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posted by twilight_fan_8
"Bella?" Jake said, confused.

"Yeah, hi," I alisema shyly.

"What are wewe doing in my room?" Jacob said, very calmly. And it looked as if he was trying to keep a smile off of his face.

"Well, Alice made me," I alisema and Jacob instantly laughed. "What's funny?" I asked.

"Of course wewe would let her tell wewe to break into my house. wewe know wewe could've called au something," Jacob said, still laughing.

I just stared blankly at him. What is he talking about? Did he go crazy au something. Why isn't he mad at me? Then Jacob realized that I was staring at him like he was a freak show.

"I heard that wewe imprinted...
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posted by surfergal
hujambo guys. Sorry the last one was so short and this one is short also. ( I have to get so e sleep) sorry some spelling was wrong too. Would y'all like me to make an end to this Story an start a different one au keep going with this one? Let me know please.

I was getting really sleepy after watching tv. I looked down at my watch and it alisema that is was 4 am. I hated staying awake this early. Nathen and I were still snugling together, but we were zaidi casual now. M eyes were getting heavier and heavier kwa the sekunde and soon I felt Nathen pick me up and carry me to the bedroom and lay me on our...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sam's POV
I didn't move, Taylor was starting to freak out that someone was holding her and she didn;t know who it was. Relax its just us. I alisema to Taylor. I felt her relax in my arms a little bit but she was still tense. I could here her moyo it was beating fast from getting scared. She tired to calm herself but it didn't work to much. I heard Jake and Seth chuckle behind me. Taylor tried to break free from my grip but she was not strong enough too exscape. I sat her down, she quickly turned and glared at us. Taylor relax, it was just Sam. Seth said. Whatever, where did yall go? Taylor asked...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sorry all we have are action movies. Chris alisema as enter the living room / dining room. No problem, I like action movies. I said. Okay, here is the pizza. Mr T said. They turned on the movie but I didn't really pay attion to it. I was thinking about everything. Like how I could get out of and how to get this thing off my leg. I sat there tiwling the thing around my ankle. We watched startrec. In the first 5 minutes, there was a war, a person got killed and a baby was born. It was weird. The movie was good, the pizza was good but I only got 2 slices. I think I am going to turn in early guys....
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posted by RATHBONE07
Victoria?” Embelline breathed on my face, the smell of James blood intoxicating. She reached out for me and crushed me towards the floor. “Now, tell me, cause I really don’t get this. How would wewe feel if some downright stranger just happened to kuvuka, msalaba your path, and then aliiba your man away? Huh? Ever have that happen to you?” She yelled as she sat in juu of me, spilling her guts out. James was no where to be seen. After Embelline had called her little workers in (Mary and Thomas), they had both left with him. Mary’s face was devilish when she saw me, a huge grin had crossed her...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
"Alice what are we doing?" I asked when she pulled up to Jacob's house.

"You are going to go into his house and wait in his bedroom for him. That way, he has to talk to you."

"What? NO! I'm not waiting in his bedroom! Thats like, um, I don't need a reason just, NO!" I screamed at Alice.

"I'm telling you, wewe will be surprised what he tells you," Alice alisema confidently.

"Alice, seriously? wewe expect me to be excited for him to tell me that he has fallen in upendo with the girl?" I alisema sarcastically.

"Trust me," Alice said.

"Alice, I really appreciate it, but-"

"NO BUTS! wewe are going to talk to...
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posted by surfergal
Once I woke up it was dark outside. I turned over to look at the clock and it alisema 2:30am. Ugh, this is not what I wanted. I turned back over to see if I could go to sleep. It didn't work 10 dakika later I was walking down the stairs. I saw Nathen sitting on the kitanda watching tv. I didn't know what to do so I went and sat down on the other end of the kitanda kwa Emmet.
Why is this human not asleep? Emmet looked at me laughing.
I don't I just woke up suddenly and couldn't go back to sleep. I told him.
We went back to watching tv.
Well this human is getting bored. I alisema standing up. Alice will you...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
I woke up very tired. I turned my phone on and realized that I has missed seven of Alice's calls. I felt bad, but I couldn't call her now, I had to get ready for school. Charlie was already gone, luckily. Once I was ready for school, I didn't feel like sitting around and waiting to leave, so I just left a few dakika early.

When I got there I realized that the parking lot was practically empty. But, Alice and the Cullens were all already there.

"Alice!" I yelled even though I knew she heard me pull up. She walked over to me, smiling.

"It's okay, wewe don't have to apologize to me," Alice said...
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10: Tell her that Edward and Bella are going to get married in Vegas.

9: Tell her Aro is coming back for Bella. When she asks wewe why she didn’t see this coming, laugh at her. Run away before she can react.

8: Lock Jasper in a closet for two months. Throw mutt boy in with him so Alice can’t figure out what happened to him. When she asks wewe where he is tell her he is on his honeymoon with Jane. Refuse to tell her where they went.

7: Give all her clothes to charity.

6: Encourage Jacob Black to follow her around. Constantly.

5: Ask her to go shopping with you. Don’t buy anything.

4: Ask her “what’s Jacob doing right now?”.

3: Trip her up and ask if she saw it coming

2: Ask her what wewe will be doing in five dakika every ten minutes.

1: Take her credit cards and shopping vouchers, hold them above your head and tell her to “jump for it”.
posted by myau
A.k.a. 10 ways to get yourself killed.

10: Sign him up for anger management.
…no one can deny he doesn’t need it

9: “Accidentally” sign him up for an Edward shabiki club. Force him to go to every single meeting.

8: Force him to play a game with wewe that wewe invented. Change the rules every 5 sekunde so he loses.

