go to…j-j-jail…” she cried into Edward’s chest. I patted her back, “Bella…we are not going to jail forever. We...
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wewe had a knock at your bedroom door. wewe got up and answered it.
You: hujambo mama.
Esme: Time for bed.
You: Thank you.
You laid down and she came over to your kitanda and kissed your forehead.
Esme: Good night sweetheart.
You: Night mom I upendo you.
Esme: upendo wewe too.
She turned the CD on low and turned out the lights. wewe thouht about your siku while listening to the music. wewe were about asleep when someone came into your room. wewe felt the teddy kubeba in your arm and knew it was Emmett. wewe smiled and said.
You: Night Teddy Bear.
Em: Night
You fell asleep.
The Dream.
You were back in the forest and wewe looked...
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