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posted by NewMoonG
It really sucks for what has happened to Robert Pattinson. Today I went to this website called,, obviously they're talking about him and and I read that some girl with the swine flu kissed him! Now someone should slap that girl and say, "What the hell were wewe thinking!?! Are wewe trying to kill him?!" Well, after she did that, she told him that she has the swine flu and doesn't care?! Ok, that girl is cukkoo in the head. Why would she want to do that?! (Not saying that he is hot and pretty much every girl out there wants him...) That's just CRAZY! So after, he ran down to the...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Six: Let The Flames Begin...Oh Glory
~PART TWO: I'm Sitting All Alone Feeling Empty~
I watched as Jake was pulled to his feet, mouth duck-taped shut, hands tied behind his back. As I watched, a ramen, mashua grabbed me kwa the hair and looked directly into my eyes.
"Lovebirds?" He chuckeled then. "Too bad wewe didn't make it!"
I felt my hand be tugged behind my back, tied together with rope. And then I felt a ramen, mashua removing the gear and weapons, adding a a cavity tafuta to the orodha also!
"Hands, hands! Watch the hands!"...
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posted by odegbami
let us all give rob some upendo shol we for his hot ness ok. got i upendo rod 'z themsong so mutch omg he is so hot don't wewe thank he is a hot god we upendo and wewe know it .it will stay that way got it wewe can take jacob and any body else ok don't touch my man i made song for him it is about how hot he is in new moon but sory roselie is kind of plane .


hot hot hot hot hot

he is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.

I was hunting when i heard a scream coming from town.My mom was already runny so i started to run and jasper flew kwa me,gosh i was like an old lady
"dont please please"a girl alisema then i finally cought up with jasper and mom she was standing in front of jasper Tj was on the ground with a young girl who was in a tang juu and jeans
"stop"mom said
"why should i,this is what we do?"he asked her in that tone that made me madd
"STOP IT KNOW TJ"i yelled at him he looked at me and looked scared and madd he was going to get it

"why alex this is what we do,what happened to us we used to upendo it that...
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posted by odegbami
jacob is so cute . i bet when they do the songesha new moon . he will be hotter then ever.bella in eclips getts on .omg edward cullen is getting hotter and hotter .I swaer i going to melt.butany way he is cute. ok i haft to it mit jacobe a hotte. god help me i have ocd the o is for (obssive ) c is for (cullen )d is for(distor) i have a dissese. I upendo twlight soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much litsin for zaidi at Youtube batman,spider and the i
ncretbal hulk at got nothing on edward cullen hot hot hot hot hot hold on in a hotte brake .jacob is going to be my babys daddy for real i upendo him he is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot got to upendo famous people. they get it upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo who gives a shit lol bithch i upendo talor lanter but to way sick. for me i stil upendo wewe thow throw down lovelove upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo upendo
posted by Isabellaashley
hujambo everyone, here's a sneck preview of my new story which is titled as Destiny... I just wrote a few pages and wanted some opinion from everyone!!! Hope wewe enjoy this!!!



I found myself standing in the very woods that I’d promised to stay away from but I had my reasons for being here. It was getting darker and colder so I wrapped my koti, jacket around me tighter. The woods were filled with silence and I looked around for any signs of the slayer. As I heard the leaves on the ground rustling, I turned around and there he appeared from...
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posted by Edward_lover101
Finally! The weekend is here. I packed my bag, and got ready to spend the weekend with Alice. What Charlie dosen't know is that, everyone is going hunting. Except Edward. Alice picked me up in Edwards Volo. She drove us to her house. Everyone was there excpet Edward. Where was he? "Alice where is Edward." "Dont worry, Bella. Edward went hunting so that it would be easier for him to be around you." She took me to Edwards room. There was like 100 yrs. worth of journals. He also had a lot of music. He had a lot of my favorites. Clare De Lune, Debb Usee. I pushed play on the CD player. There was...
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posted by vampirelover17
rachell's pov

omg y r u shining what are wewe ' rachell dont be scared ' he came closer ' dont come near me ' rachell please let me exsplain ' what is thee to exsplain ' just shut up and listen to me ok fine make it quick ok here it is iam a vampire and so is my whole family ' what ' iam confessing iam cofessing so baby just here me out i fell to my knees and started to cry than his cold body was beside me dont touch me ' ok ' then i codent handle it i climbed in to his arms and alisema y y please u cant be rachell i upendo wewe to much to lose wewe if u want thow i will leave ' NO ' u cant well what...
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posted by 2468244
After tonight
Who knows where we'll be tomorrow
What if we're never here again

After tonight
This will be a lifetime ago
So let's stay up until the sky bleeds red

And we'll stop, stop, stop the world from moving
Stop, stop, stop the clocks from turning
Stop this night from fading away

This time is ours
If I could hold this moment in my hands
I'd stop the world from moving
I'd stop the clocks from turning

This time is ours
Inside a frozen memory of us
And we are motionless, motionless

Gone like a dream
That I have just awoken from
Fading away, just out of reach

And we are here
But I already miss you
Even as you're...
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Seth's POV
Chapter 1