7: onyesha him those upendo letters “Victoria” sent Edward.

6: Tell him Victoria likes men who wear tutus. Buy him one; get all offended when he doesn’t wear it. Start crying and don’t stop until he puts it on. Video tape him in it and send it to the Cullens’, the Volturi, the Quileutes,...
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posted by twilighter-1
i hope Vampires really do exist, if they do, then i wish I'm in upendo with one who's deeply in upendo with me..

one who'd be fascinated to watch me sleeping,

one who doesn't have the courage to stay away from me anymore..

one who would risk everything just to make me salama again..

and lastly

One who would save me not because I'm his prey..

but because I'm his life..

( i wish!
i hope wewe like it. :)
im dreaming again.

please leave a comment
what can wewe say about it)
posted by surfergal
I had had enough staring of into space wondering what Nathen looked like au slid he was going to be okay. Everythig was running through my mind so fast and so intence I was getting a headache. I walked upstairs and into Carlisle office.
Carlisle can I please see Nathen? I ask.
Addi, are wewe sure? He ask.
I'm sure I can't stop thinking about what he looks like and if if he is going to be alright. I told him.
Okay come this way. Carlisle said.
We walked out of the office and into the big long hallway. Emmet was beside me I guessed that Carlisle wanted him up here for my support. Carlisle open...
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posted by surfergal
Sorry for the wait! Hope wewe like! maoni and Rate please!!

I put my hand on the door knob and turned it. When I walked in the house was beautiful. It had tall ceilings and tall door frames for Nathen so he could walk through them without having to bata his a head a little bit. It had very nutral walls like kahki and it had color through pillows and recliner chairs. We walked into the jikoni very pretty all stainless still appliences. Our kitanda room was so pretty a Queen size bed. Nathen walked through each room with me. No one else followed us in though..
This is beautiful, Have wewe know about...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
ZC30 published
We don't want to start a fight! Carisle said. Your protecing a crimial. Aro said. Why on earth did they keep calling me a crimal? My anger was at it's highest, so I thought that it was best to fight. The fight started but no one moved, we out numbered the Violturi kwa 1 but they had a vampire with 3 special power that was with them. My family was really good at fightig since we had Jasper but the Volturi we trained to fight. No one on my side of the family wanted to mMs the first move, if we did we could be killed fir attept to kill the Volturi. Jane was trying her best to get...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Five: Let The Flames Begin...Oh Glory
~Part One: You've Got Alot Of Nerve~
"Uh-oh!" We all alisema at different moments, and that's when the panicking started.
We didn't do much but stand still, except for Zo, who was stopping the other fragiles from falling to the ground and braking to shards!
"What are we gonna do?" Bobby asked.
"What do wewe mean?" Derek asked.
"I mean, if there are zaidi Ramens, then there will be zaidi ground covered! zaidi eyes, zaidi possible times of seeing things! Meaning the boulders, and this underground...
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posted by courtneykutie
 Bella & Vickie!!
Bella & Vickie!!
chapter 19

I was woken up kwa Vickie playing with my hair
"Moma your so pretty when wewe sleep and wewe alisema 'vickie ill keep wewe safe' in your sleep it was weird"she alisema and smiled at me
"Where's jake?"i asked then she sat up and looked around
"I dont know"she alisema then i picked her up and walked to the living room and seth was on the kitanda sleeping and jacob was making something to eat like allways
"Why sethy still here?"vic asked,i put her down and went to make her something,strawberry smoothy maybe
"He didnt want to go nyumbani and he was really tired"jake told her she smiled ran over to him...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
I ran out the front door and to my truck. Today Jacob would not get away with ignoring me again. Today is the siku that I would get the majibu that I have wanted for over the past week.

This time I was not shaking on the way to La Push. This time, I had something to prove. And being nervous would not help the cause. I had to prove that no girl should be treated the way that Jacob has been treating me lately.

This time I pulled up to his house swelling with confidence. I stood tall as I walked to the door, and knocked on it three times. My confidence just got knocked out of me when Jacob opened...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
Is anyone even kusoma this? Should I just stop updating?

If wewe are kusoma it enjoy!


Ring. Ring. Ring.

The sound of my phone woke me up. It was Alice.

"Alice what do wewe want?" I alisema into the phone.

"That's a nice way to greet your friend, isn't it? Well I don't want anything from you. I have information on Jacob for you."

"Really? How? Tell me!"

"Well it's kind of a lot and I feel that I should tell wewe in person. Not over the phone. Can I come over now?" Alice asked.

"Sure," normally I wouldn't let Alice over at this hour, but I wanted to know...
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i brush my hair and went down stairs when i got down
5 persons went inside the house
wow i mean this house is big but so many people i dont know

they were 2 really big and strong men on was pale ,beautiful and curly dark hair

and the other one had a darker skin he was good looking i guess

then the only woman was a blond girl probably the envy of every super model that had ever live

the other guy was also blonde and also sltong but not too strong

When i look at the last gut that enter i saw that he was already looking at me i couldn't understand his expresion i look away from his gaze confused...
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i just look right ahead and sigh


i arrived to the port angels airport
i was wearing some old ripped jeans and little tank juu and a hoddie

then the man told me to follow him we took a cab
on the way the man was silent that was good i didn't wanto to talk to him is he didn't excisted i would be nyumbani with monica ..

we arrive to what seem to be Forks it was a small town and very typical i felt uneasy i would be like a new thing to look at
a foster kid wow i sigh to myself

the man look at me "we arrive kid" he alisema

we enter to a building that look old and that needed a pait but in the inside...
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