So I'm running's been rather boring since the Volturi came sungura, hare 3 months ago. Not that I liked the idea of a bunch of creepy Wanyonya damu visiting,,that too to kill Nessie, not to forget the rest of us who tried to defend her.There's no to Jake's happiness, now that we know that Nessie is gonna stop growing in 6 years and a half..or so.
She looks like a beautiful 4 mwaka old even though she's just 7 months old.
My sis still has some problems but she's improving. Mom and Charlie have been close but she denies everything that we ask about their relationship. Mom...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


"Billy!" Charlie called as soon as he got out of the car.
I turned toward the house, beckoning to Jacob as I ducked under the porch. I heard Charlie greeting them loudly behind me.
"I'm going to pretend I didn't see wewe behind the wheel, Jake," he alisema disapprovingly.
"We get permits early on the rez," Jacob alisema while I unlocked the door and flicked on the porch light.
"Sure wewe do," Charlie laughed.
"I have to get around somehow." I recognizzed Billy's resonant voice easily, despite the years. The sound of it made me feel suddenly younger,...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


"Get in," a furious voice commanded.
It was amazing how instantaneously he choking fear vanished, amazing how suddenly the feeling of security washed over me - even before I was off the mitaani, mtaa - as soon as I heard his voice. I jumped into the seat, slamming the door shut behind me.
It was dark in the car, no light had come on with the opening of the door, and I could barely see his face in the glow from the dashboard. The tires squealed as he spun around to face north, accelerating too quickly, swerving toward the stunned men on the street....
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


It took six EMT's and two teachers - Mr. Varner and Coach Clapp - to shift the van far enough away from us to bring the stretchers in. Edward vehemently refused his, and I tried to do the same, but the traitor told them I'd hit my head and probably had a concussion. I almost died of humiliation when they put on the neck brace. It looked like the entire school was there, watching soberly as they loaded me in the back of the ambulance. Edward got to ride in the front. It was maddening.
To make matters worse, Chief swan arrived before they...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
Isabella Marie swan - The protagonist of the series, Bella is perpetually clumsy and somewhat of a "danger magnet". Her life turns upside down when she falls in upendo with vampire Edward Cullen. Eventually, her feelings for werewolf Jacob Black grow far beyond friendship, and she is forced to make a choice between her two loves. One important trait of Bella's is her immunity to Supernatural abilities that involve the mind, such as Edward's mind reading. Bella is often portrayed as not valuing herself, nor can she seem to grasp Edward's upendo for her. Bella has dark brown hair and clear brown...
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posted by zeimed8
NAME: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
DATE OF BIRTH: June 20, 1901
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Chicago, Illinois
EYE COLOR: Green (human); gold/black (vampire)
HEIGHT: 6‘2"
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Edward is thin and lanky but muscular. He has untidy
bronze hair and boyish looks.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: He can read the thoughts of anyone in close proximity to him,
with the exception of Bella Cullen.
EDUCATION/OCCUPATION: He has two medical degrees but has never worked as a
doctor. His other graduate degrees are in literature,...
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I would like to start this chapter off with yet, another apology. I havn't been uandishi for a while, at a writers block. So i went back and read the twilight seris once more. I now have new, exciting ideas. And since wewe have responded to the different point of maoni i will Definintly keep that in mind when uandishi more! (: I hope wewe enjoy this chapter! Again, any ideas , maoni au maswali inbox, au comment!

CHAPTER 14: To save a life.
Renesmee's POV (point of view)

I decided to call Jacob, I should probaly check up on him. I...
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“It’s okay, love, you’re fine. I’m here.” I was trying to ease her. “Did wewe have another nightmare? It wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.”
“Not a nightmare.” She shook her head, scrubbing the back of hand against her eyes.
“It was a good dream.” Her voice broke again. I was completely confused. Then why are these tears building again in her eyes and falling?
“Then why are wewe crying?” I asked, bewildered.
“Because I woke up,” She wailed, wrapping her arms around my neck, getting closer to me. I felt her uneven gasps on my throat. It was out of logic, what she was saying....
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posted by twilight-7
“What?!” Charlie was looking from me to Gabriel to me to Tess over and over again. He finally caught on to what I had alisema five minutes. I had a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder as a soothing gesture and to restrain him. Instinct had completely taken over him, I saw that when I read his mind. If he Lost control now, especially when he hadn’t fed, it could be catastrophic.
I could see Charlie’s mind working hard to figure out why I wasn’t defending Tess. Hadn’t I alisema just five dakika zamani how much I trusted and liked her? Well, that was before I knew. I looked at Lexi for confirmation...
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posted by twilight-7
Thirsty. So thirsty. I clawed at my neck, wishing I could rip out my throat and stop the burning. If I wasn’t careful, if I let my thoughts stray for even a second, the burn would control me. I’d turn into the monster I was trying to prove I wasn’t. I wouldn’t be that again. I couldn’t. Not since I had seen another life. Another way.
I looked around me, taking in the tranquillity of the trees. I was salama here. People would be salama from me. I couldn’t harm anything here but wanyama that dared to come too close. No one should be in here. Not at this time anyway. Far too late. No moonlight...
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This is a response to the link. If wewe disagree with this article, instead of leaving pointless hate-spam, which is just a waste of time, please explain why wewe don’t like it, au any points I got wrong.

“The story is written compellingly enough that a wide body of readers is able to fit into the persona of Bella and upendo Edward.”
I hate to break it to you, but that isn’t a result of good writing. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Bella is a very one-dimensional character. She has no real hobbies, defining character traits, au even any specific physical appearance, and because of the...
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